The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The opening of Ocean Garden

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 2011
Unofficial Notes: Michael Lamson

Fathers sharing at the opening of Geo Moon Do Ocean Cheon Geong Gung Hotel September 11th 2011.

These notes are from what Father shared that was not in the speech he was reading. Please understand that these notes are not official and that through translation many points are not clear.

In 2006 True Parents proclaimed a project to connect Yeosu, Geomun-do and another island.

(I could not catch the name.)

To develop this area True Parents consecrated, in 2008 the land where Ocean Garden would be built. Today we are celebrating the completion of the Ocean Garden Hotel which took eight months to build.

Thank you for coming here today, I always wanted to invite you here. I wanted to have an even larger event but it was not possible at this time. Geomundo Island will become a place where people will visit from around the world.

The address I am giving today is one that you should make your own and take back to share with others. Should I give you a long or short address? I have been asked to give a short address so I will try to do that. If I go longer I am asking your forgiveness in advance. You are younger and more handsome than I am. Your speech booklet does not have everything in it so I will be adding some things.

Is it hot? If it is too hot you can stand up and go back. I would like you to have the heart of a child and listen. I made a few proclamations with God in Las Vegas in May 2010.

(Father talked about the proclamations but I could not catch what was said)

Korea will now become God's hometown and homeland. From now all borders and barriers will be abolished. This could not be done without the coming of True Parents. This is not a time of revolution but a time of returning back to the way things should be. All Blessed Central Families should carry out the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. This will unite the family.

Everyone must practice marital fidelity. We must establish a standard of absolute children and absolute parents, then we will see absolute families. These things will be in the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven. These are not just True Parents words but must become your words so you can take them back with you. This is our original nature and we need to help people follow this way.

Humankind is no longer in the era of restoration and indemnity. We must all work to liberate society, nation and world and bring things back to God. What kind of era is here? The Reign of Tranquility centered on God and True Parents. All humanity will be liberated.

We are now entering into the age of Gods direct dominion. We do not know when we will die so we should not live for the sake of ourselves. During True Parents lifetime we have the responsibility to liberate tribes, nations and the world.

What I am speaking now is not a lie. We are entering the age of Gods direct dominion. Your ancestors, 8 generations will come and live with you now. Everything I have said and will say will make sense to you one day.

Unification Church members must understand spirit world completely. This is the first time in human history that words like this have come to humanity. The mission of True Parents is to save is to save people. Everyone must receive the Blessing and Seunghwa ceremonies.

People and tribes must transcend the responsibility of Jesus and God. Those who do not will disappear.

What were you expecting to gain when you came here? Were you looking for fish? We must realize and fulfill all the realms of messiahship. God will not leave people or groups that do this. Father has given the same message for 61 years.

All nations must complete the spiritual and physical world blessing before the end of this year at the same time on the same day. All Blessed Central Families must become one with True Parents at this time. Doing Hoon Dok Hae as a family will help make this happen.

Everyone must receive that blessing by D-day. The 172 pastors here should multiply by 10 times and give the blessing. 60 years of restoration through indemnity has come to an end.

There are many newspapers and news agencies in Korea. The organizations that do not promote True Lineage will fail. We all must walk this path together. If you ask me where is Rev. Moon going will I say that I do not know?

I have received so many awards but I don't tell anyone. I am making preparations for the future and I am not ashamed.

The president of the communist party was present at the event and father asked her to stand up. He shared with her that this is not a time to be fake and that communism will never defeat religion.

If you go to Hoover Dam there are many kinds of fish. I know them and how to fish for all of them. I am the kind of person that knows what is going on all over the world. A time is coming when no one will be recognized without True Parents. True Parents are building fortifications to protect people.

Theologians and atheists should gather together and debate until issues are resolved. Be honest, ISM's that deny God will be discarded. Have a clear mind. When an order is given a soldier must act. I have given the order so you must act. Will you serve True Parents? Things are 97% complete so we just need to complete the remaining 3%. You must take part in the coming celebrations and the Registration for Gods Kingdom and Fatherland. 

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