The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

God and human beings should create balance

Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Las Vegas

If there is a void in the air, all the air in the universe flows toward that place. It creates equilibrium. Once it is in equilibrium, there is no motion. When there is balance, the wind does not blow. God and human beings should create balance, and the world of water and the world of air must be in equilibrium. The world of love has a fundamental essence that can bring things that are higher, in any world, into balance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am asking you what true love is. True love cannot exist where people live for their own sake. If God created this great universe, why did He create it? He created it because of true love. That is love that must give and give and give for eternity. After it gives, it becomes empty; the empty world is a complete vacuum. However, if air is released, a force binds together, pulls and replaces the force of the air being released.

Although human beings are not aware of it, there must exist a standard for that center that can fill up any vacuum and create equilibrium in any part of the world centering on God. Otherwise, the universe would be destroyed. Under these circumstances, the great universe would crash, break up and disappear. Yet because of this harmony, it does not.

The great universe itself is unaware that it revolves. It maintains equilibrium by allowing the high ground to become low and the low ground to be raised. That is why these days they are saying that the snakes and ants are all fleeing Mt. Baekdu in fear that it will erupt. Human beings may not be aware of it, but the animals in nature are. God does not wipe out species. 

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