The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Be Grateful and Don't Complain

Sun Myung Moon
Compiled on July 9, 2011
Excerpts from the Selected Speeches
God's Will and the World
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon July 9, 2011

Don't complain in your life of faith. You may say, "I reached my limit and can't give anymore." But, you can reach a conclusion, as to whether or not you can give more, only after you have done your very best – unto death. To complain means essentially to accuse God. However, because all men are indebted to God, and in the position that they must repay Him, human beings must never complain or say such things to God. My life up until now has been like that. I could never become a man to complain, even though I was put in prison and tortured to the point of vomiting blood. Even if the entire world opposed you, you can be grateful if you know that your relationship with the satanic sphere is being cut off because of it. It is natural that you receive opposition as long as the sphere of the enemy exists. Don't complain. Be grateful and let us go our way in silence.
(Excerpt from Why We Have to Go Through Hardships, September 11, 1972)

Of course sometimes you get tired and weak, and want to give up. But at those times you must think, "God, You have suffered more than I have. True Parents, you have suffered more than I have. Heavenly Father, I am so grateful that I can do this, or just still breathing now. And as long as my life remains -- until I shed my last drop of blood -- I will live for You." When you think this way and express your gratitude to God, Satan has no way to hook you. Then you are totally free to go beyond the satanic realm and to be like Jesus, completely one with God.
(Excerpt from True Parents' Day from the Historical Point of View, April 18, 1977)

You must realize that you are getting closer to God's direct dominion as a result of being liberated from the satanic realm, because you receive greater suffering and more hardships. I am like a rock and no one can entice me away from God's will, for I have come to understand this world and overcome all temptations of the world. There were many women who actually wrote love letters to me with their own blood, showing their genuine devotion to me. The religious path is not easy because of the many temptations around, and you have no idea what it takes to lay the foundation. But I have done it and I am freely sharing the fruits of it with you. No one has the right to complain; rather, continually be grateful and put yourself in a humble position. Even now, that is my basic attitude toward God. After all the dispensational success so far, I still put myself in a humble position before God.
(Excerpt from God's Preparation for Our Church, and Its Early Days, May 1, 1977)

Up until now, I have been pushing you to the front line to work hard. I know I must have made you suffer. And just as I myself have been slandered and persecuted, you experienced, personally, slander and persecution. All this you and I have been doing for one purpose, to accomplish God's will. We have pledged to gain the victory. The glory of final victory will belong not just to certain individuals, but to everybody. Thus, you will be connected to the glory. Then, you will be able to receive the blessing and glory with a humble heart. Your heart should be filled with gratitude to God and mankind. When you want to utter even one word before God, you will be overcome by the sense of incredible gratitude that you can only be crying and wailing before Him. Your heart must be like this all the time.

As you experience severe persecution, hardship, and humiliation for God's will, when someone consoles you, saying, 'you must have suffered for God,' you will remember such days and start wailing, without knowing why. If you are filled with such gratitude for God, God will surely bless you. I will never use you to jump up to some place better. Do you follow what I am talking about? I am such a loyal person. If anyone expresses even a word of consolation to me, I will be wailing uncontrollably. Since I am that way, God can never desert me. No matter what difficulties come my way, even if I am overwhelmed by their burden. God blesses me and keeps me alive, so that I can become His pride. He will do the same for you. I know that for a fact.
(Excerpt from Address at the Eighth Anniversary of the 777 Couples Blessing, October 22, 1978)

If we remember that the true historical tradition was destroyed by the fallen Eve, you must not give the slightest pain to the True Father's heart. You are representing the world and the totality of humanity; that's the position of Japan, as Eve's nation. Do you understand? My message to you is that you should not complain. Stop grumbling. Deny yourself completely. You should witness and stand on the front line of God's will.

Even if you cannot achieve the standard of perfection for now, you can guarantee that in the future you will be able to accomplish it, because it is the logical conclusion of this Principle. So, what about you? Do you want to accomplish this sometime in the distant future, or would you prefer to achieve perfection during the age when I am living? (Now) To do so you must work at the risk of your life. You must achieve it, desperately. Those who were born in the past and believed in religion cannot be born again in this modern time, even though they want to be. Therefore, they are anxiously waiting and watching from the spiritual world, knowing that this is the most precious time in history, not replaceable by any other age. When you understand this point, you must be very grateful for the fact that you are receiving words directly from me, on the earth. You are receiving education directly from me and are accomplishing God's will.
(Excerpt from Total Indemnity, April 3 1983) 

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