The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The attention of millions of Blessed families is on this place

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas

Note: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

That day, Japanese members from Tokyo participated in the meeting.

Ms. Sachiko Yoshimura performed a Japanese dance with the theme "Samurai." A choir (combined by 1st and 2nd gens) from Takenozuka church sang "Path of God's Will" (which Father joined singing) and their original song "Cheon Il Guk." Then Father asked some Korean members to sing for the Japanese. Mrs. McDevitt sang a Japanese song "Seto no Hanayome (Bride of Seto)." After her song, Father said,

"All the attention of millions of Blessed families in the spirit world is now on this place where you sang and dance welcoming each other. Though the difficulties caused by the disaster in Japan are tremendous, it is graceful that you are brothers and sisters of kin as one family and nation whom God can love, and it is the first time (in human history) that you, transcending races and worries, pray for each other. On the foundation of the proclamation of the firm establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and the substantial words, we are heading for a higher standard filling heaven and earth with our kin as Blessed families. Then such difficulties will pass by, and we, rather than being affected by them, will go forward for a higher level with a new determination, being united with each other and transcending races and national borders." Then Father said to start Hoon Dok Hae.

Mrs. McDevitt said, 'Today we will read Father's speech from page 109 of his speech book # 21, titled Our Fate, Our Relation, or Our Karma." Then Father said,

"How old was I then?" (Mother said "48 years old") "(Father, looking at the participants) So I was at your age. I knew then what to do in the future and fought against all difficulties, all of which now became an encouraging history for you, and it is graceful and amazing that you have textbooks and teaching materials that you can attend to as a heavenly pillar. With that in your mind, let's start to listen. Aju."

Then she stared to read. During the reading, Father said,

"Am I Korean or Japanese? We do not feel any boundaries among us here. You, who suffered the disaster, came to visit me in Las Vegas, and we are a kin feeling the pain together."

"It is not me that decided D-day, which is Jan. 13, 2013. The God of Night and the God of Day decided it together and so nobody can change it."

"You, leaving behind your families and relatives, came from Tokyo, the center of Japan, which was destroyed by the disaster, in order not to ask me to help you, but to help me in Las Vegas who is fighting in the front line. We cannot find such a relation in other parts of the world."

Rev. Song from Japan made a report. He said all Japanese members had done a three-day fast together with repentance after the earthquake and tsunami. He said when he heard the rumor that the tsunami would even hit Tokyo, he prayed in a spontaneous way, "Heavenly Father, since we have not been good enough, you got angry, didn't you? But please stop here since we have lots of things to do heading for D-day."

He said, "Though the damage in the area is huge, things have been calming down and I guess Heavenly Father felt sorry for us. What people worry about now are earthquakes in the Tokai area which includes Tokyo, Shizuoka, Nagoya, etc. They worry because many years have already passed since the last earthquake happened in that area. They say Mt. Fuji would erupt when that happens. We continue to have aftershocks with the scale of magnitude 5 and 6. As of now, we have had 247 aftershocks and people have been in great worry."

According to him, by that day there had been two victims who were Unification Church members. One of them is a husband of 30,000 couples who worked for our company of drug for household delivery. He was killed by the tsunami when he visited Ishinomaki for a delivery where the whole town was destroyed by tsunami. Another person is an 86-old-year lady who was also killed by tsunami.

He also said there are approximately 130,000 Blessed families and 500,000 Blessed family members in Japan, and they had two victims out of a total 270,000 (27,000) victims and missing persons by that day. He said he believed these two were offerings from the Abel side. He said he had received many testimonies and reports from survivors who were all grateful of the protection of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

After his report, he sang a song. True Mother sang songs, and then Father sang with her. Finally everybody sang a song together with True Parents (lyrics are on page 333 in Father's autobiography). 

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