The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Path of Shedding Blood, Sweat and Tears, Part II

Sun Myung Moon
Compiled on December 13, 2010
Compilation of Excerpts from Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Speeches
(Unofficial Translation)

Even though I have suffered, I am determined to suffer still more. Even though I will be misunderstood and accused even more, I will endure this treatment without protesting or responding until I will go to the spirit world. I continuously nurture this tradition, and eventually our way of life and our truth will prevail. I know it. The work will never stop, whether I am here on earth or up in heaven.

Thus it is immaterial whether or not I can unify the world within my lifetime. This work will go on. Whether I am here on earth or in the spirit world, I will be the center of this work. My ideology, my strategy, my philosophy, my tradition and my heart will inevitably unify the world. Even after my death, as a spirit man I will appear to you any time, until we have achieved the complete Kingdom of God here on earth with the same tradition. This is the strategy under which I am operating. I do not expect this to happen in ten years or even in my lifetime, but in eternity. It is not a problem whether I am here on earth or up in heaven.

I know the spirit world so well. I know its system and organization inside out. At present that world is invisible to you. Soon the new heaven and earth will open up in front of you. I know that timetable so clearly. It is coming, and it will bring a new world and a new way of life.
(Address to the US and International Leaders, September 20, 1976)

When I was 20, I had nothing. I had absolutely nothing. From there, I built up this foundation. You, on the contrary, have all the foundation you need, so there is no reason why you cannot do far better than I have done. You have materials and experience and confidence, and my example to follow. I have worked like a slave myself for the past 30 years. I enslaved myself and abused my entire body. I enslaved myself beyond your imagination. However, I did not look upon myself as a slave in the sight of God. I saw myself as a champion, a pioneer of the Kingdom of God. I suffered in a communist labor camp, literally in chains.

I saw the millions of people both here on earth and in the spirit world, who are in chains and crying out at this very moment. But the important point is this: I worked like a slave and I suffered in chains in the prison camp, not as a slave but as the son of God. In that capacity, as a son of God, I took the role of the lowest slave. Therefore, you never need to express how proud you are of your efforts, history will testify to you in due time.

When you whip a son of God and treat him as a slave, without realizing he is a son of God, the consequences will be grave and history will judge you, severely. First, you must realize that you are sons and daughters of God. Only then must you work like slaves. Do not be discouraged, because this is a most holy and sacred responsibility. You must go forth by holding onto your dignity inside yourself.
(Address to the US and International Leaders, September 20, 1976)

After walking the path of tears, today, we are able to celebrate the dedication ceremony of the Holy Ground where all of you are participating; then, this is the result of my going through the road trod with tears. This came about because I went though the way of shedding blood and tears. This is the place where no matter how much you cry you cannot stop your tears, and is the place where no one can comfort and stop my wailing and sobbing. How can you attend such a place? To do that, you must understand what I hold in the depth of my heart, where I keep my secrets that no one really knows. If you understand the secrets in my heart, instead of offering anything external, you offer something of limitless value, billions and billions of times over, for God. This means that you will resolve deeply in your hearts to take responsibility to bring about the complete liberation of God's deepest anguish and bitter pain. Once this resolve permeates the center of all of your hearts, Heaven will come down and talk about His 6,000 years of suffering and pain with you.
(Address at the Holy Ground Dedication Ceremony, Tokyo, July 16, 1963) 

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