The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Called to Be Messiahs

Sun Myung Moon
May 19, 2011
Cheon Hwa Gung
Las Vegas, NV 4.17 by the Heavenly Calendar

Upon return from the European leg of the UPF Founders' Tour

This is the beginning of the new era after the coming of heaven) Times will change. From this point onward, those who have been in the church for a long time will need to return to their hometowns and fulfill their responsibility as tribal messiahs. Even if they want to work publicly for the church, they will first have to fulfill that responsibility. Only then can we unify the nation. We need to unite the 286 clans in Korea, and leave not one family behind.

We need to make this happen. The time has come for us to dedicate the nation as an offering. The era after the coming of heaven is a family era. We need family messiahs now.

On earth, we are entering an era untainted by the Fall, as it was originally meant to be. The world will be the new Eden based on the completion of Cheon Il Guk, in which the blessing can be completed. In Eden, God did not originally exist as the God of the mind and the God of the body. As a unified being, God told Adam's family and Lucifer that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They, however, violated His declaration telling them to establish the absoluteness of the lineage. As a result, the God of Night and the God of Day The God of Night and the God of Day were to have been one; but God told Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The basis on which the bloodline of death was rooted does not just vanish.

True Parents have come down to earth. So what is this era after the coming of heaven? Until no centering on the indemnity conditions accomplished by Heaven, the entire world has passed through the eight stages; that is, the eras based on the individual, family, tribe, race [ethnic group], nation, world, cosmos and God. In the original world, the world before the Fall, God proclaimed that they would die if they ate of the fruit of that tree. The people are dead.

I set the indemnity conditions and completed the eight stages, beginning with the era of the individual and the era of the family. Now we have reached the national level. Until now, we have been unable to pass through the level of the nation, so we could not reach the world level.... In this era after the coming of heaven, we need to complete the establishment of Cheon Il Guk based on the lineage.

That is why the era of registration is here. The time has come for us to register in the heavenly kingdom. Therefore, based on this year's motto, we all need to enter that nation in unity. You can no longer just fight amongst yourselves.

Since people from the fallen race are out to kill, we need to stand ready to die, to set up the original standard of the Garden of Eden and enter God's realm after the coming of heaven.

This does not just apply to Adam's family. On earth, we need to go through the Seunghwa Ceremony through which myriads of families can go beyond the fallen realm and enter heaven, and the sons and daughters can go directly to the kingdom of heaven. It should not be performed after death. On earth, we need to bring about a complete conclusion, both internally and externally centering on the eight stages -- the eras of the individual, the family, the tribe so on.

This speech constitutes a textbook. It is teaching material for you to use to inspire your sons and daughters; it is not merely a speech. From the first page, I have put together all the material that is in accord with going beyond the Fall....

Page sixty-one talks about the Seunghwa Ceremony that is based on the new lineage and should not be performed after death. For you to perform the Seunghwa Ceremony on earth, you first need to unite your mind and body. The sons and daughters need to unite with their parents and thus unite with performing the Seunghwa Ceremony.

Now people will completely unite with the tribal messiahs. What does the Family Pledge say? What does the first verse say? Recite it. [Everyone recites the verse.]

Because this was lost, we could not go directly from earth to the heavenly nation.... Now there is no border. A bridge has been constructed between the East and the West, and based on the long distance between the two, there is a ladder that has seven stages. We can climb up to the fifth, sixth, and seventh levels. We are entering that kind of era. That is why parents need to take responsibility.

There are messiahs on the individual level, family level and tribal level. In the position of the tribal messiah, Jesus needed to restore his parents and relatives. Thus, the preparation of a people over four thousand years should have led to the laws Jesus desired. They, however, failed to follow those laws, which required absolute faith, love and obedience. If you do not work seriously on purifying yourselves hundreds of times over, we will enter a truly terrible era indeed.

At this point, the number of signatory nations to the Cain UN and Abel UN totals 387. More than six thousand languages are spoken in these nations. From now, everything will have to be done based on the Unification Church language, that is, Korean. That is why you need to register.

In the Garden of Eden, while the God of Night and the God of Day were still united as one being, God called together Adam, Eve and Lucifer and told them that the day they ate of

the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil they would die. No one has been certain what the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was. I am the one who resolved that issue. We haven't known about the God of Night and the God of Day either. This is the third year in which we've known about it, but when you look at the actual time period, it has been about a year and eight months, not even two years.

Do you know about the God of Night and the God of Day? Do you think of it as the truth or as a lie? Well, have I blessed those of my sons and daughters who are in the spirit world, or haven't I? I have blessed not only my own sons and daughters but even blessed children who have passed away. When True Parents bestow the blessing, the lineage is changed. The sons and daughters who are born in the lineage of their parents cannot help resembling their parents. Because they resemble their parents, those who are not of the lineage cannot become representatives of the kingdom of heaven and cannot inherit it. If this is not the case, could they have inherited it even if Adam, Eve, or the archangel weren't there? Could families have been formed even if the incorporeal Father and the substantial Father had not been united? That doesn't make sense. What divided because of the mind -- body conflict? Something came between the God of Night and the God of Day. Why? The bloodline changed. You need to understand this.

