The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Las Vegas is the worst place

Sun Myung Moon
October 6, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Las Vegas

These notes are not official and if shared that should be stated.
Michael Lamson

Father asked Rev. Hwang to come up and share from his heart.

Father said, let's not think about yesterday but think of a tomorrow that is greater than today. We need to have a life style that brings us closer to God.

Rev. Hwang:

For many years Father asked us to complete the Tribal Messiahship.

Father has been making the Motto every year. For 5 years the motto was the same – Family Church and Tribal Messiah. We could not fulfill. In 1990 Father said that we did not have the foundation to go back to our homeland because we could not fulfill. On Fathers foundation we could go back to our homeland but we still have not been able to accomplish. Father is still asking us to complete Tribal Messiahship.

Father will guide the entry of names into the registry.

Father has been scolding us a lot because we still don't understand or use the heavenly calendar. When the 172 ministers came to Korea there was a misunderstanding about the dates because of this.

On the 4th when returning from fishing Father shared that we must start the launch in America for the family registry. This started with the 172 ministers.

Father is planning everything in advance. Fathers plan was to do an event on the 5th with 3000 people, 2064 coming from the 172 ministers. We did not understand what Father wanted and started planning in the wrong way.

Our thinking is centered on our reality, Fathers thinking is centered on providential reality. Father is leading the providence with bone breaking pain.

Father always remembers things even from years ago. On a trip in Yeosu 5 years ago Father asked one leader to find the best fishing area in the river. The leader did not look into it or research and thought Father had forgotten, a few days ago Father asked him if he had researched the fishing spots. We also rented an apartment in Yeosu for True Parents when they first started going there. They never went there but a year later they asked how the apartment was.

The Family Registry of Gods Fatherland is our mission. We all need to restore 12 disciples. The 172 need to restore 12 disciples and on this foundation we can restore Canon. This has been Fathers quest. Father is now restoring this. Restoration of Canaan on the world level, Cheon Il Guk. All Blessed Families are Tribal Messiahs and must have 12.


Las Vegas is the worst place. You can't find God or True Parents here. Who will take care of this?

When I asked Dr. Yang to bring 3000 people he did not understand. You cannot stand in my way. I have to restore everything in hell. If I trusted you I would not even have a tomb when I was buried. Jesus asked me to do what I am doing. This is not your nation it is Gods nation. You can't change heavens program for your own. You can't call yourselves sons and daughters of God if you do things your own way.

Yesterday I caught a very beautiful fish, a big fish in temple bay, it was a carp. I will not fish today, I already have my airplane ticket. What are you going to do now, you should be fishing today for me.

Father called Mother.

I thought Mother was here. (Mother had gone out while Father was talking) I wanted Mother to give the conclusion after Rev. Hwang sharing. Mother should have been here to say something and been leading. Who else can I trust here. All I need is Mother, Rev. Hwang and one other. Father asked Mother why she left the room, she told him why and then he shared that he had been looking for her and that he wanted her to give the conclusion after Rev. Hwang's sharing but she was not there. Mother looked at everyone and asked for forgiveness for not being there. In one moment heaven and earth can go to ruin. Father shared how much he needs Mother to stand with him.

When True Parents have their next wedding ceremony America must prepare. All Blessed Families must receive the Blessing again also at this time.

If there are not True Parents there is nothing.

I have to make a standard in front of all families. I am not in Las Vegas to gamble. If I had run away from America, America would not even be able to have a shadow left. I have done everything by myself. If I have done anything wrong please tell me.

Don't listen to Rev. Kwak or his children, they are thieves. I taught them everything. When they die they will only be ashes, no tombs for them. I have no one I can really trust.

I needed to make an event for 3000, how could you offer an event for 300. I don't want to say these kinds of things. I can't take you with me tomorrow. I was planning not to even greet you this morning.

Father asked Mother who she thought should go with them to Korea.

You all must become one with Father and Fathers words.

If I go fishing today and I don't catch anything I can't leave.

I ask you to offer full devotion and not to abandon this land. I will go into debt to finish this work. You must find the owner of Gods words, you must become the owners. If you do you will become better. When I talked in Korean yesterday many cannot understand. Things cannot meet without True Parents. You must all learn Korean so that you can understand correctly.

I sent you to Korea not for Rev. Moon but to save your sons and daughters.

We need to work more on the media realm and the creation of Women's banks.

If top leaders do not come and repent they will disappear. Rev. Moon is the overseer of the land and sea for God. You cannot do things always your own way.

Why did you let Rev. Kwak, his children and Hyun Jin to do what they did?

I don't need your reports, you don't need to meet me, just need to do what I say. You should not think that you need to advise me. Just do as Father says and let Father be the center.

Mimi are you Mother's friend or Father's daughter? Don't be friends with Mother or my children, center on me. Don't do things as you want at this time, there can only be one owner.

In 1985 I asked American members to learn Korean and teach in Korean. Americans need to be alert, to be careful. Don't mess up the family in America.

I am waiting to hear from spirit world if yesterday's rally was a victory or not, that is why we are here singing songs. Spirit world will tell me if yesterday was a victory or not.

Father asked Mrs. Cotter to come up and share. He praised her and called her his English daughter. She really moved Fathers heart and members through her sharing. Father then asked Rev. Cotter to come up and share, then the two of them sang a song together. After that I think spirit world told Father yesterday was a victory because Father became very happy and took everyone fishing. 

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