The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Jesus came to be True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 2011

Hoon Dok Hae with Father in Korea at the Cheongshim Youth Center September 14th, 2011. These notes are not official. These notes were taken while listening to the translation so many points are not clear.

Father asked for his speech book and then asked if the participants had theirs. He said that everyone should read the speech many times and make it their own without changing the core content.

Father started folding a piece of paper into many shapes while he talked about former world leaders who disappeared along with heir temples except for Jesus. Jesus came to be True Parents, not for himself. This is True for the God of night and the God of day. Jesus played the role of family and tribe messiah but could not become a national messiah while he was alive.

Centering on North, South, East and West, 43 pastors from each area makes 172 pastors. On this foundation we could open Ocean Garden which will take the place of Las Vegas. No one knows about the meaning of all the Las Vegas events.

Centering on the God of Day and the God of Night Jesus should have become the King of Kings. This did not happen so Jesus had to come again.

Centering on the Diamond Mountain, Las Vegas and Egypt will be replaced. The World Monaco Kingdom will be established. Who is the only son of God? Jesus. There was no nation yet, only tribes. You do not know who the parents of Jesus were.

John 3-16. You cannot go to heaven by yourself. It is not enough to just believe in Jesus to go to Heaven.

In the future there will be no religions. Jesus was supposed to become the first ancestor, the first family but this did not happen so there is no tribe centered on Jesus. In the future there will only be True Parents teachings and no Unification Church or other religions. Rev. Moon is the True Parents. Can you follow me by yourself?

Six million Jews were killed and put into graves.

The time that America could rule the world has passed. The Christian denominations are divided and because of this I and my mission have suffered. Unification comes after harmony. All the five different races need to be in harmony within the next 8 years.

Father did a lot of counting on his fingers that I could not follow.

I brought you here to teach you. Do you have the speech book? Father to staff: why did you not give out he speech book as I asked? Originally I did not want the speech book in English. I asked everyone to learn Korean by 1985.

America cannot be the owner. Democracy is not enough. America can never rule over China.

Today women reveal too much. Women reveal their breasts and their bellybuttons. Christians have nothing to boast about today as they were not able to hold the Marriage of the Lamb. You have to believe in what I say because I am the True Parents. Adam could not become True Parents, Jesus could not become True Parents.

All we need now is the Settlement of Heaven and Earth and Humankind. Confused and complicated people have made the world that we live in today. God has no Tribe or Nation in the world we live in and that is why True Parents had to come.

Shin Jin is my grandson and you should treat him like a king, you should pray about this. There is only one man who is in the position of True Parents.

Who is the owner of Hoover Dam? I know all the fish in Lake Mead, where they are and how to catch them. We are now in a place where we can establish a nation. Learning Korean at this time is more important than getting a university degree. The museum of the heavenly nation has many books by Father but who knows the words.

I am taking care of the tombs of the Korean patriots.

We need to learn about Heavenly Mother not just about Heavenly Father. At the fall all mothers and elder sons were lost.

We need to have families not free sex. All women should be like Eve in the garden before the fall. Is there a wife of God or a wife of Jesus? We need to find the person that is in that position. The heavenly nation will be like the Garden of Eden. What is the fall, women on top of man's stomach.

God so loved the world, John 3:16 talks about believe and you will not die but it does not talk about Hell.

Don't think that you are here in Korea to receive good treatment or sightseeing. You are here to represent your nation and your people. You are in Gods Homeland and Hometown. Everything we do is restoration. In Hawaii we have King Garden and Queen Garden to represent Adam and Eve, to restore.

I know that the God of Day and the God of Night were fighting and separated. I went into the spirit world and asked Jesus about this. He said that he could not teach me how to be true Parents. Dr. Yang, do you know this or not?

When I was in middle school I read the bible in English without looking at an English dictionary. I have been teaching now for 63 years but the words I speak no one understands.

Father asked Rev. Jenkins and others to move around in their seats and then asked their wives to sit behind them (they were not sitting together). He stressed that this is a family time and that husbands and wives should go everywhere together.

I am the owner of mass marriages. When I was 13 my cousin was married and I protested that I could also not marry at 13. I did not marry until I was 25.

Please understand what this speech is about. Who are the True Parents? Please pray about this to know. I did not choose to be True Parents. I was the only one who could so I took responsibility.

The indemnity stick and three day ceremony must be completed by the end of this year. To be with me you must do this. It is important that everybody understand the value and the meaning of the Blessing. Father asked for someone to bring him a baseball bat. Father then asked everyone to stand that had not received the Blessing from him yet.

Starting on May 25 2009 the old and new calendars needed to be united.

It takes up to 6 generations to get the elder son position right.

The clergy that cheat on their wives will be kicked out and not allowed into Gods nation.

This speech is the constitution of the Heavenly Nation.

Jesus was not able to marry so there are no descendants of Jesus.

When I study the words I gave 10 years ago I see that they were all correct. You need to treat my words with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Christians do not understand the concept of absolute obedience.

True Mother is 20 years younger than I am. She was 17 when we married. Jesus said to his mother: Woman what do you have to do with me.

