The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Realm of Resonance between Heaven and Earth, and True Parents Holy Wedding

Sun Myung Moon
September 1 -- 4, 2011
Cheon Jeong Gung, 8.4-7 by the heavenly calendar

Sun Myung Moon, September 8, 2011

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For new history on the new sacred place for the peace dreamed at the beginning of the world

True Parents Birthday 2012

Day of Origin 2013

A special banquet held each day for four days

A (spiritual) feast beginning the break of day and lasting until midday

A venue of harmony under the clear blue autumn sky

True Parents reflected on their eventful Life and expressed their fervent wish for all Unification family members worldwide to be reborn

Blessing Family

Today is a good day for you yet my words may not be welcome.

Unbeknownst to you, God's providential will shall from now raise and expand its borders while the borders of the satanic world will retreat. You should be aware that we have crossed over the halfway point in this world. There may be people in Korea who will not know about the Unification Church. However, outside of Korea, there isn't a single person who does not know about the Unification Church. Here, there are homely looking people, people advanced in age, people who look humble and alone, however, when you go out to the other countries I am known by everybody, whether they have heard good or evil about me they may perceive Rev. Moon as a strange person, as an eccentric or one who is unable to think. As time passes they will come to see that there will be a way to respect what Rev. Moon has done even if it means they should amend the laws in their country to do so.

When I first began to walk the path that has brought me to this day, I may have thought about how difficult it was but now I have overcome that. Mother, please your hand. Here is a woman who has suffered a lot. She relates with me as her husband; yet, the demands she could make of her husband do not immediately have any effect. Even though she is in the same position as me, we are in different dimensions.

Whenever you hear the things I say, you may ask a few questions such as "How will you do those things?" or you may not understand. If you do not understand, you cannot relate with that issue. I did not stay in Korea but went out to the world because it was not possible to do things here. That is how I have lived. How many years has it been since I left my hometown? Standing in front of the gate that leads to my hometown, I go out again and seek out my home. It is the same here. At this summit, I have set up a ladder in a certain direction. I know the direction that leads, which you do not.

Everything is fulfilled in that place. All of this is bathed in sunlight; and, as the sun gives its light, people follow it. That is why the Unification Church is an enigma. My destination is a mystery. If this old man who seems to amount to nothing is gone, Cheon Jeong Peace Palace becomes completely empty. Everyone who comes here for the first time says that they wonder what kind of responsibility I have that this place would become completely empty once I am gone. When I am absent from Korea, this nation becomes completely empty. It is the same with the members in the United Sates. When I go to the United States, I become the center of what they are doing in the United States. All our leaders in the 50 states and members from all 50 states strive to come and meet me. Wherever I go it is a difficult battleground for people who die in their work as special envoys. It's a battlefield. You all may just be observing from the back.

I am more than 90 years old. I go about as I please. There are many people who perceive themselves as successful who want to meet me in Korea. I do not meet them. I may go and live in the United States. Now the time has come to candidly ask all people to live together in harmony, what use is it to do politics? We are not people who need to do politics to survive. People come to know our strength because we skillfully push that aside. All that is left in the political world is an empty tin can. What do you have in your hearts? You don't feel that? You have the mission of a special envoy.

I have to teach you the things that you will come to know. This involves tens of thousands of questions. Yet, nobody has been able to answer a single one. There are now more than 2,700 volumes of my sermons. You and your descendants of the 3rd, 4th, and 7th generations will not be able to study them. This is not a laughing matter. How many years has it been since I gave that speech (which we read today)? It's been 50 years.

The things I talk about dating back 70 years are the content you need to know. There is no need to talk about its merits or demerits. What are you going to do after calling for numerous people to gather from around the nation? I have made the teaching material for you. Did you come to hear me speak? This is a compilation of my speeches Do you have this in your home? Well? How many volumes do you have? Eh? I don't think you have the speech given at the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word of God's Substantial Self. I had intended to give this on the occasion. We have tens of thousands of copies stacked in a large storage house. I hand these out when I go. Do not give it to those who are not here. I have made all of these already. They are all here. Are those who buy all the volumes of my sermons loyal servants of Rev. Moon? Can they become my children?

