The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Dedication Ceremony of the Ocean Cheonjeong Palace Hotel on Geomun Island

Sun Myung Moon
September 12, 2011
Ocean Cheonjeong Palace Hotel dedication

True Parents' Benediction at the Tape-Cutting Ceremony

We wish to dedicate this place before our Heavenly Father, watched over by the five Great Saints, holy men, and sages in the spirit world. Father, please allow all the billions of blessed families in the spirit world to become one in heart and body with the blessed families on earth. We also pray that Your blessings will be with all the people who are giving attention to the dedication ceremony of this seaside hotel. On this day, we are celebrating this beginning point for True Parents and the beginning of the new era after the coming of heaven, in which we will establish the standard of the holy nation of True Parents through this dedication ceremony of the sacred Cheonjeong Hotel. We hope and pray that You will accept our dedication with joy in Your heart, and that through this dedication ceremony we can fulfill all of Your long-cherished dreams at once and uphold Your victorious supremacy. We pray this with all our hearts. Aju, Aju, Aju!

As a gesture of goodwill, True Parents donated five head of Korean bred beef cattle to the Geomun Island community.

True Father's Speech

I'm more sorry than thankful to you for bringing you to this sunlight-filled plaza on such a hot day. I have held many such rallies as I traveled around the world, and it was my intention to build a big palace in Korea, such as you have never seen before, and ask you to come. The people of this island, however, do not think on such a large scale, and so the palace grew smaller and smaller until it became what you see now.

I hope that you can think big, with a heart thousands of times bigger than mine, and make plans to pioneer and support this island, so that we can make this whole island into a plaza where people from all the world's races can get together and hold an assembly.

Today is a very hot day but I hope that you will not just sit there sweating and that you will find joy in what I say and wish to hear more from me.

Should I speak for a long time, or for a short time? It's almost lunchtime and I am hungry too, and since you want me to speak for a short time I will do my best to do so, though if I look for a way to speak for a short time now I will never be able to finish on time! [Laughter] Therefore, asking you to forgive me in advance if I speak for too long, this ugly, old, yet world-famous Moon somebody-or-other has come to this podium for the first time.

I see by your faces that you are younger than I, and that you are bold and brave. There was a typhoon coming to this island, but thanks to your strength in praying, "You! Typhoon! Stop!" it has indeed gone away. [Applause] Yes. Wishing in my heart that this day of blessing will kindle the fires of hope and that the ideal of peace and prosperity will come true in the Land of Geomun Island through the grace of God, and even though I am not such a good speaker, I will begin my address.

It's hot, isn't it? [Yes.] If you feel too hot, you can just stand up and go home.... [Laughter] I hope that you will remain seated and listen to what I have to say with hearts like those of young children. [Applause]

[Father begins reading his speech from a point about two thirds of the way through.]

The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying "Success comes at the third attempt." It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number twenty-five, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents...

I have begun to proclaim the never-before-proclaimed term "True Parents." As I toured Europe, I talked about the era before the coming of heaven and the era after the coming of heaven. I can talk about these things because the time has now come that I can speak to others as the True Parent, as God's representative.

Through these proclamation ceremonies, all the borderlines in the entire cosmos have been abolished. Consequently, centering on God, heaven and earth shall exist eternally, night and day, under God's reign and with the support of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Nothing can be achieved if no one cooperates with True Parents when they come. Why? Because the first parents failed to become True Parents and became false parents instead. This is why we have had to pass through tens of thousands of years of restoration through indemnity to eradicate the position of false parents.

You must establish the standard for absolute parents and for absolute children, and naturally establish an absolute family

There is nothing coercive about it. Once we return to the era untouched by the Fall and you will be able to follow the tradition of your original heart, your original nature will compel you to follow it naturally. This era will soon unfold.

Do not forget the fact that during True Parents lifetimes we all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world from the authority of hell.

You should not think that what I say will just disappear; you have a responsibility as individuals to follow what I say, bring down this sinful world and restore the world of the original true nature before the Fall. It isn't right for you to live in prosperity by yourselves. You have the responsibility to abolish hell in this world.

Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of era is dawning? The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centered on God and True Parents shall be eternal.

What it means is that we will go beyond the world where people can be punished based on laws and constitutions; God will personally rule over those who have regained their original nature. That is why those who haven't done so will be taken away. Those who don't listen will be taken away, whereas those who do listen and receive this education will remain.

