The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Excerpts from Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
December 4, 2010

True Father continues to give guidance on a wide variety of occasions. What follows are brief extracts from Hoon Dok Hae at the Peace Palace in recent months, plus Father's extemporaneous comments extra to his prepared speech for the proclamation of the substantial word. The blue text in those excerpts are the sentences in the official text that preceded each additional comment.

September 5

If you love God, you need to serve Him and follow Him wherever He goes. You should serve Him from the moment you meet Him, and when you meet Him while you are on earth, you should follow Him, no matter where He may lead you. The question remains, how many steep hills will you have to climb along the way? For what reason have you followed me all this way up to now? Where am I heading? This is not our final objective; we still have some distance to go. In that course I will have to visit the United States. Who is supposed to complete the unfinished tasks that remain? It is our friendless Heavenly Father and the friendless Rev. Moon.

September 15

Whether you knew it or not, and whether you followed the path or not, you have continued to live your lives, not in the bosom of God but entangled with the bloodline of Satan. However, you have not been aware of this. These are precious words I am sharing. I'm talking about the oneness of body and heart....

The Fall occurred when the people who should have stayed inside the threshold stepped outside, and for this reason God could not live with them and had to drive them away. They had no choice but to disappear from His sight forever. Therefore, unless you cross that longed-for threshold, that eternal relationship with God will not come about, and the eternal fatherland of God and homeland of Heaven will not appear in front of humankind. The king of kings and the True Parents are destined to prepare the way for this. No one knows about the king of kings. Everyone has forgotten about Him. No one knows about the True Parents. No one knows that our life and love began from them. Why does no one know? Because of the Fall.

September 16

If the substantial aspect of God had appeared, had the word been proclaimed, and had the Fall not occurred in Eden, they would not have been separated from the word. They would have had lived with the word. We must enter that realm.... We must reverse the enemy relationship of brothers and eradicate the divide between heaven and earth. However, brothers who share the same root cannot kill each other.

Because Rev. Moon knows about this, he is engrafting the satanic world to the heavenly kingdom as the citizens of heaven. God has been divided into the internal God of Night and the God of Day. Similarly, your body and mind are also divided. Unless this division of body and mind is rectified on a fundamental basis, God's will, good people, and a standard of peace for the sake of evil people will never be established....

The Creator has to take responsibility for what He has created. This means that the True Parents must take responsibility for changing the lineage. True Parents need to decide what can be created in order to bring about the unity of the separated world of evil with the world of goodness. And it is True Parents' teaching materials that will bring about this unity.

October 7

From Father's speech at Hoon Dok Hae during the twenty-first anniversary of the Day of the Settlement of the Eight Stages Since I have fulfilled the responsibility God called me to carry out, you must follow me. You cannot walk in front of me, nor can you walk by my side. Not even God can walk in front of me. I must stand in front so that Cain, Abel, and the rest of the families can follow and be protected. God's family, and True Parents' family must stand in a straight line on the foundation of victory, and pave the way for the eog-mansei era of peace in heaven and on earth.

I have been offering Jeong Seong without rest so that God and all human beings may revive and shout a victorious mansei. Those families who have received such grace must be engrafted to True Parents' family on the global level. Heaven cannot be completed without first establishing the ideal world on earth. God must reclaim His rights as a parent over His original sons and daughters, from before the Fall. That is why we must move on to a new era, an era in which we, as one family, serve God directly as our Parent....

I told Sun-jo Hwang to teach the workshop participants that the responsibility of fulfilling tribal messiahship and holding Seunghwa Ceremonies must be completed while I am alive, not after I die....

If you understand, and complete the rest of your mission, God's work of salvation will be a thing of the past. Instead, we'll be standing on the foundation of victory and hope, where all liberated individuals, families, tribes and peoples, which God had once lost, will fill the earth and be governed by God. Such a new era will come.... It will not be a time to deal with personal situations but a time to elevate ourselves to a higher plane according to God's thoughts. You cannot elevate yourselves to the world beyond the eras before and after the coming of heaven without resolving to live with God as your actual parent and helping Him as His partners. Neither Satan nor antagonistic people will exist in the world. You must continue with this serious lifestyle of service that Father is bequeathing to you. It is not Father alone who makes a new determination. All of heaven and earth together make that new determination.

November 22

From the Cosmic World Assembly for the Proclamation of the Substantial Word, New York City

I believe I may be the oldest person here. This era, though, cries out for only the younger generation. Because you wish to hear from the younger generation, you would show interest in a younger man, but if a ninety-year-old grandfather starts speaking to you, you don't like that. Generally that's the case.