Sun Myung Moon, August 30, 2011

There is no longer a book that can help let you know about me or a book that can bring the world together and transform it. Even if the entire world clamors to buy all volumes of my sermons, they will not be able to buy them even after 10 years. They will not be able to buy them. I will not allow them to be published. The teaching materials and textbooks of the Unification Church are not something that you can freely use. You don't know what it took to make them. You would spit at the raw material? Don't you think I would know when I open and read these books? You may shed tears as you read this book, but the book will reject you. It will tell you not to touch it. I live in attendance to this book.

Look at it. I have entrusted all of this to Mother. Before, I had checked to see whether it was prepared. How many times have you read this book? The content of today's instructions are in this book. This book is my "second self." This time I have revised the introduction. The era before the coming of heaven have both passed in Europe. What is the difference between these two eras? Isn't it in the title? What does it say? What is the title? If you look at this, the title, what does it say? What is the title? All of Rev. Moon's secrets are in this. Everything can be explained with this title. I have proclaimed the word, the Word by God's Substantial Self.

Did you know that the spirit world has been united? When I say something I live as if it had happened. I live together with the ancestors and religious leaders. When I ask why you haven't come, they don't know.

If you exclude the word 'humankind' from True Parents of Heaven, earth and humankind, the True Parents of Heaven and earth will not be able to settle down. If the character man/humankind is included, it refers to two people. Mind and body must become one; the father and mother must become one, siblings must become one and top/bottom, front, back; left, right, must become one. The same can be said of the top/bottom relationship, parent/child relationship, left/right relationship and husband/wife relationship. Why do we say left and right instead of right and left? Did you know that is correct? Parent and child relationship is correct. "Top and bottom" is correct. Before the fall nobody used the term "left and right." It came about after the fall. Before the fall you said it in the order of "top, bottom, right and left." It was "top, bottom, right, left, front and back."

I am saying that you should not like me. I am a person with a lot of bitter sorrow. There was a place that I loved in my hometown. Alone I shed tears. Alone I held onto the rocks on the hill and prayed to become a friend to that friendless hill. I had no friends. If I talk about this it would seem that I was miserable. Even though I had a house, even though I saw my mother and father calling my name in search of me, I was unable to call out and go to them. I hid. It was exactly like the time when God was calling for Adam who felt they had to hide from God. When I passed the eighth stage of such a lifestyle, I had to cross a critical point that was heavy with many such circumstances. You have to read this history. Otherwise, you will not understand me.

When many of you grow old and reach this position you will often come to weep loudly. I have spoken about this with that kind of heart. Thus, if you do not have material things, a person should appear. These stories are all recorded here. It is a record of what I accomplished, the path that I have trodden through my life. Even if you live with this record in your grasp and tears in your eyes, your path of life would not reach this book. Without meeting me you cannot succeed just with this book. What use is it if you just have the book but do not know how to love me or this book? In that case, your mother, older sister, wife, sons and daughters will all disappear.

Soon I will celebrate my 93rd birthday and Mother her 70th birthday. That is a difference of 23 years. You don't know how difficult it was to adjust one birthday. You may wonder how it was possible but it has been accomplished nonetheless.

There are a few more things left. Those are the easy ones. Everything else is complete. Didn't I say that I will hold True Parents' Wedding Ceremony? I am not making this up. You have to make preparations to invest devotion that is ten, a hundred, ten thousand or even a hundred million times more than that of those people in the world who preach that we should become the bride. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the new blessing and be introduced to your bride in the presence of the Parents.