Both people who have loved me, the leader of the Unification Church, and people who have opposed me have been taken to the spirit world. I wondered about what happened to them there, and I saw that they became soldiers of God. Whenever Satan does something wrong, people are made to leave their bad groups and are taken to the spirit world where they are reformed into helpers who work on Heaven's side.

The audience included the 172 faith leaders from the USA

Fourth, we are now entering the era of the authority of God's direct dominion.

Times have changed no You don't know this, and you don't even know when you are going to die. You have given birth to children, but you don't know when and if they will become presidents of or leaders in their nation or in the broader world. You will find out after decades, but for now you don't even know what is going to happen in the next three days or in the coming week! Don't be so confident!

I know, and I don't lie; I reveal the truth as it is. And when those living in the same age and place as I apply what I say they will live with the eternal God and be given the right of inheritance, by which they can become members of God's family, princes and princesses of the unified kingdom, and receive blessings as the firstborn children. It will be wonderful! Such a world is coming.

The Washington DC–New York Assembly was held in order to establish the realm of victory, and to make headlines that summarize my life course, which decisively brings to a conclusion the realm of victory, creating a world in which God, completely victorious in the providence, is liberated and completely freed through the life course of the True Parents; and in order to bring perfection, completion and conclusion to the era after the coming of heaven.

You must not forget that these assemblies are continuing.... There is a high possibility that this will happen, and those who believe in it will not perish but will be saved. This old man standing on the podium is telling you that an era of special choices and grace is coming, and asking you to please bear that in mind. I have to tell you this, even in this scorching heat! Do you understand? [Yes.] How about a round of applause? [Applause] Thank you. Who has ever said such things?...

The ceremony is not the Seunghwa Ceremony, but the Seonghwa Ceremony -- in the Chinese characters, Seong, meaning sacred, and Hwa, meaning harmony. This is for people with physical bodies, who use chopsticks and spoons, and toilets.

God and Jesus are in the spirit world in the spiritual form and do not have physical bodies, so they cannot give birth to sons or daughters. You cannot give birth to children in the spirit world. This is why God sent Jesus to earth so that he could re-create the world as one where human beings can dwell with God. The people killed Jesus, however. Do you think he came to die, you crazy people? The time has come for us to reflect on, analyze and distinguish what is what, and to find where we stand....

I'm not talking about Seunghwa [for someone who has died]. I am referring to parents in a family, who eat, excrete wastes from their body and earn a living. I am talking about parents and their children living in the world. It may seem as if the world we live in is the same as that of others, but we have different traditions and a different lineage.

There are two sides in the world, the one standing absolutely on God's side and the other standing absolutely on Satan's. Two groups, one going to the kingdom of heaven and the other going to hell, are fighting each other. Peace cannot be achieved in a world divided in two; wars will continue.

That is why we have the Seonghwa Ceremony for the new world. It is a strictly regulated rite performed on the national level. We have the Seunghwa Ceremony, but that is something performed after death. You need to know that from the moment you hear about these, you have the responsibility as parents to raise children who will go to the kingdom of heaven. The two ceremonies are different.

The Chinese character for seong in seonghwa contains the character for yi "ear" and the character for gu "mouth." This signifies that you should not lie to the world with your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, chest, stomach, reproductive organs and legs. You should not tell lies.

So, can sexual liberation bring you blessings? It can only destroy you. You've thought that sexual liberation is good, however, and had affairs left and right. You will not be forgiven. You cannot run away somewhere. You had no idea that everything is written in the record of your lineage. You only act in that way because you don't know about the spirit world.

We are experts on the spirit world. Ask me anything about the spirit world. You will not be able to answer what I ask about it, but I can answer all the questions that I am asked. We are different.

Therefore, on this day I am talking about the Seonghwa Ceremony in the New World and the founding of the New Tribal Messiah Global Federation. Our history is moving into an era wherein the tribal messiahs and representatives can take the place of Jesus, the people can take the place of Jesus and God, and the nation and the world take the place of God, Father and Mother. Those who do not know of this development in history will perish. You need to be aware of this.

That is why people like us have come forward, working night and day and sparing not even a second, begging for time to go more slowly, begging for more time, be it an hour or ten days, and if that is not possible, hoping that nothing will go wrong. This old man aged 93 has been busy traveling around the world, and what for? What do you think I will achieve by coming here? What would I gain by coming to Geomun Island? What, fish? What kind of fish? Mullet? Croaker? Sea bass? What is it? What comes next? Scabbard fish? If you catch them and eat them and live in prosperity, then you will go to hell. You have no idea that your actions of today, whether you step forward with your left foot, or with your right foot, will determine whether you will end up in heaven or hell. You need to know this clearly.

