The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Registration for God's Kingdom and the Fatherland

Sun Myung Moon
September 16, 2011

On 8.19 by the heavenly calendar (Sept. 16, 2011), "Registration for God's Kingdom and the Fatherland" was held centering on True Parents, joined by 172 representatives of Korean surnames and 172 faith leaders from the US as well as the guests from Korea and abroad. During the ceremony, Father told Mrs. McDevitt to read one of Hyung Jin Nim's sermons for the participants, and later each faith leader who received a Korean surname and Korean representative signed their sisterhood relationship.

Rev. Sun-jo Hwang, who is the president of UPF Korea as well as the World Federation of the Tribal Messiah was the MC and the following is the summary of his opening remarks, with which we can basically understand what this ceremony means to us Blessed families and Unification Church members.

"How can humankind establish the world of peace? It can be possible only by following the law of God. Which is establishing the organization through blood relationships. Think that all Unification Church members and ambassadors for peace have their Korean surnames in the world. Then centering on Korea, God's organization, that is, the organization through the blood relationship will be formed, which has its own order and tradition. This is the way to establish 'One Family under God.' Therefore, though we have a small group of participants here today, its providential value is nothing but significant.

One more thing I need to mention is that now is the time to harvest in God's providence centering on True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind. What should be the fruits of it? To establish God's fatherland. There are several practical things to be done for that sake, and today's ceremony is truly important. After this ceremony, Korean representatives from 17 provinces and 172 faith leaders from the US will be working together for peace movement from today for three days. Outside the building 17 buses are waiting for them.

This is the beginning of a new history. From now on, all the Blessed families and ambassadors for peace in the world will receive Korean surnames and the world will become one centering on Korea. Who came to have such idea? I have never thought of such a thing. This came from True Parents who have been always thinking of the liberation of God and salvation of humankind seeking for 'One Family under God.'" 

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