The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The Final Stage of True Parents' Holy Wedding

Sun Myung Moon
September 2, 2011

On September 2, True Father gave an important message during Hoon Dok Hae and continued speaking to members afterward in the pavilion adjacent to the peace palace (this was one of four Chuseck celebrations held for staff members of providential organizations at the beginning of September). A video of portions of what Father said was produced with English language subtitles, and this is being made available worldwide. In this edition we have added content that was not included in the video and improved the translation overall.

You did not know it, but God's providential will shall rise and expand its borders from now on, while the borders of the satanic world will retreat. You should be aware that we have crossed the halfway point in this world....

A person who stands in the central position with desperate determination for God's will always prays with a focus, "I know how long You have lived with everlasting sorrow and grief, so please let the day on which Your will can be realized come quickly." Such prayers never go unanswered. Before the sunlight can reach your threshold, the sun rises in the distance. Once you know the direction the sun will rise from, you should never lose that knowledge. You need to always think about your surroundings and measure the distance to the sunrise and establish an ideological system in preparation for it.

If there is a supranational, global constitution, and you have to fight to uphold it in your nation, even if you end up in prison for doing so and die there, you will have no regrets about your life. Heaven will uphold it for you. Only two years and eight months of Jesus life was enough time to influence two thousand years of history. He was dressed in rags and looked little better than something discarded, but he digested the worldly cultural reality and the situations around him, and his thought influenced people to the depth of their hearts.

When you think about it, you should realize that it was more than Jesus' doing; it was the work of God. The same is true with me. Families, grandfathers, siblings and parents came before me, but I was set apart from them because God called me. I am different from you.

No matter who stood against me, I knew that the important thing was to reach a certain standard, because if I reached that standard everything bad would be negated. While in my teens, I had great influence over even my grandfather and my mother. What do you think I am doing now? It is a miracle to think that things I said over a number of decades are now coming true. I have called you here on this day because we are standing in front of the most important of all gateways to the next phase.

You need to know what to do to fulfill your mission as a messenger. When you receive God's call, it is a time to reflect and observe. There are two kinds of people, those who receive God's call and those sent as special messengers; I am both kinds. When I go to the spirit world, the people there will be amazed to receive me, because of the history surrounding me.

A schoolmate and I stayed in touch for decades, but I never met with him. Because of my character and position, I could not talk about many things, even to my mother and father....

Our Mother, please raise your hand. Here is a woman who has suffered greatly. She relates with me as her husband, yet the demands she makes of her husband do not immediately have any effect. Even though she is in the same position as I, we are in different dimensions. Whenever you hear the things

I say, if you do not understand, you may ask a question or two, such as "How will we do those things?" If you don't understand, you will not be able to do what I've asked you to do.

I did not stay in Korea but went out to the world because it was not possible to do things here. That is how I have lived.

How many years has it been since I left my hometown? Standing in front of the gate that leads to my hometown, I go out again and seek out my home....

I live in attendance to this book [Father's speech binder]. Look at it. I have entrusted all of this to Mother.... How many times have you read this book? The substance of today's instructions are in this book. It is my "second self." This time I have revised the introduction...

What is the title? Everything can be explained by the title. Al my secrets are in this. I have proclaimed the word -- the proclamation of the word by God's Substantial Self. Did you know that the spirit world has been unified? When I say something, I live as if it has happened. I live with the ancestors and religious leaders....

I am saying that you should not like me. I am a person with a lot of bitter sorrow. There was a place that I loved in my hometown, where I shed tears alone. I held onto the boulders on the hill alone and prayed to become a friend to that friendless hill. I had no friends. If I talk more about this, it would seem as if I had been miserable....

These stories are all recorded in this speech, which is a record of what I have accomplished, the path 1 have trodden through my life. Even if you live with this record in your grasp and tears in your eves, this book is not enough to guide you down your path of life. Without meeting me, you cannot succeed with just this book. What will you do if you just have the book but do not know how to love me or the book? Your mother, older sister, wife, sons and daughters will have to disappear.

Soon I will celebrate my ninety-third birthday and mother her seventieth birthday. That is a difference of twenty-three years. You don't know how difficult it was to match our birthdays as one birthday. You may wonder how it was possible but it was accomplished nonetheless. A few more things are left, the easy ones. Everything else is complete. Didn't I say that I would see to it that True Parents' wedding takes place? I am not making this up. You have to prepare to set ten, a hundred, ten thousand or even a hundred million times more conditions than the ones offered by the people that said that they would be brides to the world. Otherwise, you men will not be able to receive the new blessing and be introduced to your bride in the presence of the Parents. You must all actually receive the blessing.

