The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Words of God's Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 2011
Las Vegas, NV

Respected leaders from around the world, distinguished guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen!

My family and I welcome you and sincerely thank you for gracing this assembly to commemorate the successful local distribution of 50,000 copies of my autobiography, As a Peace- Loving Global Citizen. Your coming here despite your busy schedule has made today's event into a great success.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,

The world is struggling with more problems than humanity has ever had to deal with before. Among the 6.5 billion people in the world, more than 900 million are suffering from malnutrition even this very moment. On average, every six seconds a young child dies of malnutrition. The UN proclaimed that it would cut the number of people going hungry by the end of 2015. Yet, output of corn and other crops has dwindled due to global warming, and experts predict that the number of people going hungry will instead double by the year 2020.

What measures can be taken to address and resolve the serious problem of starvation? The answer lies in the ocean, which are a treasure store of renewable resources covering three-quarters of the Earth. Our planet earth is dying due to pollution of every kind and depletion of resources.

The ocean is a goldmine filled with raw materials that will revive this planet with the promise of a bright future for humankind. For the past 50 plus years, since 1960s. I have been investing in ocean industries and developing marine-related technology in order to free humankind from the suffering of hunger. In the 1980s I built the Good -Go boats and laid a foundation for ocean industries in the US and around the world. In the 1990s invested in the ocean industry in South America, especially in Brazil and Uruguay and created a global marine network connecting 52 nations of the world.

On this foundation, from the year 2000 I have been developing the city of Yeosu, situated on the southern coast of Korea, and Hawaii, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, to become hubs for ocean industry in the Pacific Rim era. I am now expediting preparations in Yeosu, which was selected as the host city for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea centering on the foundation that I have laid there. In particular, on February 17, 2011 at an event for leaders from around the world, I introduced the Negative N. C. Resin Mold boat construction method which I had devised, and held a launching ceremony for the Cheon Jeong Ho boat which was built using this new technology.

Also, I recently have been appraising possibilities for the clean water resources of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, as well as the beautiful scenic spots in the surrounding area such as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, and Sedona Arizona. I consider these to be part of the Pacific Rim. I would love to make this area into the largest and greatest tourist and leisure location in America, and even the world.

I am working to make a paradise on earth, for which all future generations can be grateful and joyful, by preserving the natural environment, which God has given to humankind as a blessing, in its original state.

Ladies and Gentlemen, throughout my life I have taught the way of living for the sake of others, of practicing the true love of God. I have continuously made effort to promote the welfare and peace of the people of the world not only in the ocean industry but in a diversity of fields.

Last year, in 2010, I held the " Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the worlds of God's Substantial Body that has Settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind" -- on three occasions. These gatherings were held in NY, Las Vegas and lastly, Korea. I am 91 years old this year but I have not ceased my efforts. I continue to stand at the forefront of bringing about peace for all humankind. In march last year, after the death of Gen Alexander Haig, I taught the world about the significance of the Seunghwa Ceremony, which prepares our way to eternal life during our life on earth.

I believe that all of you gathered here today may have read my autobiography, As a Peace- Loving Global Citizen. Since its publication in early 2009 in Korea, it has continued to be loved by all Korean people, and has been a bestseller. It is in the process of being translated into 43 languages, including English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

I received God's seal at the time of my birth and have been running forward for the past 91 years of my turbulent life unable to dream about living life as an individual. Above me was God whom I had to liberate; around me were my fellow human beings, all of whom needed to be saved from Satan's dominion of evil and sin. That was my mission, one that I could not forget, whether I was awake or asleep, and one that I had determined to give my life to fulfill. Already more than 90 years have passed since I began my mission.

My work to build a peaceful world centered on God, both in the spirit world and in the physical world, has taken me across five ocean and six continents. I am probably the age when I should retire and enjoy the rest of my life in peace. However, I have never once deviated in my course to realize Heaven's will, and there is still much to do. I cannot simply depart for Heaven if, by doing so, I would be neglecting all the people of who are the victims of various crimes, starvation and disease.

I will enable the ideal of the true family to take root through an extensive global training program based on my teachings as expressed in my autobiography and the 8 great textbooks that I am passing down to the people of the world as part of my last will and testament. This responsibility belongs to my wife and me in our capacity as the True Parents of Humankind.

Honored guests,

My autobiography is not the record of an ordinary person's life. It is the True Parent's confession and journal in which my remarkable life of fulfilling God's will is frankly described. It is a record of my desperate battles with Satan, which have been carried out in order to save humanity. The drops of sweat True Parents shed as they wrestled with the axis of the earth while hovering between life and death have their expression in its pages. It is a model and guide of true love, and of a true family that has overcome numerous life threatening crises with the determination to sow our sweat for earth, tears for humankind and blood for heaven.