Nevertheless, I stand in front of you today on this podium because I know that the day we are to see in the future is not long in coming, and I feel that it is my God-given responsibility as a religious leader to bring everything to a settlement and a conclusion, and clearly express what the conclusion of everything will be, what the center will be, and what the path you should follow will be.

In the world, there are bridges that must be crossed horizontally, and ladders that must be climbed vertically. If the ends of such a bridge and ladder are separated, there will be no peace or happiness in the world. In contrast, if such a bridge and ladder meet at the central point and became one, and the one pillar that brought them together in harmony was established at that core point, we should be able to discover there the original homeland in which we can find peace and happiness, and the ideals that we human beings yearn for. So, today I will begin to speak about things you may not understand or know of, and about what we might find in the end -- the horizontal place of equal settlement, the vertical point of union, the vertical center and core. If the pillar were raised there, and the framework for the meeting point between God and humankind were found there, and if that framework were the family, nation or the world, that place would become the base in the family, nation or world for the ultimate peace and happiness sought by human beings, and the purpose God has called all humankind to fulfill. I have come to you because I believe in this, and we'll see if what we read today addresses this issue.

I know you want me to do well. Some may not wish to hear an old man speak loudly, yet if I talk too softly others may say I am doing so because I'm old. I'm afraid people may think that all old men should speak softly, so please give me a round of applause to encourage me to do this well! [Applause)

The title for today's speech is "The Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." These are concepts you don't really know, which are not found in ordinary dictionaries. Only when we understand them can we enter the era we've longed for. Even though this may be difficult, therefore, please bear with me with an open and inquiring heart as I read the speech. Now, let's begin....

How many of you have spent days and nights in tears, yearning to comfort our Father in Heaven?

Hey, you New Yorkers! Have you ever shed tears or not? You should know that this man standing in front of you has become so pitiable because he sheds tears every day, whenever he prays. Then, who would be right, the man who lived pitiably or the one who wasted his time doing nothing except dancing around? Who of the two would be right? If there is a God, He would listen to the pitiable man, wouldn't He? This is a serious point....

After two thousand years of preparation, His labor has finally borne fruit... on the Korean peninsula.

This is only too true. [Applause and cheers] Jesus will not come again to Israel, because it is where he died. He won't. Pray about it. Cut off my head if you want; he won't come there....

They called that single being and progenitor of all people Hananim -- the "One" -- in other words, God. They served Him as the Lord (who created night and day)....

The era of the individual, family, tribe, people, and nation! Satan has shackled the nation's wrists and he is guarding the key. How, then, will we free them from those chains?

You Americans! You who are old! Your days in this world are numbered. How, then, will you free yourselves before you leave this world? Tell me! This is a time in which we should hold a discussion to determine whether we will live or die, and if you ignored everything and wasted your time, you will all go to ruin. You will all disappear. That is why I feel anxious.

What, you might ask, does this Korean man have to do with the United States? I have not spent a cent of American money during my time here. I brought my own money and spent it. I don't owe any favors to Americans. Have I stolen anything? Have I done anything wrong? Have I molested married women on the streets? Have I broken up families? Tell me!

That is why I've come here. I need to clear my name before I die. If I don't do that, I will not sit quiet and might have no course other than to seek the intervention of God Himself, so that from the realm of spirit He punishes or blocks the ways of those who opposed me on earth. I am that kind of person....

The spirit of filial piety, fidelity, and loyalty, which are the fundamental virtues of human life, are still alive and breathing in Korean history.

This is why I've come here to work. How much has persecution has Rev. Moon received? If each of those incidents were a grain of sand, they would be enough to make a mountain, because so many appalling happenings took place. I've worked hard to forget them all.

Please pray about this speech. Fast for forty days at the risk of your life. I have risked my life to work in the U.S. What was it that I did such that I had to go to prison in the U.S.? Will you try to answer that? I brought money here to save the U.S. Even now I am giving financial support....

Elections conducted in a purely secular fashion will disappear from the face of the earth.

...You see, Rev. Moon knows who the invisible God is. The invisible God, the substantial God, the king of kings, and the True Parent should have been the one Parent, but instead, because of the Fall, He was divided up. It was the false and fallen Adam, Eve, and Lucifer who divided Him....

The Creator refers to the God of heart and the God incarnate, who are united as one in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden, God said of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, "In the day that you eat from it you shall surely die!" The God who said this was the true parent unrelated to the Fall in either mind or in body, the king of kings, the substantial Creator and the substantial, invisible God....

