The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The Garden of Our Original Hometown

Sun Myung Moon
October 27, 2011
52nd True Children's Day and the 24th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth
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True Parents, Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim in front of a statue of the Four Great Saints recently installed in front of Cheon Bok Gung

Whenever you gather for a day like this, the question for you all is whether this gathering is a central gathering in the eyes of the nation and world. For what purpose have we gathered? It is not just for the sake of this nation or for the world. I always think about how the world that is not united with God -- the world of the past, the distant past, or the world that we live in today, or even the future world -- forever remains a task, or the homework, to be resolved by completing the building of a unified world in that other kingdom)

Nobody is aware that we, a small group of people who confront issues concerning this great universe, have the responsibility to go beyond national borders, beyond villages, beyond townships, beyond provinces, beyond nations, and even to digest and transcend the world's borderlines by uniting in mind and body around a common cause and heart. We are the only ones who know this. People do not know that the time for carrying out such responsibility -- that we who tread this path must fulfill -- has passed by.

When we consider the fact that ordinary people are born then go to join their ancestors, there is no one who would say that those people know that to be the case and go knowing what this time signifies. Ask yourselves whether you know about and are prepared for such times. You will know for a fact that you are not prepared. Thus, those who are not prepared are always miserable. Whenever you are busy preparing for this, you can show how great the value of that preparation is beyond the purpose of that preparation. You can possess this value and clear a path for generations to come and for brothers and sisters who are unable to go to that place in the heavenly world. If the rest of the people of the world cannot resolve to display their utmost loyalty, they will never find the path that enables them to cross over to that world.

During this meeting let us resolve that we must become a single group of people belonging to such a universe, on this joyful day that can pass on greater joy to tomorrow, and thus leave behind days of greater joy for our descendants to come. I hope that that determination and the flowers of your heart can fully blossom, that they can grow from within, and spill over to the nation, world and cosmos. Please do not forget that it is possible to live within the temporal realm of both heaven and earth where you can experience the sound of God's joyful laughter together with the scenes of your daily life.

I hope that this hour can be one where you further strengthen your resolve and pledge to spend the next days with greater loyalty. I earnestly wish to see the world of the unified kingdom of heaven in which we can live together with God in the garden of our original hometown. I wish the flower of this gathering to bloom brightly, if for a short while, allowing God to visit us here. Aju. 

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