I hope that you will open the doors to your hearts and read my autobiography closely. Please take my hand as I walk on this lonely course of saving humanity. Let's not only secure your eternal life and that of your family, but let's also bring all of humanity to God so that everyone may receive that salvation and eternal life.

Our ultimate goal is to establish God's nation and His righteousness, so that we live attending God as the center. Jesus spoke of God's Kingdom. What kind of kingdom would that be? It would be the ideal kingdom of peace which takes the form of a true ideal family in which three generations-grandparents, parents and children- live together in mutual trust, respect and interdependence, and united in love. It would be a nation of God's sovereignty, the utopia of which humankind has dreamed. Korea is a nation that has preserved such traditions and customs better than any other. The Korean traditional extended family system, in which three generations live together as one family, has been passed down through Korea's 5000 year history. It is the family system that all humanity should use as a guide for family ethics. This is why Heaven prepared Korea from long ago to become the central nation of God's kingdom of Cheon Il Guk.

The movement to realize a society in which all people become one family based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values begins from one single family. In such a society, everyone will break down the walls in their hearts, and boundaries between nations will be removed on a cosmic level. Therefore, finding and establishing a true family is our providential calling that will advance the establishment of the God-centered kingdom of cosmic peace on this earth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are living in a historic time of great transition. It is a time of great cosmic revolution to change the course of history, to unite the spirit world and the physical world and to create the ideal Kingdom of Heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His wish. Heaven has already proclaimed that January 13, 2013, will be "Foundation Day". That day will be the actual beginning of God's Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be the origin. Yet, less than two years remain until then.

Therefore, it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heaven's decree. The fateful time is upon us today when we must build a world under the guidance of True Parents who are carrying out the earthly providence of God, the King of Peace, as His substantial body.

Ladies and gentlemen, at such serious time and yet blessed times, this revolutionary and cosmic change shall now come to your lives. Therefore, I would like to convey Heaven's message by summarizing the concluding remarks in my address given at the "Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the words of God's Substantial Body that has settled as the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind".

First, all families should attend God as their center and everyday carry out education to completely unite the father, mother and sons and daughters. Education in the family should be thorough, parents and children should unite by coming together and reading the textbooks and teaching materials True Parents have bequeathed, as well as True Father's autobiography and other materials.

Second, the father, mother, sons and daughters in each family should attain the standard of absolute father and mother, sons and daughters who center their lives on God. In this way, they will establish an absolute family. Heaven has now permitted the grace of the realm of Seunghwa, which gives rebirth and resurrection, to be bestowed on whole families in which the parents and children have achieved complete unity under God. Thus, you must establish absolute families.

Third, you must open the reign of tranquility and prosperity-the victorious reign centered on God and True Parents-during True Parents' time on earth. Humankind has moved out of the realm of the era of restoration through indemnity, thanks to the grace of True Parents' suffering, which True Parents shed blood and sweat to overcome. Now, we must not forget that during True Parents' time on earth, we all have the responsibility to liberate the realm of hell, which includes families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world.

Fourth, do not forget that we are at a desperate point in time with less than two years remaining until we enter the era of peace under God's direct dominion. I ask you to inscribe in your hearts the fact that we have entered the era of the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of true love. In that realm, all families should live together and share their joys as tribes spanning eight generations, centering on the vision of all humankind becoming one family.

The world of One Family Under God, where all people are equal and all nations are like siblings, is unfolding before your eyes.

My development plans, which are being pushed ahead centering on the Hoover Dam and areas surrounding Las Vegas here in the Western US will soon become well known. They will contribute greatly to fulfilling the ideal of One Family Under God. I hope that you will all participate in these grand projects which are for the sake of all humanity, and thus become reliable workers who pray and shed sweat together with us.

If You become one with my consciousness, which is revealed in my autobiography, then this city of Las Vegas, which has been called Sin City because of the sin and evil within it, can become a major city of the world that establishes the foundation of the Able UN centering on God, as a Shining City that is governed by God's true love. I have no doubt that Las Vegas can become a Shinning City, and moreover, a Sun City -- a city with a bright future.

I pray in True Parents name that Heaven's Blessing will be with you, your family and your nation. Let's offer hopeful value to God when we arrive at the final point of this great historical transition.

Thank You.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
2nd Year of the Heavenly Foundation, First Day of the Second Month by the Heavenly Calendar (March 5, 2011)
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas 

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