Anybody who is a son or daughter should live together in that house. She has worked through hardships in raising her children. You should listen carefully to what I have to say. The Principle has been disseminated to 197 countries. You are all like cousins now, you are not like second cousins. You are like uncles and aunts. You will be connected to the lineage making you siblings and close relatives. I have never thought of you separately as Japanese people. I think about you first. There are more of you than the Koreans. When I think about you, all Japanese people have the Mongolian birthmark. Eighty-four percent of the human race, including those already in the spirit world, have this birthmark and are siblings. The father of our fathers, in other words, God, is the one who seeks to see these relationships. God does not have a place in this world. Who is the cause of this?

Sun Myung Moon and Hyung Jin Moon, August 30, 2011

He was separated from this world because of the false parent. This is my responsibility (to deal with), is this a fact or not? There is no greater blessing than for me to bless you on the same day at the same hour of True Parents' Wedding Ceremony. There is one lineage not two. People should live together in joy. There is neither up nor down, neither large nor small. Things are as they are. When you think about True Parents' Wedding Ceremony know there is one lineage not two.

People should live together in joy. There is neither up nor down, neither large nor small. Things are as they are. When you think about True Parents' Wedding Ceremony, do you think they can marry while neglecting you who have been blessed? Who was it who married the True Parents? Where would you find such a principle or rule?

If you have things in your possession, you should be ashamed. That is why I do not even have a wristwatch or ring. I have nothing. How can I as a founder of a religion, sit here with Mother and have a watch? The clothes I wear are the cheapest kind bought in a department store. These are all made of nylon. They are nylon, not wool. I wear suits that cost under a hundred dollars. I should buy you all a thousand dollar suit when you receive the blessing. I have given out many of my things. I have distributed much of what I had. I have nothing, not even clothes.

I have given to my children and relatives. A lot of the assets have been used. It is all the debt of the Unification Church which must be paid off. Yet tens of times more assets will now come. Will they or will they not? Will you become rich or not once D day has passed. Others will lose their rights of possession. Is that correct? It is the Principle.

I am saying that I will allow you to take part in that day of blessing, to take part in that public foundation that True Parents built up over thousands of years. There is no more mystical day than that. There never will be. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. This is absolute. Do you understand? There cannot be two types of true love or a love that teaches about two different sets of parents. This is absolute. Do you understand? (Yes)

On the day that the Able UN is proclaimed, we will not have to wait three years. Everything will come to an end after six months. In order to create a resting place for you all, in order to search for the bride and groom for Adam's family and a world that manifests the will of the original Adam that was lost in the Garden of Eden. A commemorative day of blessing for brave soldiers will take place.

On that day of True Parents' Wedding Ceremony, you will receive the blessing and clans will be registered, allowing them to enter the palace in heaven. You will be able to see that day of liberation. I'm talking about registration. Do you know what registration means? The nation will become different. The world will become different. By taking part in True Parents' Holy Wedding Ceremony, you will be able to live under that flag of glory. This is a dream within a dream. It is a time more precious than sitting on the throne amidst the music of blessing to commemorate that day. Do you understand? (Yes) For the sake of that day, I shall give away my life, assets even hundreds of dollars to become a wanderer in this land. Finally I have to see the liberation of the hometown and homeland and have discovered that the Korea is God's hometown.

The land in (my hometown), Jeongju, is God's homeland and hometown. I know that that land was the training ground in which I was to fulfill the way of filial piety and loyalty to heaven during my youthful years in my twenties and thirties to show how one can live in that place that is the model of the heavenly nation, which I shall never forget. If you ever go to that training ground you must receive training. Do you understand? (Yes) It is my hometown. It is the hometown of the Father and Mother. You should go and live there. If you can live in that way and give the blessing to your descendants and not depart from there, then I have done my responsibility. What more can I teach you? What? Tell me. There is nothing. I have given everything.

