The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Extemporaneous Remarks at Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Words of God's Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 2011
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV
Unofficial Notes: Michael Lamson

Father just hit a home run in Vegas today. His speech "Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Words the Words of God's Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind" was so inspiring, thought provoking and provided clear directions on where we should be going over the next two years.

In Jin Nim shared about her Father, a video was shown that focused on the serious issue of hunger and the role that the ocean will play in feeding the world. Hyung Jin Nim gave the introduction and Father came out with Mother to a cheering, standing crowd of 2000 +. Father was really happy.

These are my notes from what Father shared in-between parts of his speech. I was listening to a translator and writing fast so these notes should not be used as official.

When I have a quiet time I like to whistle. At night I whistle and the night wakes up. There are a lot of people here so when I whistle please have a seat and be silent.

In my life I have talked with many good and bad people. Las Vegas is a trap of sin and evil. You may wonder what a Reverend is doing in Las Vegas. I am here making a strong road for people to go in-between.

I worry about humanity.

I look out at all of you here and I feel unworthy, many of you are better than me but please listen.

This event is to celebrate giving out 50,000 autobiographies in Las Vegas.

In all heaven and earth there is only one True Parent.

I talk about the God of Night and the God of Day not being united. When I talk about this people think I am crazy.

Have your mind and body been united? No, they are fighting and you cannot find refuge from this for even one hour. How did this happen?

Jesus said that heaven will be first in your united mind. No one has a united mind and body or can show humanity how to do so. Is there anyone one like that? (Someone shouted out loudly -- you are the only one Father!) Father said don't start a riot by speaking louder than I do. Father was smiling.

Human beings have a mind and body but they are not united. We ask God why He created us this way. I have known the answer to this problem since he was seven years old.

Father asked in anyone in the audience went to Oson school. I was called the person with small eyes there. (More was said but I was not able to catch it.)

Only I can explain the meaning and title of today's speech.

Las Vegas. Las is like large. Like a kingdom of beggars. People want me to give them money but money is never the real issue.

Today we are proclaiming the word of the substantial body. We are talking about having an event in Gods house.

There is a fight between Cain and Able. There are two calendars that are fighting. This is why I proclaimed the new Heavenly Calendar.

The event on 10/17 last year was a very providential event, this event today is like that.

It is a miracle that I could live up to today with so many people opposing me.

I am here to give a speech. Should I be quiet or loud? (LOUD) Father laughed and said -- I have heard your loud voice today. Father started reading the speech really loud, like at Madison Square Gardens and everyone applauded.

Who will take responsibility for all the hunger and starvation in the world?

Please don't forget what you are hearing, these are Gods words.

Who is doing all these things? God and me. We will make the Las Vegas into a tourism paradise.

Fathers nose started bleeding. Not a lot but Ms. McDevitt brought him some tissues and he wiped his nose. He said that his nose was bleeding because he was not sleeping enough.

I taught the world about the Seunghwa Ceremony. I was persecuted for this. We need to do the Seunghwa ceremony while we are alive now. Even now I am being persecuted, I have done nothing wrong. I will not fall down, there is no one to take my place so I must wear these bitter clothes.

No one will recognize what I am doing but God. He helps me so I never go to ruin, I will never fail.

I don't know when I will be able to meet you again so please open your heart.

Three generations living together is not a dream it will be a reality. This family system is what I was born into.

In 1950 Korea was burned to ashes. Now it has grown, it has become a leading country. It will become the best nation in the future. This is not because of me or Koreans, God is doing this. This is a time of new beginnings. If you understand this give a big round of applause. Everyone did.

This is not an ordinary time. Please become like elder sons, brothers and sisters to help God with this work. When we see what is happening around the world we should not forget this day.

We should look towards where the sun rises. All the animals and insects look towards the sun. When humans wake up they should not look towards Las Vegas, they should look towards the East.

God is alive and we should relate to him as our father, our elder brother and listen to Him.

This is a time of great revolution. Rev. Moon is not a crazy person, 43 years ago I already started planning for this day. There are two more years left. Have you bought your tickets? Are you and your family ready to travel? You will only understand after this time is past. Las Vegas is a place of rich people that are at ease but all people must look towards the East.

I want to skip all the hard words and go to the conclusion. The most important is three generations.

It is not a family event but an education event. When we talk about education it starts with a Korean word Ko, sons of fidelity, honoring fathers.

Try not to sleep so you can take what you hear and share it with others.

You should believe in True Parents and teach your children with the textbooks. If you do this ruin will not come to you, if it does I will take responsibility for it.

I must establish absolute families. I have made this possible for you but you must believe. True Parents have shed blood for this time to come.

I don't know when I will go to the spirit world so don't forget these words. We will all need to pass a test. Adams family had to pass a test. We have two years left before we will live in Gods direct dominion. I am asking you to keep this in mind and not forget.

People are still getting drunk and cheating on their spouses. I am giving you a warning.

I have never touched the cards in Las Vegas but I watch and know what is happening.

I know what is happening, I don't just believe.

If we become brothers and sisters we can break down all barriers. Sin City can become the Shining City that is governed by God's love.

Let's do this together. Let's do this together. Nobody can stop Gods work. As long as I am alive I will guide you. Please read this speech 100 times. 

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