The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Correcting the Chinese characters for some Korean words

Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae

True Parents at the joint celebration of True Children's Day and the Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

None of us knows what lies in our background. If the appropriate systematic philosophy and practical outlook are not recognized as having equal value centering on one standard, a certain level, there cannot be a stable world. That standard must be sought.

What do you think the world will be like after everything is concluded? It will either completely disappear or it will continue to exist. If it continues, the question is in what manner it will exist. The truth is that it cannot end. God's work cannot end. In that case, in what manner will we establish a point that permits a providential change of direction at that time? That is our homework.

Where, then, do you think the God of Night and God of Day are perfected? This sounds like the kind of talk you'd hear in a dream. What is being perfected and how? True love is an amazing term. Who is the subject being that has experienced true love? In the presence of that subject being, the important issue is the person -- whether he is capable or not -- who can relate to and digest that Lord in the flesh.

We are unable to resolve the problems we face today. In that light, we cannot criticize things. Keeping quiet, studying and developing are the only ways to become a being that is motivated and analogous to raw resources needed in the new world in the future. When you think about this, you should come to realize the fact that the only way that remains is working hard without saying a word.

Everyone, a few days ago I corrected some words.... The Chinese character hwa meaning "to become," that includes the Chinese character "in" meaning "person" should be discarded. This character does not allow for the meaning of settlement or happiness.... [Senior member: Father instructed that we use the Chinese character hwa that is used in the word pyeong-hwa meaning "peace" instead of the hwa meaning "change" used in ___ meaning "evolution." Father instructed that we use that [from pyeong-hwa, which incorporates the character do meaning "rice."] That character hwa on its own means "even" or "regular."

Seongnam Ilhwa's 2011 Football Association (FA) Cup champions' trophy is presented to True Parents during Hoon Dok Hae on October 16.

The Chinese character hwa [to become] which incorporates the character in ___ meaning "person" leads to frequent divisions. The concept of safe settlement can never exist [in that hwa]. If you could compare the way that rice plants today grow with how those of a thousand or even ten thousand years ago grew, you could tell that they have not changed. When the time comes for the stalks to bear grain, they do; when it is time for the flowers to bloom, they bloom. When it is time to bloom and there is a change in the environment, a rice plant maintains its form. The only thing that changes is its orientation; its essence does not change. Regardless of the external form, the essence does not change. That is, the character for rice plant can represent safe settlement.

Seonghwa Ceremony consists of the Chinese characters seong meaning holy and hwa meaning harmony. What would happen if it consisted of the Chinese character meaning to become? The next day other people might alter its meaning.

The food chain does not change. The world may develop, sovereigns may change, the policy and direction of history may diverge but the food chain must always exist. The smaller beings must assist the larger beings while the larger beings must help the smaller beings. How can they help? It cannot be done using the character lava meaning "to become." The only way is to use hwa meaning "harmonize."...

That which can become more solid than iron becomes the core and can establish the pillar of the universe. A being that is capable of changing cannot become that foundation. The phrase "true love" refers to that single unchanging parent body. It is eternal.

A man who has true love! This cannot be explained even if one tries. A single, unique woman who has true love... When these two become one, they would only form a single couple. From there, multiplication occurs.

The mother and father together can become a foundation on the prepared earth. Parents tell their children to become greater than both their mother and father. The foundation enabling infinite growth of the future core is contained in that concept. Any person who becomes a parent or king that wishes for his children or subordinate to be less than himself would be finished right there.

I'm here with you. I'm conveying to you what I have accomplished and telling you to do something with it amongst yourselves. I am telling you to expand it if you are a better person than I. Then, in turn, the second generation should say the same to the next. If a man has children, he should tell them, You have to become a better person than I.

On that basis development will occur. They will not perish but will survive and grow....

On November 15, True Parents visited Naksansa, a Buddhist temple overlooking the sea on the east coast of Korea.

I must follow the Principle as it is. Something good will be added later. If you do not know, you must remain silent. The time has come....

Then comes harmony, development and creation. What is evolution and development? The character hwa meaning "to become" cannot exist in world history. Why does the phrase "food chain" exist? Even small fish lay tens of thousands of eggs. Yet, less than 0.3 percent of the eggs survive. The rest disappear. If the mother fish thinks about this, her worst sworn enemy is the being that kills all her babies. She would surely say, I don't like this. Yet, the smaller fish follow this formula in order to become the food of larger fish. It is not development. It is reduction; it disappears. Without doing this, the universe cannot exist.

That is why the smaller beings must give life to the larger beings. The larger beings must (also do the same) for the smaller being... If there is something that ten people fed on and it was made into food for a thousand, and considering the fact that 990 out of a thousand is left after subtracting the ten, you will have something to be proud of before your ancestors....

We should remove the character hwa meaning "to become" from the word moonhwa meaning "culture." It would have been better if it used the character hwa meaning "to be equal." If there are ten members in a family and only one dish of food, they would not be enemies even if all ten were only to eat one spoonful. If you refrained from eating your spoonful, and instead gave it to another, that person would be on your side....

When you are in prison and when you are hungry in prison, you have no need for a bank account with billions of dollars in it. When you are hungry, that spoonful of rice in your mouth... That bank account is not yours. You may fall asleep today and misplace it. Yet, that rice you've eaten is already yours. You can live a few more days....

How will you go and live in the spirit world? If a being needs you, you should be able to adapt to it. If you need that being, it should adapt to you. That is how the universe operates. The gold in a poor man's house is the same as gold in a rich man's house. A gram is a gram. All the elements of life are the same. If they are all the same, how can you say one person is better than another?

Two people may like each other but if that couple is unable to produce offspring their lineage will disappear. It is an obvious conclusion....

Should I go to Las Vegas again or not? If I don't, I have to send you in my place. If I don't go, what will you do there? Don't you know how much there is to do? Are you saying that you are incapable? You have to work and eat until you die. The practice of just playing and eating will disappear. Countries will perish.

I sacrificed my children for the sake of the world. I probably have the record of having sent the most children to the spirit world during my lifetime. What, then, becomes of the Republic of Korea and the world? Who would want such a parent? The satanic world would not want such a parent. The heavenly world desires such a person. That world will not disappear. It is eternal. You go to that world because it is eternal.  

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