Someone brought out a message for Father and he smiled. "King daddy the car is ready and we have an appointment." Father laughed and said that he could cancel an appointment with a President but not with his grandchildren. The message continued "King daddy the video that you watched yesterday is ready to show, you can show that".

Ministers should not be boastful or arrogant. I am afraid of my own words the most. What I say comes true. Now everyone knows me in the entire world.

Everyone must complete the indemnity stick ceremony. The time to do this has already past but let's try to finish before the end of this year.

After the registration everyone must go to ODP education. I will never give up and I will never turn around. I hope that whatever you have understood you take to heart and own. If you do not understand the position you are in you cannot enter the kingdom. Everything is a connection, a step forward. All programs and assemblies are for the Settlement of Heaven and Earth and Humankind. To enter the Garden of Eden you must fulfill your personal responsibility. Korea is Gods Homeland but there are no people to affirm this yet.

The West will never be able to rule Asia. The 4 great saints came for the East.

I am a special person standing with God and what I say can be a fearful thing. We do not need the Baptist Church or any religions anymore. I asked you all to gather here today, 172 clergy from America. We need to talk about the King, Father and Mother, Family, Tribe, Nation and World. People need to find their own way but we are in an age where things need to be done as I want. I just made a condition so that I don't have to hit you with this bat. Be united as husband and wife centered on God. In heaven there is no separation, left and right are one.

Father read from his speech, page 20, about the Seunghwa ceremony. 17 and 18 years old is a good age to marry. Each page of my speech book represents one year of my life. Please give out the speech book with the corrections I have made. Please understand these words. You will receive the ODP education starting today. Listen well and make these words your own.

We must invest our entire strength into this work. Can you do that? Can you make a life or death determination? Let's march forward with unity. Raise your hands and clap and embrace God into your heart. I have left nothing out, the beginning and the end is all here. This is not a joke. Be serious about making this your own.

Have you received my autobiography? How many times have you read it? You need to fulfill your responsibility so that you can be in my tribe. I am praying for this. Did you know that? Now you do. Each of you need to become bridges and ladders that can guide your families and clans to heaven.

The introduction to my speech is a prayer. Did you know this? I have received secrets from God and want to give the Blessing to everyone. We need to organize the Blessing and Seunghwa ceremonies. I want to include everyone and not leave anyone behind. I am looking forward to becoming 104 years old.

If people do not follow they will disappear. We need to bring many people with us. I want everyone to come. Some of you have tried to get rid of me but I continued to push you anyway. I cannot be at ease for even a moment. All my youth was spent on this mission. I have not been able to have my wedding ceremony as Mother had to go her own course to 70.

If not for the fall people would have a completed spirit self. I have done this, I have a completed spirit self and can communicate with spirit world. Everyone must develop a completed spirit self.

You don't know Gods will do you? You cannot yet see clearly these things. This has not been fulfilled yet. Your ancestors must go through the ODP education.

Everyone needs to understand that there is a spiritual world where we will go after we die. We cannot just live like we want. We have no choice in death. We have one more stage and we need to prepare. In the spirit world the air we breathe will be love. You cannot imagine what it is like to breathe love.

Reverends are all fake as there were no Reverends in the Garden of Eden. No one else teaches about the spirit world like Rev. Moon does. True Parents have changed the word death to Seunghwa. The moment we enter the spiritual world is a time of great joy. Our ancestors will welcome us and our friends will celebrate our journey to the spirit world. Seunghwa ceremony is a ceremony of Gods nation, a time when we come to God. Death is a special time.

You should all reveal the word True Parents to the whole world. All people of the world need to become one for peace to be realized. Do you understand? If you understand give a big round of applause, not to me but to God. God gives everything never expecting anything in return. January 13, 2013 will be day one of Cheon Il Guk.

How many of you have spent even one moment trying to comfort Gods lonely heart? If you do not prepare now you will be left behind. Your families can work on True Parents behalf. Through True Parents your family can become one, united. Don't think of yourself as an individual as you are all part of a bigger family on the national and world level.

Hyung Jin Nim is holding these Eog Mansei ceremonies for True Parents, he is thinking bigger than himself. He thinks bigger than an individual. Soon eight generations of your ancestors will come to live with you. We will need to have Hoon Dok Hae with them.

There will be no orphans in the Kingdom of Heaven because families will compete to see who can take care of the orphans. Are you going to live this way when you go back home? We make mistakes, we repent.

We need to love others more than we love our own children then the Kingdom of Heaven will come. This is the first and last time True Parents will come. I have given everything. Unification Church has always talked about all religions becoming one.

Seunghwa, three day and indemnity stick ceremonies must be completed. Physical world and Spiritual World Blessings must be completed by D-day. Oct. 14th, 60 years ago was the beginning point. One year and three months left to accomplish this.

All women of the world should be following Mother. We need to be united going in the same direction. Everything can be completed in a short time with harmonious communication. All of you here that have not received the Blessing should do so quickly. Cross-cultural marriage blessings will make the path to world peace. Each of you must become victors. Rev. Moon will protect you so don't worry. True Parents are the owners of your families. You are living in the age of True Parents and True Parents will show you the way. 

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