The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Revised True Parents' Tour Schedule in Asia

Sun Myung Moon
August 8, 2011

Dear National Leaders,

Warm greetings from Thailand!

Dr. Yong has rescheduled the proposal for True Parents' Speaking Tour and Little Angels' Performance in Asia. This proposal will be submitted to World Mission Headquarters shortly.

Proposed Schedule for True Parents' Speaking Tour in Asia

November 1: Arrival in Thailand
November 2: Speech in Thailand
November 3: Sightseeing and Fishing Thailand
November 4: Sightseeing and Fishing Thailand
November 5: Departure for India
November 6: Speech in India
November 7: Departure for Nepal
November 8: Speech in Nepal
November 9: Sightseeing and Fishing in Nepal
November 10: Departure for Malaysia
November 11: Speech in Malaysia
November 12: Departure for Taiwan
November 13: Speech in Taiwan
November 14: Sightseeing and Fishing in Taiwan
November 15: Departure for Philippines
November 16: Speech in Philippines
November 17: Departure for Korea

Little Angels Schedule In India

November 19: Arrival in India
November 20: Rest
November 21: Rehearsal
November 22-23: Performance
November 24: Sightseeing in India
November 25: Departure for India

Thank you very much for your hard work. 

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