The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

God guided me to follow this path and I have come this far

Sun Myung Moon
June 19, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae in Nevada

Left: True Parents arrived in Kodiak Alaska on July 27; Right: Hyung-jin nim watching as Father descends the last steps to the pier

Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas, June 19

From a young age, God guided me to follow this path and I have come this far. How many difficulties I have had to face!

There is a book that tells you how you can live in the way I have lived since I was young. I want you to read it to others. When you read passages aloud that move your heart, you will cause your towns and villages and even the mountains and rivers to cry. The earth will weep. Has it ever been soaked in the word? Has this nation been soaked in it? The nation has not been soaked in the word. You need to consider that.

I am only passing through, and not much time remains for me. I am ninety-three years old this year. After I reach the age of ninety-five or ninety-seven, I should not appear in public. Instead, this speech should carry out my work. It should be this speech that appears. The word did not appear in the past. The poor, deceased ancestors did not appreciate what was conveyed during the era that the word was to be conveyed. Yet if their descendants learned a valuable lesson, they did not lose out.

You need to become a key that opens the way. That means becoming tribal messiahs and returning to your hometowns.

Las Vegas.... Famous places are unnecessary; you need to go to the mountains and rivers. The owner of all things is the owner that has not fallen and that lived in Eden according to the original model.

You cannot compare nature with anything. With the break of day, the rays of the sun cast their light upon us and warm up everything on earth that was frozen, enabling you to go about your activities freely. The seasons in nature never fail to come round.

Next year, no matter what else happens, all creatures in the mountains and rivers will feel something, the animals will eat and live, whether they live on water or air. Plants will grow on the mountains. That is what it's like in the countryside. I can make something in common with that... For instance, I can make flower gardens or plant trees or sow seeds.

There would be nothing I could not do in a village if I lived there. I could plant trees in my garden and share them with others. Try doing your best in your village. Invest yourselves in your counties and in your nations; see what happens over ten years. All it takes is for you to witness to a hundred people. The place where you live will become a verdant garden....

As it is now time, I need to return to my hometown. Didn't you receive persecution in your hometowns? Wasn't that why you couldn't go there, even if you wanted to? What will you do when you return to your hometowns? I'm not telling you to just go and show your faces. I'm telling you to go and spread the word. Organize yourselves as quickly as possible. You can hold even ten Hoon Dok Hae sessions a day.

All you need to do is to create the first spark while oriented toward your clans. The dirty waters will be cleansed, the dirty air will be cleansed and the mountains and rivers will be cleansed. People can also become like the spring butterflies flying amidst newly growing sprouts. This is the hope we have.... The sunlight will come again in the morning, and your sons and daughters should read books and enjoy the morning.

You may ask, Why do we need to return to our hometowns? I miss my hometown. I couldn't go there because I had to go out to the world, but I want to return to my hometown. I want to see how many trees are growing on the hillside and how many people are living in my old village. Although my old home was a small thatched cottage, I can offer Jeong Seong there and make the mountains and rivers weep. It is a place where what Heaven touches turns to gold, as we would wish. I am yearning for the world after this one. I do not want this world to be the way it is right now. How difficult it is!

The autobiography and the textbooks and teaching materials should be taught from grade school through middle and high school. We will also make movies and animated films about it. You need to make this happen.

In the past, I told you to go to the schools and to the army and teach. Though we lost the nation, we went to the nation, and we went to the army. Though the schools were lost, the time has come when the teachers will welcome us, so you need to go to speak to them. Go and give it a try. Can you imagine how exciting it will be?...

You should write an autobiography. You should return to the rural village you came from and remember the times when you didn't have any food and used to sit still, gaze out and think about why your mother and brothers and sisters went hungry. You need to remind yourselves of that.

You should compose songs that will help you remember the old times, which include experiences you cannot forget. You should think about your mother, the nation and your family, and construct bridges of affection.

Do you know how important the responsibility of tribal messiahs is?...

You should return to your villages with your autobiographies and leave something to be remembered by. You cannot permit yourself be chased away. You are going in order to set up something that represents you. You don't know how precious that is. On that basis you give life to your hometown.

Which places do the famous historical patriots come from? Wouldn't it be nice if they came from your hometown? The descendants of Admiral Soon-shin Lee are great people. You should connect your hometown to the land of your ancestors. Then whatever work you do, your ancestors will come to you from the spirit world and help you night and day.

Do you think I will sit still and do nothing when I go to the spirit world? I will send out my followers. Hyo Jin will do that.

When I say beans will grow, beans will indeed grow. I am not pushing you hard because I want to live in comfort. The ideal these teachings allude to will not die, but will live on forever. What could be more precious than that?

You can return to your hometowns and plant pine trees or bamboo and make them into a green forest. If you lived in a village with quite a number of good people in it, I could give gifts to them. Even if your clan lived very far away, I could come there, visit you and your children and ask your clan to assemble in the village. We could throw a party and invite the district leaders, county magistrates or even the provincial governors to come. More than you could do, I would speak words of hope to them. 

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