The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

From my younger days Heaven has been leading me

Sun Myung Moon
June 19, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae on 5.18 by the H.C.
Cheon Hwa Gung in Las Vegas

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

That day was Father's Day and prior to the meeting True Father cut a cake, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim offered flowers to True Parents, and also two sisters offered them presents.

Rev. Yang read Father's speech and the following is the summary of the speech:

Christianity is in Cain's position and the Unification Church is in Abel's position. In the Unification church there are also Cain and Abel. Those who joined the church first were Abel and those who joined later were Cain, but when Abel are mistaken, their position must be switched. Therefore, Abel will later become either the victor or Cain.

What is Cain? It is on Satan's side. Why do I always send members out for new missions? It is because when the Abel lose the pioneering spirit, they die spiritually. In such a case, even when they pray so hard, they could not have the graceful prayer they had had before, and it would be difficult for them even to find their place later as Cain. If they want to be like the way they were, they must always go back to their starting point, which is taking the path of pioneering. I cannot be responsible for those who were worn out and you have to take your own responsibility.

The following are some of Father's words after the reading.

"From my younger days Heaven has been leading me, and how difficult has my path been? When you read my speech book, the earth will cry."

"I am becoming 93 years old, When I am 95 and 97 years old, I must not appear in public, and my words will work in place of me."

"It is time for me to go back to my hometown. What do you do when you go back to your hometown? It is to say 'Listen to these words.' You can have Hoon Dok Hae ten times a day with your tribe."

"Your children must be able to be happy with doing Hoon Dok every morning."

"(We have Father's) autobiography, and eight textbooks and teaching materials. Now you have my life course in comics and even in films. That's your responsibility."

"Write your own biography. Reflect in it all the scenes in your life you cannot forget such as missing your mother, thinking of the ideal world and members so that you can extend the bridge of heart. Can you imagine how important your biography is? That could be the vital point to save your hometown as the Tribal Messiah. How wonderful it is for them to have a patriot in their neighborhood."

"Now the spirit world is directly with the physical world. Do you think I will stay calm when I go to the spirit world?"

"My autobiography will be distributed in 387 countries (194 Abel nations and 193 Cain nations)."

"When I go back to my hometown I will not have anything but my autobiography. I will give that to the people there."

When a member came to Father for greeting, Father said to him he would read his latest speech and told to listen carefully. Then Father started to read his speech and from the first sentence (which is his welcome remarks) he made comments on it. While reading the speech, Father interpreted the page number in his speech file as his age, as if he realized what is said in each page when he was at the age of that page number. He said, "The contents of the speech are connected to my whole life through each page number." 

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