The blessing is needed for a marriage. Do you understand? It may take place at the same time. True Parents birthday celebration will be needed in heaven and on earth, and that day will also be the day of the blessing. Even if you have learned the Principle and received the blessing, the blessing you have received is not the actual blessing but only the condition you se. to escape from the snares of the satanic world. After receiving the blessing, you need to be turned completely around the right way, so that you are right side up. I have also received the first blessing and the second blessing. The third time will be the last. We have not received the blessing since we became the True Parents. True Parents' holy wedding will take place on our birthday. We were born on the same day as if we were twins.... What you should know is that True Parents' holy wedding should be hundreds of times grander than any celebration held by any king in the course of history....

Think about it based on the Principle. Did sons and daughters exist before True Parents? No. 1 Whose sons and daughters are you? Are you True Parents' sons and daughters? Are you the sons and daughters of God, of the God of Night and the God of Day? Well? Which is it? Where do you fit in? You are the archangel's sons and daughters. Once you have that answer, the Principle makes clear sense. Asking or answering any more questions is unnecessary. You have to pay indemnity. If you don't know how to indemnify this, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. You need to clearly understand. You need to cross thirteen stages. You need to cross them with complete faith in me. It is all about absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience....

Our D-Day is not far off. You know about D-Day, don't you?... I think we calculated it yesterday at something like a year and five months, or a year, four months and twenty-three days, to be precise. D-Day will soon be upon us. Do you know what will happen then? Have True Parents ever been married? Mother, have you ever had a wedding? [Mother: Formation, growth, completion....] Have we done all the ceremonies? All heaven and earth should know about the D-Day True Parents have designated, even those who have just woken up. Do you think anyone could sleep on True Parents wedding day? How about the fish in the water, do you think they will want to attend our wedding, or not? They will want to attend it.] Would the rats, pigs and even earthworms that live underground want to come to the wedding, or not? How about dogs, pigs, raccoons or badgers? How about all non-living things?

How about raindrops and water? Rather than flow away, would water come and wait in stillness at the wedding? When you think about that, it is not fair. True Parents real wedding would be such an event that any form of being in the world, even dead and buried people with rotting bones and flesh, would want to come to attend it. Wouldn't you want to come too even if you were dead? Wouldn't you? Even if it had been tens of thousands of years since you had died, wouldn't you want to come back to life to celebrate the joyous occasion of True Parents' holy wedding? Would you want to do that, or not? Would you want to see it, or not? [Yes, we would.]

When is D-Day? How many days are left? [499] Do you think the real True Parents will come on that day and have their wedding? I should get there before you, and close all the doors to shut you out. Have you ever welcomed True Parents? Have you ever so much as prepared rice cakes and a bottle of rice wine and waited for them to come? Have you ever so much as bought a bottle of cider to give them when they come? You haven't, have you? What I am saying is true, isn't it?...

I need to marry off all the sons and daughters in your clans and bring them together. At this time, before Mother and Father's wedding, they are the greatest possessions of the God of Night, the God of Day and True Parents. They are the greatest pillar and root. Without the seed tree, there can be nothing else. Isn't that true? Then the God of Night and the God of Day would not need me. I found out that Lucifer made one false step and that our mother, Eve, committed a sin. I hate the fruits of her womb, the seeds she has sown. I hate even thinking about them.

When I am trying to find the fundamental essence, I can see that there is only one ancestral couple. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. There cannot be two True Fathers. Is that true? [Yes, it is.] God has no wife, the same for the God of Night and the God of Day. Unmarried people will disappear. Yet because of me they cannot disappear, can they? Because they need me. They are waiting for that day and because I know about it, I cannot do things as I please. You should understand this clearly.

There is no greater blessing than if I bless you on the same day at the same hour as True Parents' wedding. There is one lineage, not two. People should live together in joy. Neither up nor down, large nor small exist. Things are as they are. When you think about True Parents wedding, do you think they can marry while neglecting you who have been blessed? Who married True Parents? Where could you find such a principle or rule?

If you have possessions, you should feel ashamed. I do not even have a wristwatch or ring. I have nothing. Here I am, the so-called founder of a religious group, sitting with Mother. But do I have a watch? The clothes I wear are the cheapest kind, bought in a department store and all made of nylon. They are nylon, not wool. I wear suits that cost under a hundred dollars....

So, will you come to True Parents' wedding, or not? [We'll coined Will you just attend it, or will you also take part in it? Where will you go after receiving the blessing? Where will you go when you are separated from Mother and me? Well? Do you have any place to go to? The day that someone is appointed secretary-general of the Abel UN, the kingdom of God will come into existence. The constitution for the kingdom of God is completely ready.

I have taught you everything, so you are privileged. Our birthday is finally coming, the day on which all the complaints you poor people have made and all the sins in history can be resolved. It will be the day of liberation....