Teaching materials have been prepared for the era after the coming of heaven, but you don't understand them.

True Parents arrived in Las Vegas on May 19. Las Vegas is nine hours behind Berlin, and commercial flights take about 9.5 hours.

Father reads his speech given at recent assemblies.

The era after the coming of heaven cannot come about based on the fallen lineage. I am completely unrelated to the Fall. I reveal all the truths I haven't revealed until now in this speech. You may think to yourselves, "Father was also born of the fallen bloodline. How is he different from us? We can always take his place." But that is the wrong view.

The world will change in the near future. The era of individualism will pass away. We are about to enter the international era, so we need to be educated. I am building boats now, partly for business, and partly because there is something wonderful about it. In the future, air and ocean businesses will thrive. The aircraft business deals with airplanes and helicopters. The ocean business deals with boats.

There are restrictions on what human beings can do. The question is, What does religion need to do? In other words, to what should we hold on as we go forward? Even if we hold on to the world, we will reach the end eventually. On my last visit, I discovered that the UN was also blocked. Even if it continues, on and on, with its work, there is no way for it to develop further. It has reached the time when it could be dismantled.

What do we need to do?

In the end, we need to make the tribal messiahs into one unified realm as quickly as possible. Such people will be world leaders. There may be complicated problems, but the biggest one is the part that depends on you. The question is what influence you will have on others.

Centering on the tribal messiahs and the one Messiah, we need to return to past ways. People have given up farming, but the time has come for us to farm. They have left the oceans behind them, but now we need to return there....

We need to take that new direction, and the way to achieve it is through education. We can make money any time we want to, but not having enough people is the problem. We cannot make this happen with individualistic people. We need to have the power of unity based on an ideology of solidarity.

There are 286 family names in Korea. Until now, we haven't focused on the clans. We've only focused on the nation, and because of that, the nation failed to follow its proper course. Now, based on the family names, we need to start anew. We need to form a new people.

When I toured Europe, I saw that it doesn't have a nation that others can follow. The world does not know what it is supposed to do. The tribal-realm messiahs and the Seunghwa Ceremony are very important in heaven and on earth, though you may not understand that now. We need to focus on them.

I explained this before I set out on the last tour, and it boils down to this: You need to stop what you are doing and unite centering on your father and mother and your clans. The rest of the world may scatter, but we will stop the disunion of our race and concentrate on effecting its unity.

We are not far behind in developing technology. We have the foundation on which we can easily follow others, once we take the notion to do so, and we are an organization not to be trifled with by the world. In fact, the world is in awe of us. I had nothing, yet I paved this strong foundation. Now I have become one of the most closely-watched people in the world. I found this to be true in Europe. Centering on what I am doing no I need to make this education issue more concrete. I am referring to education of the clans.

That is why I made haste to make the textbooks and teaching materials. If I had not made them, I would have been a failure. I made the textbooks and teaching materials by last Christmas and set up the framework for the basic attitude of the citizens of the kingdom of God. All you need to do is follow what is in those teaching materials.

It may be difficult at first, but when you induce others to follow what the books advise once, twice, thrice, they will begin to follow it on their own, even if you leave them alone.

You can educate as many people as you like because you have the textbooks and teaching materials. You need to know this.

You need not worry about Russia or China. They may look grand from above but looking from below, they are not very strong. Once we begin to teach them, we can transform them into our new second team and lead them in the right direction. We need to hurry.

We now have the textbooks and teaching materials, and I have laid a foundation for them in forty-three nations. Nowadays, whoever you may be, if you want to learn about the Unification Church theology, you can visit a library in any nation and find information about it. Any nation that has universities can be connected to us, and our theology will be revealed to them.

Therefore, we need to place the teaching materials in every nation through the tribal messiahs. If you educate others night and day with these volumes, without stopping to eat even once, they will come over to our side. We can do this in conferences in Las Vegas, and other nations can do so as well. We can educate people in every nation using the same system and have them receive the blessing together. You know how to bless people, don't you? There is no limit; you can bless hundreds of thousands at once.

What are we trying to do through this? Young people are falling every day, and we need to stop them from falling. If we fail to do that, everything will be ruined. Even Russia, China -- everyone will be ruined.

That is why I need to bring together the European nations based on Christianity. Why are there so many religions -- Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam...? Christianity has failed until now. We are the only ones who can do it, so we need to unite the tribal realm on the world level as quickly as possible. It is difficult to prevail over China and United States on the national level, so we need to organize tribes through education.

We have been prepared since the outset, so that is the fastest way we can achieve our goal. Do you understand what I am saying? I can tell you with confidence that if we work on this task during all waking hours, we can finish the work in three or four years, and all my assertions will prove to be true. 

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