The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The past has been terrible

Sun Myung Moon
June 6, 2011
Yeosu, Korea

Looking back now, the past has been terrible. Yet, without that, if you were unable to become those who can measure that against the terrible things of today, there would be no path in front of you or protective fence on your way. There would be no path. You would be alone. What would you do? Has God, the True Parent, or the Messiah come? Who will help them? Your mothers and fathers are standing behind. I must stand in the front. There is nobody who will set up a protective fence in front of me and hold the keys to open the gates. Even if I want to do more than that, no one has taught me how. I have already shown you the path that leads to the nation after you overcome your personal challenges. I've done the cosmic assemblies for the safe settlement. You have to climb over the obstacles. There is no need to stay in the rear.

Ladies and gentlemen, as the master of the spiritual and physical worlds, and a founder of a religion, I have dedicated my entire life to attaining the final accomplishment. Yet, the world of religion and the physical world have yet to be united. The spirit world and physical world are divided. I will tell you the comprehensive conclusion that I made effort to reach in order to bring fulfillment and conclusion through the assemblies for the sake of the Cain-type and Abel-type worlds. That is the final conclusion. There is no error. Such work could not be done until now in the course of history. Until no everything remained symbolic, like drawing pictures or dancing, and the fundamental and historical background behind it could not be seen. Such content has never been known before....

There have never been tribal messiahs or their federation on the world level before. We need to have them....

[Reading some parts from his speech:] "The ongoing project to build undersea tunnels between Korea and Japan and across the Bering Strait, which I have proclaimed to all the world, will be spearheaded by religious leaders on a worldwide scale and completed in attendance to our liberated God." World peace?

There might have been a world UN in history but it is all a fallacy. "In this world, atheism and communism, which deny God's existence, will be discarded...." Communism must be eliminated. It must be discarded. I am saying we should not keep it. It must be discarded, and we must build the world that God originally envisioned, where all people can freely communicate in harmony."

Communication between individuals will grow into a massive network in harmony, where all peoples will be connected. Thus, they will be able to work together to build a world of harmonious communication where they become one with me. Did anybody know that everything would be a brought to an end through this single concept of "harmonious communication"? Communicate in harmony. God originally envisioned a world where all people can freely communicate in harmony. But that path of communication was severed. Well? God was there and before the Fall Adam and Eve could communicate with Him. Centering on God, a world would have been created where all people could freely communicate in harmony, and the world would have been complete. Did anybody know that? These are the concluding words of my speech....

Did you know about the God of Night? Did you know or not? You dunces. You were not aware of the God of Night or the God of day. You didn't know that the God of Day and Night were divided from that fallen evil parent. "The historical conflict and strife experienced by the four great representative kings -- that is to say, the God of Night, the God of Day, the King of Kings, and the True Parent -- which arose because the first ancestors fell, has finally been completely resolved by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." The process of liberation has been concluded. There is nothing more to do. It has finally been completely resolved by the True Parents of Heaven, earth and Humankind.

Is everything completed by just holding onto the True Parent? If you become the children of the True Parent, you wouldn't worry about your homework, but you would call God "Father" as you guide Him along. If you do, even God will follow you. The Father of the ideal of creation has been unable to practice the things that the children like to do. In a position of having completed the creation,` the son takes the lead in doing things that even God does not know about. 

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