So back to 'Seonghwa Ceremony in the New World and the New Tribal Messiah Global Federation.' Jesus died because he was unable to establish the realms of the individual messiah, family messiah and tribal messiah. And you say he came to die! You crazy people! Stop talking such nonsense. You will be chased out. This is a warning...

The inter-religious unity at the dedication celebration was heartwarming; here, a woman leader shows the second-generation members taking care of their group how to play the shofar, a horn used in Jewish religious services.

If a worldwide organization by which the tribal messiahs can be connected to the global messiah is not established, the bridge of salvation for Christianity and the rest of the religious realm will be severed. It will be destroyed. Nations will perish. God will leave us.

[Father reads from the special directions subsection in this speech, adding brief comments here and there. In one of those instructions Father directs that the blessing providence throughout Korea be continued centering on Dr. Sun Jo Hwang, and he calls on Dr. Hwang to declare whether he is fulfilling that responsibility. Sun Jo Hwang declares boldly that he is doing so. Father then asks him to ask everyone assembled if they will fulfill that responsibility along with Sun Jo Hwang. Dr. Hwang asks, "Will do you it?" Everyone shouts "Yes!"]

You have made a public declaration with me. I am in the position of the head of the royal emissaries, with the full authority of Heaven on my side. It is my responsibility to record in my journal everything that goes wrong focusing on the sorrows of heaven and earth, and I was entrusted with the mission of creating my autobiography and a record of my ancestral line. You didn't know about this.

[Father reads from his summary of Heaven's message nearer the beginning of the main text:]

First, all blessed families should attend God at the center of their families and every day carry out Hoon Dok education, which can completely unite parents and children. In other words, you should thoroughly teach the Divine Principle, and inculcate in your children the essence of the textbooks and teaching materials True Parents have bequeathed, True Father's autobiography, and absolute marital fidelity taught through the original Divine Principle.

From now on, I have to teach you about the constitution. Do you understand? [Yes.] No one has known about this until now, so I have had no choice but to come all the way here and awaken you to this truth. The fifty-five pages that come after it, and the part added a week ago, refer to a day that passed 550 days ago.

Fourth, we are now entering the era of the authority of God's direct dominion.

[Father is repeating this passage.]

Thirteen thousand people need to be educated (in the original Divine Principle). Present here are 172 pastors, and centering on a multiple of the number 12 everyone needs education. Thirteen thousand people from twelve nations each need to be enlightened. We don't have much time left to teach them. Will they live or die? Will they achieve a passing grade or not? In all of history, this is the first condition of agreement that we have been given to fulfill, and we need to do it. [Yes.]...

I am conveying the following instructions to the 387 ambassadors of the 194 Abel UN member nations and 193 Cain-type UN member nations, to boon-bong-wangs and Ambassadors for Peace, to the presidents and national leaders of each nation here present, and to all of heaven and earth.

In the cosmos, billions have been blessed. You didn't know that, did you? You didn't know that the Unification Church did this even while being persecuted by others. I can assure you we have been keeping busy.

True Parents' proclamation at the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind -- the Washington DC-New York Assembly, the Hoover Dam Assembly in Las Vegas and the Seoul (Incheon) Assembly in Korea, which is becoming God's homeland and hometown -- signifies the ultimate perfection, completion and finalization of the providence.

The Korean people have contributed greatly, not only toward the realization of Heaven's will, but also contributed to all of the religions that exist in the world. We took part in the work to liberate God's fatherland and due to the benefit of this blessing President Myung Bak Lee came to play a major role in the G20 summit's He achieved this not through his own doing; my program and was the background to this, so we need to bring everything to a conclusion following that program....

What do I need such a big "castle for? If it were for me alone, a small tent put up in the shade would suffice. However, I am building a castle where I can protect people. How can tens of thousands of people get together and survive? The question is how hundreds of thousands, even millions, could be sustained on this small island in the middle of the sea. A terrible time will come upon us, similar to the time of Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction.

No matter how vociferous Christianity is, it can't prevail against me now. Even if pastors, theologians, and world-renowned scholars who oppose me were all to get together and hold a discussion with me, they would not win against me. That fight is over now. You need to know this.

