The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

God's scary strategy

Sun Myung Moon
February 13, 2011
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung

The following are Father's words from Mrs. McDevitt's reading of his speech.

"I am merciless towards evil, but simply bow down to good. Therefore, I am scared of God, not Satan. The spirit world is very complicated and if one becomes arrogant after realizing some parts of that world, they will fall down later. That's why you need the principle. Human fall means that the archangel and Adam could not become united with God. You need to be united with angels who help you and then you can shut out Satan.

Unificationism must pioneer its way with the heavenly spirit and establish the substance with truth. In order for us to have the heavenly spirit and realize substance, you need do witnessing. Those who received spiritual grace but do nothing are with the heavenly spirit but have no substance by truth. This means there is only a plus which does not have a partner to give and take with.

I could not buy even a handkerchief for my mother. It is because I could do that only after I offered Jeong Seong first to those who God loved.

When I get up at night, I pray without fail before sleeping again. You must try to remain in a position where you can win God's sympathy.

You can come in front of God through my mind. Likewise, members in a region come in front of God through the regional leader's mind, national leader's mind and my mind. I want to take all of you to Heaven but you need conditions that you can present to God. It is because God draws a line between the public and the private.

If one becomes the center that harmonizes 100 people, God will remember that person. Likewise, we need to promote inter-religious activities even if we have to borrow money.

I must realize peace between God and Satan, and there are three conditions to be established.

Before I was born, there had been people who received instructions from me."

The following are some of Father's words during Hoon Dok Hae.

"If a Korean, though they were born on the foundation where indemnity conditions and Jeong Seong have been paid in Korea, fails in their mission, an international member becomes the center to restore its solitary relationship. That is God's scary strategy. You need to understand that the time and space where you can develop yourself are always waiting for you. That's why you always need to offer Jeong Seong. Jeong Seong. I must stand in front of all Unificationists, and I should not do so at the back. You ask me to take a rest but I must look for my course where I cannot do so."

"If someone, even living far from Korea, offered Jeong Seong for the sake of the world in place of me, their Jeong Seong will reach Korea. If their Jeong Seong is deeper than that of leaders in Korea, those leaders will have problem in front of Heaven. You live here without knowing it. You take a rest but those who take responsibility cannot."

Father mentioned the launching ceremony that would be held at Mok Po on Feb. 17 (Katsumi: all the international leaders had been told to stay in Yeosu until that day to participate in it.)

"The spirit world knows that I am paying the indemnity conditions and offering Jeong Seong, but Korean people are opposing me. Those who offer Jeong Seong in the world such as Japanese, Americans and other international members are all Koreans. They cannot be considered as other races. If they offer Jeong Seong along with me, the Korean people will be deprived of their status. Those who block my course towards the world are my enemies. My country is my enemy and my households are my enemies. These are scary words." 

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