The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Words at Registration for God's Kingdom and the Fatherland

Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 2011
9.9 by the H.C.

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

The following are quotation from Father's speech and his comments he made during the assembly. In a video clip posted on Peace TV, his speech file was shown page by page while he was reading it, in which one can see that Father underlined and marked with a circle some sentences, and added or corrected some words. I strongly feel that in reading his comments we need to be focused on why Father read this speech literally every day, why he comments this way, and why Father is so careful in choosing words, rather than following the logic. Rev. Kambashi

I am truly happy and grateful to see you at this Origin of the Principle assembly. "If you don't know God, you will have a big problem. This 'Origin of the Principle' is to teach Who God is."

"This is the first and last assembly in human history." I am proclaiming that all of you should model your life course on this path, become families that pledge to inherit and fulfill the will of God that True Parents have already accomplished, and be true to this pledge.

"This signifies you promise and make contract (to the pledge), and so these words are not something en passant."

… and proclaimed the era after the coming of heaven through which a new heaven and new earth will be realized by returning to true love.

"'Returning' here is like the four seasons, which come regularly." All the blessed children in the heavenly and earthly worlds, who are related to the True Parents by blood, should keep this comprehensive and final proclamation in mind.

"This means your promise and contract."

In doing so, I pray that you will surely be triumphant in your course of life. "Here I am asking you for this and you can't live your life carelessly."

I ask that you take this proclamation of True Parents to heart and pledge to put it into practice.

"Applause if you agree." (Applause)

"(Any existence of) Odd numbers will be gone and only (those of) even numbers can enter God's kingdom."

On behalf of True Parents, True Family, the Republic of Korea, and Unification Church members who are blessed throughout the cosmos (i.e., spiritual world and physical world), I sincerely welcome and express my deepest appreciation to you for coming to participate "Here I don't leave out anybody."

Seonghwa Festivals held at the United Nations headquarters building and in cities around the United States and the world

"This is Seonghwa, not Seunghwa. I changed this part. This ceremony (originally) should be done before one dies. (Through this ceremony) one enters God's Kingdom at the time of conception in mother's womb.

"we are leading each day of our lives with more seriousness than ever before." I am not doing this out of my comfortableness. This is to protect God and the US and prevent God from leaving the US. Pray (to know if it is true.)"

Throughout my life, I have offered myself for the liberation of God, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him His rightful position as Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to God's bosom."

Who knows this fact? Without communicating with Heaven, one can't understand this.

"For this purpose I have persevered and triumphed over countless tribulations while leading the people of the world, who are living like lost and unaware orphans searching for their heavenly parent, toward the goal of global salvation." Those who think this is not true, raise your hands. I will ask you something."

If not for the Fall, we would have been able to perfect ourselves, including our spiritual self, as God is perfect "The words 'spiritual self ' are created by Rev. Moon."

Rebirth, in this context, refers to an individual attaining new life. Resurrection is when a family and nation attain new life, and eternal life refers to all of humankind attaining perfection and living forever in God's homeland after establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world by attending True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace.

"This has not been realized yet."

Only then can they take part in the original authority granted by the Seonghwa and attain the qualifications to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk while on earth. "This is Seonghwa not Seunghwa. I changed this part." Even though a woman's womb is smaller than some rice cookers, from the perspective of a fetus, it is larger than the entire universe. "

"(In mother's womb) one can know the secrets of the spirit world and the human history."

Just as the fetus in his or her mother's womb cannot imagine life on earth, we, as people living and breathing air in this earthly world, cannot easily understand the spirit world, where we will be reborn in our spiritual bodies, living and breathing true love.

"You don't know that Rev. Moon understands the meaning of the spiritual self and communicates with the spirit world."

Ladies and gentlemen, as people face death, they may tremble in fear.

"You don't know how seriously I have thought about death. If you learn Korean and read this speech ten times, there are lots of secrets you can understand. Translations only convey less than one third of what I say."

"I am a person who pored over the Old and New Testaments in childhood." Now, in the Last Days of history, I, as the True Parent of humankind, have been able to reveal this truth, this heavenly secret."

I am the only person who knows this. Those who can communicate with the spirit world, find out if I am lying.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the word "death" is sacred. (Jokingly) "I hold a patent for this definition."

True Parents have created the term Seonghwa to explain the true significance of death. This is Seonghwa, not Seunghwa. I changed this part. Seunghwa must be done within four days after one dies, and Seonghwa starts at the time of conception."

That is the way of the sacred and noble Seonghwa Ceremony, the first step the spirit of the departed takes toward enjoying eternal life in attendance of God, within His embrace.

(Katsumi: Father changed Seunghwa Ceremony to Seonghwa Ceremony in this speech)

"(After you die) where do you go? That's why you need me. You have to learn Korean."

Ultimately, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of One Family under God, in other words, the ideology based on true love, which my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives.

(Katsumi: in his speech file, Father marked with a circle the word 'Ultimately' and wrote there 'IMPORTANT.') "'Ultimately,'

Here I wrote 'IMPORTANT.'

"All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward a step ahead of you."

I, mobilizing your ancestors, am protecting you. You don't know such a Rev. Moon.

"Are you even remotely aware that our Heavenly Father who endured tens of thousands of years of excruciating heartache so great that His bones shed tears and His flesh quivered, had to go through the long, dark tunnel of indemnifying the human Fall in order to save His lost children?"

Without tears, I can't say these.

"They should never have allowed Jesus' crucifixion to take place. He suddenly left this world, leaving behind the words, "It is finished." Nobody knows Jesus, who couldn't express his heart. Nobody!

"On the foundation of such preparation, and riding on the energy of this peninsula, I finally came, having received Heaven's seal as the True Parent of humankind and the king of kings."

My children testify too that we are True Parents. The time is coming closer for me (to go to the spirit world) and therefore I am talking frankly.

"First was the nature-centered era, "Animals understand emotions. Cat and pigs too." Next came a human-centered era. when people's knowledge, feelings and emotions took precedence and dominated the world. "This means the democratic world."

This is the time of opening up the era of God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a time in which we can return to the heart of the one true God. "It is 'return', not 'restoration'." Please engrave this point on your hearts.

"Who would use such an expression? Why do I say this? Since I am a True Parent and that's why I say this. True Parents must be responsible for what false parents did."

If we do not prepare now, we will surely be left behind. "I don't want you to be so. I want to bring you with me."

My Final Words for Humankind.

(Katsumi: Father marked with circles these words and wrote "IMPORTANT")

"My final words for humankind. This is important." They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.

"You don't know this, but when I enter the realm of resonance with God, words come out from my words and I understand them."

Proclamation of the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

(Katsumi: Father marked with circles these words and wrote "IMPORTANT.'")

"This is important." Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).

"You don't know what the proclamations were."

The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God's full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.

"It has been finished. I have done this already." I proclaimed that the ceremony for the victory of the first, second, and third Israels, which completed the ceremonies for rebirth, resurrection and Seunghwa during my lifetime, was transferred to Korea.

"My proclamation will be realized on earth."

First, all blessed families should attend God at the center of their families and every day carry out Hoon Dok education, which can completely unite parents and children.

"I am doing Hoon Dok Hae and you must do more than I do. (True) Parents do it and then children must do more."

This is not something that could have appeared in history before now."

This is the first and at the same time the last opportunity. Research if it is true.

"Establishment of the New Tribal Messiah Global Federation for Peace and The New World Seonghwa Ceremony"

You must live with these two in the Kingdom of heaven.

"Advent of Era of the New Substantial Image" This means we need to show videos, not only words. 

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