The people from these nations will also take part in the cross-cultural marriage blessing on a nationwide scale in order to eradicate the fallen lineage received from Lucifer and inherit the new heavenly lineage.

Those who are over thirty years old and who have run away from marriage and enjoyed free sex will have nowhere to go. Anyone who has enjoyed free sex will have no means of hiding that fact from anyone. You need to know that I am in charge of all of your ancestors who are keeping a record in the spirit world even as we speak. Do you understand? Pull yourselves together and be honest. The man in charge, the person responsible, is the one standing right here. You need to recognize this. This is my final proclamation.

The historical conflict and strife experienced by the four great representative kings -- that is to say, the God of Night, the God of Day, the King of Kings, and True Parent -- and which arose because the first ancestors fell, has finally been completely resolved by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Jeong Ok Yu! [Yes!] Stand up. He has come here as a representative who can give lectures on God's substantial liberation in heaven and on earth. You have been teaching people; do you have confidence or not? [Yes, I have.] Answer more loudly! [I have confidence!' You have been entrusted with the mission of standing in front of people and explaining my teachings to them, and it's unacceptable if the Tribal Messiah Federation doesn't educate thirteen thousand people. In the army when orders are given, they must be carried out. The same is true here.

D-Day is coming soon; it is about a year and four months away, and before that day comes you will have enough time to teach people hundreds of times over. You have been told how long you have and what you need to do during that time. As a chosen representative, if you take time off to nap and indulge yourself, I will not take responsibility for you even if you are caught and apprehended. I have informed you about this. I am not making this up. I don't know how to lie.

You! Ask these people whether they will come to be taught or not, since they have been told to do so. [Jeong Ok Yu, turning around to address the assembled crowd: Will you come to be taught?] [Yes.] Raise your hands high and give a big round of applause. [Applause] You have made a promise in front not only of me, but of God. You may sit now. I am not playing games here.

May the heavenly fortune that flows through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you all.

God follows and protects me. If you follow me, because I am under God's direct dominion, all the angels in the spirit world that belong to Lucifer will change their ways, stop you in your path, and guide you to the Unification Church. That time is coming. Where will you go? Well, the answer is in the words of this speech.

I pray in True Parents' names that God's blessings be with you, your family and your nation.

Don't believe your fathers, grandfathers, husbands, sons or daughters. You need to believe in True Parents. Will you believe them or not? [We will believe in them.] Then stand up, all of you, and clap your hands. [Applause] [Sun Jo Hwang asks for a bigger round of applause for the precious speech Father has given, while Father continues:] Thank you. Thank you! Today is a blessed day because it is the day on which the gates of the kingdom of God can be opened in Geomun Island. I proclaim this again in the names Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon, forever and ever more.

[Mother is now standing. Sun Jo Hwang asks for more applause and announces that Korean Church President Joon Ho Seuk will lead three cheers of Eog-mansei. As Mother joins

Father at the podium, Father stops Dr. Seuk and speaks on:] Well, lastly, ladies and gentlemen, looking at page 74, "...Our final providential destination....perfection, completion and conclusion." [The audience: Eog Mansei] Eog-Mansei for these three. "The era of peace and tranquility is completed.... The Hoon Dok Hae era is concluded and finalized on 7.3 in the second year of Cheon-gi." This is our goal. "Sun Myung Moon, 7.3 in the second year of Cheon-gi" [Applause] The overall conclusion has been made centered on the numbers seven and three.

This conclusion was made for all history through this title alone, and anyone can understand it. We will conclude things here now. All those who attended this meeting will be given a copy of this speech. I hope that you will visit the Unification Church leaders in charge of the different districts and families, ask questions, receive answers, and resolve everything before D-Day comes. I wish and pray for this in the names Sun Myung Moon and the True Parents. [Aju!]

[Everyone offers three cheers of Eog-mansei] Geomun Island Eog-Mansei!

T. L. Barrett, pastor of the Life Center, Church of God in Christ, in Chicago, gives his love to True Parents at the celebration luncheon.

The Ocean Providence

Geomun Island is actually a cluster of three islands situated 116 kilometers (72 miles) south of the coastal city of Yeosu, under whose administration it falls. It has a picturesque harbor village and a population of some two thousand souls. Now it has an official palace too; on September 12 (8.15 by the heavenly calendar), True Parents officially dedicated the Ocean Cheonjeong Palace Hotel.

