The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

We need to take the initiative

Sun Myung Moon
June 9, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheong Hae Garden In Yeosu

Left: Kook-jin nim, Hyung-jin nim and others with Father off the coast of Yeosu on August 20; Right: Assisting Father

We need to take the initiative before others, even if it is by a small degree. This is important. The issue is how we can follow our traditions in our lives in the right way. The question is how we can live righteously....

That's how the Principle works. It won't do if you don't follow the Principle. Because I know about this, I have lived accordingly, haven't I? Those of you who say, "Rev. Moon's actions do not concern me!" will not be able to form a connection with the sunlight, water, air, earth, or fruits of this world, and thus they will not be able to partake of anything in it. They won't be included in the line waiting for distribution. Everyone is entitled to receive something that is being given out, but they will become fools who are unable to claim what they are entitled to, and such fools will be pushed all the way back to the end of the line.

If you know about this principle, do you think you will live well or poorly? How will your attitude affect your life? Whether a married couple can establish this tradition or not will determine whether they will live well and prosper, or live poorly and be ruined. Therefore, this principle is inevitably the rule that determines someone's rise and fall. There is such a thing as the heavenly principle, which governs Heaven. That law remains the same whether it is night or day, or whether it is dealing with the world within the womb, the physical world, the spiritual world or the eternal world. This is not difficult to understand.

How important is your true nature? It is even more important than God Himself. What determines whether you live well or poorly? When you follow what your true nature tells you to do, you will go to the kingdom of heaven....

That's how the Principle works. Why am I telling you these things now? I need to teach you these principles. How have

I managed to come as far as I have? The title of this speech is "The Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self." It was given at the cosmic assemblies for the proclamation of the word, and I too need to follow the protocol of the cosmic assemblies....

Why am I teaching you now? Now you can understand what I teach you right away. You can understand whether you are in the bottommost pits of hell or in the heart of heaven. You will be subjected to a fair trial at the court, so when judgment is passed, you will not be able to complain that it was unfair; it will be a fair ruling.

When I was sentenced to prison, I did not complain. I thought to myself, I should go and seek the path I need to find. I should go forward, even if it is even more difficult than imprisonment. The prison I went to was above ground, but you are unaware of the prison below ground. You don't understand the spirit world. I have gone up by way of this vertical column and there are these horizontal results. Yet they have roots that reach all corners.

The subject -- object, higher -- lower, front -- back relationships! I need to be in the subject-partner position when I guide you, because if I am not, no matter how I try to nurture you, you will only become my servants and nothing more. You need to be better than Father, Mother, or even your own nations. That is the only way you can be educated. 

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