The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

The difference between a father and a mother

Sun Myung Moon
February 16, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheong Hae Garden

Note: These notes are taken from the web page Unifications and (or) a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication of True Father's words.

Dr. Peter Kim read Father's speech that was given on May 14, 1957. After reading Father spoke and the following are some of his words.

"What is the difference between a father and a mother? Are they the same? Since God needs to give from upper position, man is bigger than woman. That's why women, who cannot take the lead, must follow man. When we see the way man and woman are dressed, we can conclude that man needs to keep their body cool and woman needs to keep their body warm. Since this is true, your mind does not feel strange when you listen to that. This appears as a principle and is right at any time such as daytime, night-time, when you were a child, or in the spirit world, and so you must follow and live in time with it."

During the Hoon Dok Hae, Father suddenly told two men among the participants to stand up and to shake hands with each other, and said, "They look like twins. (Laughter)" Then he told one of them to sing. After his song, Father started to talk again, and then the other one stopped Father saying, "Father, my elder brother sang, and so shall I sing too? (Laughter)." Father laughed too and said, "Sing! (Laughter) When one lives in time (like him), life is funny and you can feel younger. It is as if you suddenly got up enjoying a song even you were tired, and go to the market to buy something for your wife without having your wallet. It is meaningful to feel such thing time to time in your life, isn't it? (To that man), Sing!"

He stood and said before singing, "I cannot sing well like my elder brother. Father said in our yearly motto this year 'Ji Hwa Ja Nyo -- Harmony of children on earth' For us as brothers and sisters we can say this as 'Ji Hwa Hung Je -- Harmony of brothers and sisters on earth.' Then he explained what he understood from the motto of this year. Then Father said, "Wow, he would sing such song. Now I really want to listen to his song." Then the person said, "I have a song that I want to offer to True Parents on Jan. 13, 2013, but I will sing this song today as practice." Then Father said before his song, "For those who have been with the Unification Church for long time, listen carefully to his song." After his song, Father spoke again.

"Once I was listening to my speech with my eyes closed and thought 5 minutes had passed. But (I realized) it was actually 5 hours. That's why (when people are intoxicated with my speech) they behave like crazy people. I am moved when I listen to my recorded speech while thinking who is speaking such words though me. In prayer one must be able to be united with such heavenly words and experience loud weeping. Such atmosphere is not something you make but Heaven does, and when you really miss such moment, Heaven would give you great joy even if you are in the prison. These (speeches) are not mine but Heaven's. That's why these can be the textbooks in the spirit world. You can see the whole cosmos moves in time with these words."

"When I was lonely and shed tears, my tears on the floor danced. They became like dolls and called me "Teacher" or "Elder brother," and talked with me. I cannot forget that moment. This is my actual episode that sounds like a dream."

"I felt those two are like twins. After I heard him speaking, I understand he is not just a normal person. We Unification Church will never perish."

"When you meet me, I sometimes let you sing songs and tell someone in the back to come to the front. (By doing that) I know how to make a new atmosphere. When I was a child I was famous and everybody wanted to see me since I always spoke something new. One day when I was 10 years old, I felt I could see an interesting person if I go to one place. I met him and felt I had seen him before and knew one third of his past life. I usually do not of speak this kind of thing." 

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