The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The Smallest Woman

Sun Myung Moon
October 25, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung at Cheonjeong on 9.29 by the H.C.

Sun Myung Moon, October 4, 2011

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

Mrs. McDevitt read Father's speech from his speech book # 32, titled "Standstill and Progress."

"The smallest woman is sitting in the front today. You in the middle, how old are you? Come to the podium and share what you felt by listening to the speech."

She spoke slowly holding back her tears.

"My name is Jeong Ja Park and I belong to the Guri church. I am one of 430 Blessed couples. I always think I am not doing enough and so I am scared to be seated in the front. But today, our regional leader told me to be seated in the front and I was obedient to that. In the old days, sleeping only two to three hours a day holding on to God and True Parents, I always thought how I can live up to Father's words and live in his bosom.

But recently, I have been hopeless and distressed. But for the past couple of days, I thought I shouldn't stop now and had to make a new start with the heart which I came to have when I met Father for the first time. By listening to Father's speech today, 'Thank you Father. Until now, I have been living with gratitude, without thinking 'I am tired,' or 'This is difficult,' under any difficulties, and thank you for this opportunity for me to repent.' Thank you True Parents."

"I am seeing you participants every day and I think 'What kind of people will I meet today? How have their faces changed after Hoon Dok Hae?' and I am interested with those and this is my habit. In your life, you should always add something new every day. Also you need to compare yourself before and after the meeting here. You always have to leave something new and plus."

"Hyo Yul! (Hyo Yul Peter Kim: "Yes.") What do you think if I visit our church all over Korea from now on? With this body. How would our members see me if I visit them with this body?

I think I can walk a lot from now on and I am thinking of visiting local churches. It has been 5, 6 years since I did it last time. When I visited our members, their external appearance such as their hair and clothes was better than before. But I thought, 'How about their hearts?' The heart of a leader is to compare the present and the past and wants to have something better than before, and if they can't have it, they think they didn't do their job."

"Those who don't have anything to say in this world will be back right away."

"When you come to Hoon Dok Hae here, bring your children without fail. Bring your brother or sister otherwise."

"Hyo Yul! Make a schedule and tell me when I go where. I will visit members at the most inconvenient time and check how many come. If I say I will come to give presents, all will come but if I say I will come to receive presents, how many of you will come?"

Father called a sister from the participants to sing, and while she sang "Arirang," Father called a brother, who sat in the back, to come to the front. Father said, "Come to the front and sing with her, thinking she is your younger sister." But when he came to the front, she was finished singing.

Then Father said to the participants, "Even when they meet with each other for the first time, they are together here in the front and so they must have connection or relationship. By having time to meet with each other like this, they would be able to become in-laws or help each other.

(To them) Sing a song together." Everybody laughed when Father said, "You look similar to each other." Then this sister, who was sharing a talk with the brother while Father was talking, said, "I just learned that he is the husband of a sister whom I worked together with during my three-year activity before starting family," and then Father and all participants said, "Wow." They sang together. While they were singing, Father said, "Where did my mother go? Where did my sister go?"

"Everybody likes such a song. People can't forget the environment in which they lived when they were small. They can't forget such emotions. In our life of faith we need to have such emotions too."

"I have a 23-year-difference with Mother and so she is like my granddaughter. I lived with a person who is like my granddaughter and she is my wife. This is not a ordinary thing. It's never been an ordinary thing. How dumbfounded it is to think a baby, who is crying in a cradle, as one's wife! We are a miserable couple."

Father called another sister to come to the podium, and she (Mrs. Gyeong Suk Lee, 1800 couple) sang a song. Then Father called a sister who sat in the front and told her to sing together with Mrs. Lee. Later Mother sang "Glory Halleluiah" together with all the participants, which concluded the meeting that day. 

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