The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

2011 God's Day Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
February 3, 2011

Heavenly Father, it is the infinite glory of Your victory to allow us to celebrate this hour, at which we can proclaim the benediction turning heaven and earth around in all nations across the world, in the name of True Parents. In so doing, and under the watchful eyes of heaven and earth, we are ushering in the first day of January of the second year of the heavenly foundation on this new morning of the beginning of a new heaven and a new earth when the ideal of creation is to be completed. Therefore, please allow us to declare a new beginning in this universe at this hour, at midnight of the New Year's Day by the heavenly calendar!

Having achieved the oneness of mind and body based on the ideal of creation, the internal and external God, who is the Creator of the universe, looked down upon the world in the position of the owner, and proclaimed before Adam, Eve and the Archangel, "You will surely die if you eat of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil!" At that hour, they should have fulfilled their duties as Your children and served the spiritual and physical Parents of Heaven and Earth, thus perfecting the ideal; however, that moment in history was lost due to the mistake made by our first ancestors on that fateful day.

A long time in history has had to pass before the era of the victorious realm could be ushered in after several failures, and True Parents and God have endeavored greatly to successfully attain that ideal. Now, as of this day, following the tradition of the Blessing of True Parents proclaiming liberation and freedom, heaven and earth can be united and True Parents can usher in this new morning of the new beginning of heaven and earth with the authority of the Parents in this victorious era after the coming of heaven. So, Father, we pray that the ideal of the liberated world will be fulfilled and attained as You desire.

Today marks the new beginning of the proclamation that will be actualized through Your unity with True Parents, so please guide us as history unfolds with the supreme authority of dominion, governance and victory in the position of the subjective owner before all nations, all generations and all created things. On this new morning, I proclaim, in the name of True Parents who are one with God, that the children, who have been blessed by True Parents in the position of the supremacy of liberation and victory in heaven and on earth, and who are united with True Parents, will work together to perfect the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world and begin anew in the new heaven and earth. Therefore, please permit us to advance into the unified world of the ideal of the universe in unity!

Now, heaven and earth will become one in mind and body and inherit the free authority of the Heavenly Way over the eternal world, and at the same time they will inherit the new, supreme authority of filial children, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters, and march forward into the world and the universe on this new morning. I make this proclamation as the True Parents united with our Creator, who is the liberated Owner of heaven and earth. Father, we pray that all that You desire will be achieved and that You will march forward with us into the liberated world lasting for eternity. I proclaim and declare this in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju! 

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