Kook Jin is going through a difficult time. What sin has he committed? I feel sorry for Hyung Jin who had a bad father. They have many siblings who are already in the spirit world. My sons and daughters have gone. I should go there now and gather them. I have sent more than a third of my children to the spirit world. I know that you are not qualified to be a candidate to replace them. Yet, for the sake of humankind, for the people who remain, I have left the bloodstains and have tied you together through the blood ties of the blessing.

This bound lineage cannot be severed. That is why you should know that you cannot avoid going on this path. If it is a sin to be the child of a person, you should gratefully accept that sin. Where can you go when that inevitable path of destiny still remains? You should follow me on this path. Do you understand? (Yes) Will you follow me or not? (We shall follow you.) Close your eyes. Raise your hands to the heavens, and clap your hands loudly. Put your hands down. Why do I accept? It's promise? Put them down. I must crawl and be dragged. I cannot stand up.

I am beyond 90 and beyond 60. I lost the means to accomplish more than half of what I determined to accomplish before I became 47 years old. Do you know how many of those descendants are crying in that nation? I do not have the condition to go and release them. You should uphold this day and expedite the coming of that day while thinking of your brothers who are waiting. Who will save them? There is nobody who can. There is no way to save them. You must save them. Pray about it. Think about it. I do not lie. Do you understand? (Yes)

You must remember that not many days are left in these pressing times where only one thread of that poignant memory remains, where I would have to end my words and breathe just as your children breathe the air. You do not understand the circumstances of Heaven. I know to a certain extent. That is why I am sitting here. For what purpose? What would I at 93 years of age desire to happen? I have to give out everything I have. When I talk my throat becomes parched sometimes, so I might stand up and turn around. If I only had eyes on the back of my head I would be able to hide my face and run away.

My children must go with me, protect that path and pioneer it. They have a calling and responsibility. The Republic of Korea will disappear. You just wait and see what happens after you die. I do not make things up. Do you understand? (Yes) Clap your hands. This time if you close your eyes and clap, I have promised to accept that.

The place that I want to go now is the place where I discovered God's Will and cried bitterly as a young boy. I miss that place. When that person who held onto a tree and wept bitterly because there was no one who understood his circumstances went back to that place again, the tree and everything else was gone. I should go and rebuild it in its original form. I should rebuild it. You who are capable of rebuilding should follow me, follow the footsteps of an old man who is over a hundred years old.

The young people should shed tears of gratitude and move on. Only then can the homeland that can liberate Rev. Moon revive again. It has not revived yet. It can begin to revive. I go with that hope in mind; yet, you cannot actually live in that world. Do you understand? I am slow and do not know how many more months I shall last. I shall pass and be gone, but I shall entrust that world which I have lived in and turn those years during which I spent my youthful years in suffering into blessings.

My only wish is that your future descendants become such ancestors who can bequeath the things that I was unable to completely pass on to my children and descendants. I have no other wish. That is my only wish. I do not need money. I don't need any blessing. What can I do now with money? What can I do with blessings? What is left are the teaching materials and textbooks of my words which I have left for your descendants. You should seek these words and live according to them.

You should be able to say that you are indeed the fruits of those words and live according to them. If you can do that, I shall live in your background and with your descendants. I shall be able to live with you forever. I will not go to the spirit world instead I shall live with you. In that world we will be able to see and greet each other. Let's go to that world together. How would you like that? Will you go with me or not? (We will go with you.)

Place your hand on the ground. Throw yourself on the ground and pledge that you will go. I hope that you will. I hope that you will do that. What do you think your ancestors will do? You should protect them on my behalf. They are your blood relatives. Thank you.

If you adapt yourself, this meeting today will not disappear but will become seed in your heart that will bloom. The fields of its fruits will be revived from your bosom in your descendants tens of millions of years from now. Do not throw this away. Do you understand? I pray that you will not forget these words which I beseech to you in True Parents' Name. With this I conclude today's meeting. I should be going now. Let's all rise and return to our places. We shall rise now to cheer Eok Mansei... 

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