The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word

Sun Myung Moon
December 7, 2010
Cheon Bok Gung

If God does not have His own country and homeland, neither can we members of the human race have our own fatherland and homeland. When I speak of Israel, I am referring to the chosen people whose mission, as representatives of the religious world, is to restore God's homeland and hometown. It is a triumphant nation's but this triumphant country has failed to take care of its own people and its mission, and its people are fighting; they are widely dispersed and they have lost direction. The time has come for Christianity to take its banner down.

We now live in an age with no need for religion. What can religion do now? Religion, which does not have the power to overcome the limitations of the ever-developing scientific and material civilization, will be left out in the end. It needs to go in front of others and light the way for them....

What God needs is His nation, His homeland and His hometown. How can you be His sons and daughters if you have failed to restore those? Do the children of God have their nation and homeland? They don't know what their nation and homeland are. The time has passed when you can stand on a shaky foundation and talk about yourselves and your own individual ideals, which are no more than mere dreams.... On the other hand, I have done enough work to be able to talk about it, and I can say that the time has come for the representatives of the 194 nations of the Abel UN and the 193 nations on Cain's side, 387 in total, to unite and cry out for God to be liberated and proclaim His homeland and hometown. However, the question remains: Does Korea have any qualifications to being chosen as God's homeland? Does the nation have any religion or political system, or any conscientious religious believers that can establish those qualifications? It has nothing!

What about me? To fulfill my mission of liberating God and establishing His nation, despite all the contempt I have endured, I have found and restored people, one by one, that had abandoned their fallen-world nation and had been wandering around looking for the way. We have now entered an era in which the Unification Church cannot be dissolved no matter how much others oppose us....

The conclusion is that God is a man. Since He is a man, does He need a wife or not? [He needs a wife.] How do you know? [Laughter] Why does He need a wife? It's not because He requires female companionship. He absolutely needs a wife because she is His absolutely necessary master. Therefore, those who say that He doesn't need a wife are all insane! [Laughter]....

Look at these little women right here. They teach their children about our philosophy; they think about it day and night, and they try to raise the younger generation and make them into the grandchildren of our Heavenly Father. For the development of their people, they are laying a foundation on which their ancestors can come to earth and support their people spiritually. It is truly amazing.

Knowing that a great power is growing within us, those who respect the Unification Church and have convinced many of their relatives to become Unification church members, and those who are ready at a moment's notice to leave their home and work for the church, will become leaders responsible for leading the world's nations. This will happen very soon, and I know who they will be....

About 70 percent of the people here are over fifty years old. Though they may offer Jeong Seong, they will forget all about it. The older generation thinks that only the faith they believe in and the knowledge they have are the best in the world; how many of them would value anything I've said?

The younger generation, however, is a different story. They are bound to listen, and when they do, they are sure to believe 100 percent. [Applause] If I said a hundred words, and the older generation doubted 70 percent of what I said, it would be unnecessary for them to listen at all. Plenty of young people will listen to what I say and believe it 100 percent. Because we believe this, we in the older generation have hope....

What I said fifty years ago came from a young man, not an old man, which is why it would definitely move the hearts of the younger generation. Those teachings cannot grow old. Though I am an old man, I speak the younger generation's language, and those who listen to me cannot avoid being impressed by what this very old man says.

They say, Ah, I joined the Unification Church because I was moved by what Rev. Moon said when he was in his fifties. But now, what this old man in his nineties says is even fresher, more powerful and more to the point.

So, you can see how the waves produced by the motion one man creates spread out to the farthest extremes. When a great ship moves, it generates huge waves. They reach even faraway shores and sweep up onto the beach....

Being married is better than having cousins. [Laughter] Marriage is better than having uncles or siblings. Do you understand? (Yes.] If it results in two nations uniting, or in ten nations uniting, why don't people get married? When Unification Church members hold an international conference, people come from dozens of nations and all eat together, spend their free time together, talk together and follow the same schedule together. No one can deny this. Why, then, do people oppose the Unification Church? Why do they dislike me?

I've never spent church offering money. I only spend what I've earned myself; I can say that even now. I help those who have nothing to eat. So, where does the money come from? I earn it myself. How? Not by fighting others. I know how to use my brain in ways others don't use theirs. Those who are smart and have talent get ahead of others. I will never be ruined. Many people prayed that I, and the Unification Church, would be destroyed. But, I haven't been destroyed. Though you may think that I might fall down right here and no I won't. 

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