The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

True Parents' Day

Sun Myung Moon
April 3, 2011
Cheon Jeong Gung (Peace Palace), Korea

Rev. Moon says that the king of kings was lost and that the True Parent of all kings was lost. Who is this person like the big boss that is capable of remaining until the end of history, out of all the last surviving members of the human race? It is I, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church... What in hell is worse than the founder of a religion? I have been thought of as worse than a big boss in the satanic world and such an enemy to all creation that any creature that met this person would immediately want to strike him and eliminate him. Yet, no matter how many times you hit him he would not disappear, but would became smaller and then, the more you hit him, the more he grows larger again.

You all have to bring things to a conclusion and to completion on earth. Neither bringing something to completion nor to a conclusion happens in the spirit world. I can liberate you here and tell you on earth to take the lead in going down. People may say, we never knew that a Lord who could do this was here in the world; the God of Night could not do this and the God of Day was unable to do this. You may well ask, who I am to tell you to stand at the front and do this or that....

Perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of kings of kings exist, but there can only be one True Parent for eternity. Say it. [There is only one True Parent for eternity.] At the top of heaven and the bottom of hell, the person with the name True Parent grows and fills heaven and creates a hell that has no hell. Everything inevitably can be unified in the presence of the name True Parents. Joy and tribulation... Nothing shall be impossible. Very good! Say it...

When a person has money, he may spend it like water; when he becomes poor, he becomes a beggar. When he is a beggar, he is like a thief; yet he has the ambition to become, over the course of some thousands of days, an emperor over hundreds of nations and a wealthy man. Would such a person have desires, or not? Well, yes, or no? Anyone who doesn't have ambition, don't come here. When that desire reaches its highest point, you could say that you came here to take my place. Those who do not have that kind of thinking are unable to remain here. Why did you come here today? Did you come here to swallow up or sell off anything I leave behind?

[Imitating a hypothetical speaker:] "If something contains some aspects of a secret world that Rev. Moon has yet to become aware of, I should follow behind him in order to sell it without his knowing." The cousins of such thieves are the big heads that I see here in all shapes and sizes. The heads of people from 387 nations are all assembled here. You pack of thieves, are you really the children of good fathers and mothers?

It's not just communication; it's about freely communicating in harmony. Say "harmonious communication." [Harmonious communication] You need to freely and harmoniously communicate before reaching unity. Communication is like a crossroads. You make a decision and engage in harmonious communication. A world where everything freely communicates in harmony must be formed and integrated....

I am not a fool. I'm saying that you need to communicate -- to freely communicate in harmony before creating unity. When you go outside the main city, you will hear my name resound throughout heaven and earth.

When you saw the news about the earthquake in Japan, what do you think about that? I was told that the tsunami that followed the earthquake came right up to the front of our church and then took a ninety-degree turn and receded.... One car was lifted up by the tsunami, toward a hillock. There was a cleft in the hill. The vehicle was caught in the cleft, and the driver survived. There were many people who survived in circumstances no human being could live through. You should hear those reports. When I heard them, I thought they were all concocted by our church members; they seemed like tall tales. After sending Hyung-jin there I found out they were true....

You all have the booklet, right? Well! "The settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, God's substantial self" is all that is needed. "Cosmic assembly for the proclamation of the word" is about the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self. The True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have settled, and this is a cosmic assembly to proclaim the word by God's substantial self.... The individual and heaven and earth should be connected and God's ultimate will must be brought to a conclusion. Only then can that which corresponds to the settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the proclamation of the word by God's substantial self, and the cosmic assembly be brought to their conclusion....

There must be harmony before unity. If the eyes are in harmony there is unity. They unite at the center.... Then, which comes first, unity, or harmony? [Harmony.] The government party and opposition party must unite. Then a third or fourth party can emerge. There is no place for a third son between the ruling and opposition parties. Without that unity, sons and daughters can never emerge, for all eternity. When there is harmony, there can be a core, a root will emerge and a bud can sprout. Do you understand? [Yes.]

What's this? [Father reads a note.] "King Daddy! You seem to have a runny nose. Please quickly come upstairs." [Laughter, applause] Who wrote this? It was Shin-joon. Shin-joon.

Shin-joon plus Mother! Without Mother, King Daddy, Queen Mom, King Dad, Shin-joon cannot appear.

Before there is unity, things are divided. Once they are united after that division, they will not be divided again. Once enemies come together as one, they do not part ways. The concept of an enemy does not exist within God. The concept of an enemy does not exist within God's love. There is only eternal unity. That is why peace, happiness and love coexist in this unity. 

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