The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

People are unable to trust the God of Night or the God of Day

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 2011
Yeosu, Korea

True love will always reside in that person who knows true love, a person who knows its principles. You have to know that.... A few days ago, I reached the conclusion that people are unable to trust the God of Night or the God of Day. Because the false parent came into being, and created all that, people have been unable to trust the person known as the true God. What was missing? The original Principle had been missing. There had been no object partners to God who could explain the Principle in such a way as to claim it as their own.

The True Parents cannot be known. Even the God of Night is seen as false. The God of Day is also seen as false. The Fall in the Garden of Eden was that they did not unite centering on the Principle. That is the Fall. You have to understand that....

You would not dislike the person who, centering on true love, is your wife, even if you remained with her for eternity. You should never leave her. You must be with her forever. In terms of the principles of true love and the rules and principles related with the person whom you call your wife, that wife is the one and only person that is fit to be your wife. It would be the same for your father and for your sons and daughters.

A couple of days ago, I talked all day long before concluding. What have I been centered on in my life up to this day? It is the Principle. Before my original mind can talk about eternal love, it must only know one thing -- that love. It is the Principle that will remain with that love forever and remain as yours and mine for all eternity, wherever we may go. Those Principle rules -- the principles and laws of creation that God applied in His creation -- still remain. Yet, the substance of the Principle, the subject partner in the Principle and the object partner in the Principle have all been distorted. If there are true sons, true daughters, or parents, they should be together for eternity. They should not leave one another's side. Do you understand?

[Yes.] I have been able to survive to this day in this chaotic, disorderly world because the Principle is unchanging.

Even in a world of hell, the original substance of the Principle can exist everywhere. Wherever it is, it is one. It cannot exist as two. In my eyes, the Principle rule is one. One who relates with another person and unites with his or her counterpart will not grow weary of that person even if one has to look upon him or her for eternity. if we are talking about a university, that principle applies when loving that university. You must explain this according to the Principle. There is no way to explain the Principle just centering on oneself. The Principle existed from the outset. Do you understand? It originally existed. The quality of "trueness" existed from the outset....

Even if you looked at the Principle for tens of millions of years or for hundreds of billions of years, you would want to see it again, to be its embodiment. You can never be separated from it. If you are separated, your own being will become a dark hell. Whatever you try to foresee, there is the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self. I left out the words "cosmic assembly," but all these words are included in the title. Is the "Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind" there? They are the owners who dwell inside the Principle itself, those who can be the owner of the Principle....

The Principled way and non-Principled way cannot exist together. A non-Principled way cannot even become the shadow of a model for existence....

God became the father but did not have a wife or children. How can they be together? There was no day when the God of Night, the God of Day and True Parents could be at that place where countless families and monarchs died....

If there is an incarnation [substantiation] of the Principle, it must be eternal, but it is not yet eternal until that embodiment appears. We can conclude that no matter how hard we work in our life, we will all die. Where is our dwelling place? It is in heaven. The homeland and hometown wherein God resides.

God, His wife and children had been unable to find that dwelling place. The Principle must first be there if it is to be substantiated. The God of Night was unable to see the Principle actualized.

The history of creation has never once seen the perfection or completion of the laws of the Principle. I know that if I am unable to manage this before I reach the age of 104, I will be considered a failure....

A day or two ago, Hoon-mo nim visited me with Shin-gil. She was teaching him. Such a time has come. I have eliminated the boundaries within the spirit world. The spirits can come and live on the earth instead of living in heaven. You can only give your children, grandchildren, sons and daughters in marriage on the earth. You cannot do so in the spirit world. You cannot multiply in the spirit world. That is why your ancestors are all watching the earth. If all those who went to the other world could return to the earth they should hold their marriage ceremony again. People who already received the blessing in the past can just go to the spirit world and live there. When spirits come to earth, they should be given the blessing and engrafted to True Parents' lineage. By doing so, those among your ancestors who lived alone can become in-laws with their sons and daughters that are even several thousand generations apart. It's possible.

What's the age difference between Hyun-shil Kang and her husband? Its 1,560 and something years. She is leading a married life with someone who is more than 1,560 years older than she! Now those people who did not marry and are without child living in that kingdom can return to earth, and receive the blessing again. We now will enter an age when such people can adopt a child here and then return to the other world to truly become someone's ancestor. You have to know this. That is why the question is this: Are you united with the substantiation of the Principle or not? That position of relating with the subject in the Principle will remain even after thousands and billions of years have passed, for eternity. 

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