To be present with True Parents at this providentially historic event, non-natives of Geomun Island, including church leaders from the mainland plus overseas guests, availed themselves of specially chartered high-powered catamaran ferries, each holding several hundred passengers. The swift craft covered the distance from Yeosu in an hour and a half.

True Parents, other True Family members and their immediate staff arrived by helicopter. As they were driven to the main entrance of the building, Father waved warmly from the car window to the crowds of members who had watched the helicopter since it had appeared as a small speck in the sky. After alighting from the car, Father stood and waved some more.

Following True Father's benediction to dedicate the Ocean Cheonjeong Palace and the cutting of the tape, Father, with Mother by his side, entered the new building and holy salted the main lobby, sprinkling holy salt to the South, North, East and West. Writing the traditional calligraphic message came next. With bold strokes, Father inscribed six Chinese characters that might be translated as the Harmonious Mother's Peace and Love Foundation)

The celebration then moved to the lawn in front of the palace, where a stage and chairs for a thousand people had been set up -- a good number considering the remoteness of the location and that this was Chuseok, the most important Korean family holiday of the year. They were all filled. Notable among those present were the 172 faith leaders from the United States, some 350 Unification Church leaders from Japan, and a cross section of the native Geomun Island population, to whom Father and Mother had extended an open invitation.

The new building should attract blessing, even of the material kind, to this southern outpost of Korea, as it has all the attributes of a fully functioning hotel, with forty-six rooms.

According to Professor Taek Yong Oh of Sun Moon University's Department of Theology, who devotes much time to understanding True Father's providential path, Father explained that he views the name of the island Geo-mun-do as follows: Geo is the Korean word for "big"; mun is Father's name (Moon); and although do (pronounced doh) means "island," Father interprets it as the synonymous with do meaning "way" or "the will." So Geomun Island means the "Path (or will) of the big Mr. Moon."

Congratulations were offered in song and word. Among the speakers was Mr. Hee Su Kim, a church member who is president of the Hwayang Project that is developing leisure facilities in the Yeosu area in cooperation with the Korean government. Being responsible for the construction of the palace buildings (there are two in fact; the adjacent annex is a hall for holding events), he gave an overview of the process from securing necessary permits to the construction method and time frame. Archbishop George A. Stallings, Jr. offered congratulations in English on behalf of the overseas delegation of ministers.

Mr. Dong Suk Kang, Chairman of the organizing committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, congratulated True Parents and all present. He explained:

In 2012 the Expo will begin a new era of the ocean industry in this region. Father Moon foresaw the development of the ocean industry and selected Yeosu as a base of development. As Father Moon wrote in his autobiography, in order to become global citizens who love peace, we must learn to love the oceans. As we enter the new ocean era, we should all come here and experience the ocean. I ask for your love and support -- True Parents, the Tongil Group, and everyone here today -- in order to hold a successful Expo. On this beautiful island with these beautiful people I will remember this special occasion for a long time.

The sun beat down as if to test everyone's resolve and attentiveness, but the event maintained a lively pace. Introduced by Unification Church International President Hyung Jin Moon, True Father gave the keynote address based on the speech he has been giving at public events since last year.

He began his speech two thirds of the way through the prepared text and spoke for an hour and a quarter.

Father has said that there must be four palaces, and according to Professor Oh, these will represent the four directions, with True Parents at the center. The main Cheonjeong Palace in Chung Pyung represents East. This one in Geomun Island represents South. Two others, as yet unbuilt -- one in Seoul and one in Switzerland -- represent North and West respectively.

The Ocean Cheonjeong Palace also represents a palace for the underwater world, which originally True Father had intended to establish in the Pantanal wetlands in South America. The center of the Ocean providence, however, has since moved (via Hawaii) to the Yeosu area. Professor Oh mentioned in particular that, as many have died at sea, this providence opens the way for those unhappy spirits to be liberated.

After the sound of Eog-manseis died away and the pyrotechnic confetti had left the stage area snowy white, True Parents returned to the newly opened palace buildings where they hosted its first function, a banquet for as many of the guests as could fit in the main hall, including some of the faith leaders from the U.S. The luncheon celebration included songs from various participants, and from members of the True Family. True Parents warmed the occasion still further with a song together. The joyful gathering was the chance for some to greet True Parents personally and reaffirm that connection of heart.

Guests who could not fit into the hall enjoyed a buffet lunch outside on the palace lawn, which featured a wonderful selection of traditional Korea fare. At the opening of this unostentatious but providentially significant palace, everyone felt like a prince or princess for the day. 

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