The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Sharing With 172 Clergy

Sun Myung Moon
September 22, 2011
Notes: Mike Lamson

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, September 20, 2011

Father sharing with 172 clergy Sept. 22

Rev. Hwang shard before True Parents came:

True Father started Hoon Dok Hae in Yeosu at 4:30 am and continued until 2:30 am the next day. At 6:30 Father went fishing. True Father never sleeps or lays down. When we go out with him on the boat he sits and meditates but often we lay down and sleep.

Ocean is a treasure chest of resources
Ocean is a place to become one with creation
Ocean is a place to offer devotion and make conditions

The last Hoon Dok Hae, 22 ½ hours was Father longest Hoon Dok Hae.

True Parents called the pastors here to make a unity condition with Korea and to launch the beginning of a global family. This was much of the focus of Fathers 22 ½ hour Hoon Dok Hae.

When Father heard that you were going to the DMZ today he wanted to share a message with you before you went. Father is concerned with opening a providential age at this time, a new stage, so please try to understand.

Your visits out to the cities inspired the Unification Church members, Ambassadors for Peace and local political leaders. All of you have contributed to the Korea Peace movement through your visits. The clan representatives were also very moved. They expressed their sorry that the time was too short to take you to meet many clan members. This providence of Clan Matching's will continue for two more years. This is the beginning so you have opened the doors to a new peace movement.

We have talked for years about peace but now it is time to move beyond culture and religion and look at each other as brothers and sisters. This is how peace will come.

Jesus, 2000 years ago had a community, a group of people to support him.

History is Gods revelation. Providential events are eternal. As time passes everything else is buried.

Father comes and starts speaking:

Let's begin Hoon Dok Hae now. Don't speak with the person next to you. This is your time to hear the word. Father asked who had their speech books with them and everyone waved their speech books.

Father asked Rev. Hwang to read and to explain that the Original Divine Principle is now called the Original Substantial Divine Principle. Father continued to point out a few more changes in the speech that needed to be made. He gave Rev. Hwang his speech book and asked him to also read the notes Father had written so that the pastors could also make the changes in their books. Both my speech book and yours should be the same. You need to share your book with 12 churches and 12 tribes for the heavenly nation to come. You need to use the same book as mine, the same places underlined and the same places circled. The 172 pastors need to create 12 tribes under you using these materials. You need to educate your sons, daughters and grandchildren with these words.

172 coming from North, South, East and West, 43 from each represent 172 nations of the world. There are more.

You need to bring these new tribes, clans, to be registered into the heavenly nation. You need to inherit this and understand this.

We need to educate 13,000 people from each nation with the Original Substantial Divine Principle material. The Original Substantial Divine Principle is the teaching of the era after the coming of heaven, a time of the reign of peace. Until we live in the reign of peace we cannot shout hurrah for True Parents.

Father continued explaining things to Rev. Hwang about the speech.

Father asked Mother to bring him the paper that he had been folding during other talks and he starting folding it and explaining about how it folds. No matter how many times or ways you fold this it comes back to the same position, the same point.

Father then took out his handkerchief and stated that all Blessed Central Families use one of these, referring to the 3 day ceremony. He then started folding the handkerchief talking about how to find the center point. With a triangle you can find the center by folding.

The Divine Principle is very important as it will help us become human beings of Gods ideal. True Father worked really hard to reveal the Divine Principle.

It is important to understand the Korean people and Korea.

We have to be careful because humankind received the blood lineage of the archangel. We need to receive the Blessing and be grafted into Gods lineage. People that do not know who True Parents are cannot find their proper way in life. The whole world needs True Parents. Because of the fall we have become spiritually dull and are not able to see or feel True Parents in the correct way.

There were 13 people on the helicopter when it crashed and everyone survived. This was a victory for God.

We do not know what Heaven will look like but it must be built first on earth.

(Mother sent a message on paper reminding Father that the pastors have to go to the DMZ.) In the Garden of Eden no one would send this kind of message to Father. He smiled and tore up the paper. Father said we need to be together for at least one more hour. God has no concept of time or space so if someone needs money I can give it to them 170 years later. If something is missing it is in the spirit world. Can you understand that?

There are so many things that I say that you cannot understand. You need to take these words and share them with others. Should I speak with you more or should I let you go. I could not sleep last night because I knew that you were about to go.

I am most afraid of my own words because what I say comes true. I finished my main work in 1972 but I have continued.

We need to become unchanging sons and daughters who are in a harmonious relationship with Father.

Father told Rev. Hwang what pages to read. He asked where he finished in his last Hoon Dok Hae and told Rev. Hwang to read from the 30th volume pages 62 -71.

These are your last days with me here so these will words will be your words. Are you willing to hear these 9 pages? Let's read.

I have loved you more than my relatives, more than my children. In the early years I never bought a gift for my relatives of children because I only focused on you. My mother would buy me gifts but I never bought her a gift. This was the course I had to take.

Only the Unification Church can unite North and South Korea. On that foundation all of Asia can be united. If you can understand this then you can receive Fathers prayer and blessing.

You might not be able to meet me again in this way. Please take these words and share them with others. Do you have Fathers textbooks in your home? My words will guide you. There will be more than 2000 textbooks when this is done. The most precious things you can share with your children are my textbooks. You should buy or order the textbooks before you leave Korea. The most important books in the world are these textbooks. They will protect your children's eternal lives.

God does not need actors, He just needs one spouse. Jesus could not have or be a spouse. I am still restoring the position of the spouse.

The textbooks will help you stay connected to True Parents and True Parents life style.

There are no limits on how many children you can have in most of the world so you should have as many blessed children as possible.

There are so many words in the textbooks but there is still so much that has not been recorded yet.

You should learn from Fathers training. I have to make sure everyone is going the right way.

I prepare so much to get the words right. The word needs to go into all nations.

I will make a boat that can hop up in the air using the helium tanks. People don't know everything I am doing.

You can apply my teachings to everything in your lives. You are representing 172 nations and you should prepare the textbooks so you can teach your families and nations. In the future governments will purchase the textbooks for their nations. America should become a nation that prepares the textbooks for all children. This will make America a heavenly nation.

The ancestors that have gone through Chung Pyung will be guiding and helping you.

I sent the Universal Ballet Company to all the 16 nations that helped during the Korean War as a thank you from Korea.

You as religious leaders should buy all the textbooks yourselves as a foundation for others to do it.

I have recorded all the people that I have taught over all the years.

Your position as husbands and wives will become clear in 2013. I will allow for special dispensations at that time. You should use all your resources for the sake of others and for the sake of God.

I want to Bless the 2nd and 3rd generations before I leave the earth.

You should be prepared to receive the Blessing in front of True Parents. I will ask for special donations to help you in your work.

When you go back to America don't forget your clan family in Korea.

I have a dream that when I come back to America and make a tour that you will bring people to hear me. 

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