I am saying that I will allow you to take part in that day of blessing, to take part in that public foundation that True Parents have built up over thousands of years. There is no more mysterious day than that. There never will be. There cannot be two sets of True Parents. Two types of true love or a love that teaches about two different sets of parents cannot be. This is absolute....

In order to create a resting place for all of you, in order to search for the bride and groom, for Adam's family and a world that manifests Adam's will, which was lost in the Garden of Eden, a commemorative day of blessing for our brave soldiers will take place. On True Parents' wedding day, you will receive the blessing and clans will be registered, allowing them to enter heaven. You will be able to see that day of liberation. I'm talking about registration. Do you know what registration means? The nation will become different. The world will become different. By taking part in True Parents' holy wedding, you will be able to live under that banner of glory. This is a dream within a dream -- a time more precious than sitting on a throne surrounded by music, more precious than a congratulatory song for the blessing. You need to be aware of this.

For the sake of that day, I shall give away my life, assets, even hundreds of dollars, and become a solitary traveler in the land. Finally I have seen the liberation of the fatherland and have discovered that Korea is God's hometown. The land around Jeongju is God's fatherland and hometown. I know it was the training ground where I was to fulfill the way of filial piety and loyalty to Heaven during my youthful years, my twenties and thirties, in order to show how one could live in that place, which is the model of the heavenly nation and which I shall never forget. If you ever go to that training ground, you must submit to training. Do you understand? [Yes.] It is my hometown, the hometown of the father and mother. You should go and live there.

If you can live in that way, give the blessing to your descendants and not depart from there, I have accomplished my responsibility. What more can I teach you? What? Tell me. Nothing remains. I have given everything. My son Kook-Jin is suffering. Yet what sin has he committed? I also feel sorry for Hyung-jin, because I could not do well for him as a father. The) have many siblings who are already in the spirit world. Some of my sons and daughters have gone there. I should go there now and gather them. I have seen a quarter of my children go to the spirit world. I know that you are not qualified to be candidates to replace them. Yet, for the sake of humankind, for the people who remain, my blood has left stains, and I have joined you in blood ties through the blessing. This lineage, in which we are bound together, cannot be broken. That is why you should know you cannot avoid this path.

If it is a sin to be the child of a person, you should gratefully accept that sin. Where can you go when the inevitable path, destiny, remains? You should follow me on this path. Do you understand? [Yes.] Will you follow me or not? [We will follow you.] Close your eyes, raise your hands to the heavens, and clap your hands loudly. Put your hands down. Why do I accept this? Are you making a promise?...

Do you know how many of those descendants are crying in the spirit world? The conditions for me to release them don't exist. You should remember this day, today, and prepare for the coming of that day, thinking of your older brothers who are waiting in the spirit world. Who will save them? No one. There is no path by which it can be done. You must save them. Understand this. Pray about it. I do not tell untruths....

I want to go now to where I discovered God's will and cried deeply as a young boy. I long for that place. When that person who had held on to a tree and wept bitterly because no one understood his circumstances went back to that place again, the tree and everything else was gone. I should return and rebuild it in its original form. Anyone capable of rebuilding it should follow me, follow the footsteps of a man who is over a hundred years old. The young people should shed tears of gratitude and move forward. Only then can the homeland that can liberate me revive. It has not revived, yet it can begin to revive.

I go with that hope in mind. Yet, you can actually live in that world. Do you understand? I am slow and do not know how many more months I shall last. I may pass away and be gone, but I shall entrust that world, which I have lived in, to you and turn the suffering of my younger years into blessings. My only wish is that your descendants become ancestors that can bequeath to someone the things that I was unable to completely pass on to my children and descendants. I have no other wish. That is my only desire.

I do not need money. I don't need blessings. What could I do with money now? What could I do with blessings? What remains are the teaching materials and textbooks of my speeches, which I have left for your descendants. You should seek out what I have said and live according to it. You should be able to say proudly that you are indeed the fruit of what I have taught. If you can do that, I shall live in your background, and with your descendants. I shall be able to live with you forever. I will not go to the spirit world; instead, I shall live with you. In that world, we will be able to see and greet each other. Let's go to that world together! How do you like that? [Very much.] Will you go with me or not? [We will.]

Place your hands on the ground, put your face to the ground and pledge. Place your hands on the ground, throw yourself to the ground and pledge that you will go. I hope that you will. I hope you will do that. What do you think your descendants will do? You should protect them on my behalf. They are your blood relatives. Thank you.

If you adapt, what has transpired in this meeting today will not disappear but will become a seed in your heart that will bloom. The fields of its fruits, coming from your bosom, will be revived in your descendants tens of millions of years from now. Do not throw this away. Do you understand? I pray that you will not forget what I have said and asked of you in True Parents' name. With this, I will conclude today's meeting.

Please rise and I will say farewell. 

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