The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

True Parents in Europe

Sun Myung Moon
May 22, 2011

True Parents in Europe -- Germany

But now I would like to share few impressions about our True Parents tour in Europe:

First of all, I really can say, it was like a big awakening for the whole European families. Long time ago, we never had such busy time in order to mobilize as much as possible, VIP's, AfP's, and members as well, for all the cities in Europe, on which father delivered his message. (Madrid, Rome, Oslo, Athens, Istanbul, London, Geneva, Berlin...) I average I can say, on each event attend around 700 -- 1000 people.... mainly covered by our own family's and members... In London and Berlin more than 1000...! Father always could deliver his speech in a full house! Maybe you read already the official report from the European HQ...


In Athens we had a very special / strange situation... Originally, the tour plan was planned in according to True Father proposal. But in Athens / for Greece was no plan for a public speech...; nobody knows why...!? When True Parents arrived, Father wants to know, where he can deliver his speech, how many guest will attend, etc. But in the reality, nothing was prepared. True Father becomes so angry and shout to everybody around him, mainly to Pres Song (our Continental Director). Everybody got a big shock, like paralyzed. Father. explained very very strongly, Greece, is the root of the western culture, (Socrates, etc.,) "I'm not here for sightseeing or relaxing, definitely I be here deliver my message publicly!..." and some other words more...

In following: everybody becomes now so busy, day and night. There was only 24 hours left, to organized everything...... find a hall, make translation, printing the speech, etc.

My Korean wife (Ji-In) was there and her responsibility was cooking for True Parents. She could follow up everything very closely, so I can give you now this kind of short testimony. Normally there are always around 8 -- 10 people with True Parents, but through this, no one was there. Everybody was so busy, no time for eating or sleeping. This was for Ji-In a very very precious time, only to cock for True Parents and meet them very closely and privately... and True Children as well!

But now, it was like a miracle, next day evening, approximately 700 people was in the audience and to listen True Father speech...! Pres Song (our CD) was very deeply moved and thankfully for all European brothers and sisters, to unite to each other and with True Parents, to show their readiness to sacrifice in order to make this event in Athens together with True Parents successful!

In Istanbul was another situation:

In the main speech from father, many people leave the hall, what was for True Parents a heavy situation and a very sad experience. Hyung Jin Nim explained in the next day Hoon Dok Hae, it was like again a crucifixion for Father. He emphasized, we all as members has to testify our True Parents as the 'Lord of the Second Advent' (Messiah) more as before... True Father explained, even people wants to listen to him or not, it doesn't matter, he had to deliver this public speech. By the risk of his life, he has no other choice!

And now Berlin:

Some report / testimony maybe you get already... As you know, in Berlin we had a double event: on May 17th: " The Little Angels " performance Motto: 'Korea say thank you' on May 18th: True Parents speech On the same place, in the same hall... Officially, the hall is prepared for about 2000 people. 3300 finally are coming. They all was so inspired, many of them, unexpected are coming now again to True Father speech on the next day. Two Berliner Newspaper was given a very positive report, we never experienced this in Germany.

On the same day, when Father arrived, he held meeting in the hotel with all leaders since 4:00 in the morning. A short break, 5:00 Hoon Dok Hae starts, until 8:00.. In the evening, True Parents attend the Little Angles performance, and Dr. B. H. Pak gave a wonderful testimony about our True Parents!

Next day, May 18th: in the morning was a short Hoon Dok Hae, and after True Parents held a very serious meeting with all his children. (... the content we don't know...!?)

Around 9:00 a.m. True Father made a sightseeing in Berlin for about 3 hours. We don't hope, but it seems like, this was the first and the last time for True Father to visit the unified Berlin...! After this shame "Schengen -- Ban", I feel deeply in my heart, Father was like liberated to come again to Germany and deliver in the capital city his main speech.... but by the evening event, in advance before he starts his official speech, he give some strong key address to Germany: for instance: - Germany really has to follow True Parents, otherwise, it will not have a good future...; everybody should listen and know, what True Father has to say now... - Germany should change the color in the flag (red and black are not good...) (next day by Hoon Dok Hae and victory celebration, he repeated this again...) - as soon we could change this color, Father will come quickly again... furthermore he explained the necessity why he had deliver his speech in Athens and the meaning of Greece as well...

(.. the sad point is, we don't have any foundation in Greece, just only 1 cp stay very strong; for the future, we have to consider very deeply, how to awake Greece...)

Another important point and a highlight on this evening: we could launch True Father biography in German language; it's now (finally) available for all German speaking people... Dr. Pak bought immediately 2 set of the first exemplar for True Parents!

Finally, True Parents get some awards from AfP's and a very surprising and moving special peace-award from one of the relative of the king house 'Habsburg -- Lothringen' (Austria) As you know, the Habsburg dynasty in Austria / Vienna was in the European history one of the biggest dynasty in the world. Many time True Parents' got awards on different places in the world, but never one with a such deep meaning!

This event was now closed with a shorten performance from our Little Angels...

Based on all this, and some other points what Father expressed, personally myself, and maybe we all, could understand more deeply, why Father make a such big effort for Europe! Athens and Istanbul (former name: Constantinople) they are key cities in the history, according to the European and western culture and Christianity... My final conclusion and summary, for me, my whole family, and I guess all our (more than 1500 members around Europe), which are attending this meeting, coming to Berlin by bus, train or plane, this was one of the best, the biggest, and deepest event in my church life! Aju...

...and more than 1.000 guest (not members) was deeply impressed by this performance. The public newspaper reported, such event never happened in Berlin.

A new historical date was set up for Germany/Europe and our future generation!

God's blessing to all of you



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