There is no center in east, west, north or south. Do you think America and the white people will be the center forever? Don't even dream about it. Neither the black people nor the yellow race will be the center forever. Only God! The God of Night and the God of Day, the king of kings will triumph and be enthroned in the position of True Parents. It is only those True Parents who have the concave and the convex aspects to reproduce God's sons and daughters.... [That was how] the incorporeal God could give birth to children.

Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden, weren't they? When do you think they began to clothe themselves? They began to be aware of the opposite sex from the age of ten, twelve, thirteen or fourteen. Girls mature before boys, because they have wombs and they are destined to become mothers. The sons and daughters of God cannot be born without a mother's womb!...

The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centered on God and True Parents shall be eternal.

There will be no more fighting. Take a look at the Unification Church. There are no other organizations like the Unification Church. The Japanese people and the Korean people are enemies elsewhere, but here they are brothers and sisters.

They intermarry. They are not just individuals. 57,000 Japanese people have intermarried with 57,000 Koreans. If people from the former Soviet Union and America intermarried, they would be registered in the kingdom of God within thirty minutes. It is that simple. Wait and see if that is true or not. See if that comes true or not in the victorious realm of True Parents. When the Abel UN and the Cain UN come under the dominion of God, within seconds the world will change into the world God has wished for.

True Parents' proclamation at the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind -- the Washington DC and New York Assembly, the Hoover Dam Assembly in Las Vegas...

Which came first, Las Vegas or the Hoover Dam? I will hold this conference for the Hoover Dam and not Las Vegas....

The only problem is preparing enough food for a year, and preparing food for the spirit world. We now live in an age in which we can prepare in advance the food we can consume for the next three, four, or even ten years. Anything can be developed if there is water. With the right temperature, even during the short time the sun is setting, we could plant cucumbers, melons or even watermelons....

We need to open the world of white people and black people, the world of peace. I will create a presentable model.

Every day the desert zone increases by twenty-five miles. We need to reclaim the desert, using the Hoover Dam.... Why don't you entrust this work to me and see if I can do it or not? I can do it. When I put my mind to something, I can do it. I know about science because I studied electrical engineering. All preparations have been made. Well, if you want to believe what I say, believe it, and if you can't believe it, don't believe it.

Everything will be as it should be, and if you are destined to go down, you will.

....and the Seoul Assembly in Korea, which is becoming God's homeland and hometown -- signifies the ultimate perfection, completion and finalization of the providence. This mission must be completed within the next two years and one month, by the D-day designated by True Parents.

Father concluded with: What this means is that we should live together. [Applause] I'm saying that we should guide one another to the right path and live together! Thank you.

December 4

From the Cosmic World Assembly for the Proclamation of the Substantial Word, Cheon Bok Gung, Seoul - The following is taken from what Father said extemporaneously, before beginning his prepared speech.

Please sit down. I can see many people have come here. For whom did you come? The Koreans have come for Korea. If God dwells in Korea, He still will not work only for Korea. You say you assembled here for God and not just for Korea, and because Korea can stand in the position to represent God....

And this man standing in front of you has the historic, God-given responsibility to culminate his life with history's Last Days. Knowing that I have the responsibility to bring the Last Days to a conclusion, I have continued to speak on many occasions to bring everything toward that conclusion.

What would your answer be if I were to ask you today, Did God really want His sons and daughters? What were they supposed to do? What would He have them do for Him? Would the people of today have lived the way they live now, or would things have been different? Has a new ideal kingdom of God been established where they can live separately as the elite? All these matters are obscure to you.

Moreover, is there just the one Creator or are there many? You may say, "I am a conscientious person" or "I'm not a conscientious person," and claim that there are two kinds of people, who are either conscientious or not conscientious, and that the former belong to God while the latter belong to hell and Satan. But I ask you, who determined that? Who decided that would be the case? You also say that human beings fell, but what is the Fall? It's not a simple matter.

If we conclude that there is a God and that there are some people He loves, then would He look like a man or a woman? There is not one person who says that God looks like a woman. If we say that God resembles a man, is there indeed a God who has the convex part like men? If we say He resembles a woman, is there indeed another God who has the concave part like women? These are questions that should be answered.

I see Archbishop Milingo has come here too! I see some famous people, including Dr. Min-ha Kim. I can also see tribal messiahs from around the world. The responsibility rests with you all.

Well, I have fulfilled all that I intended to do, and now at the end of the day, I have made a special plan and executed it by creating a new global organization for tribal messiahs. If we stay at the tribal level, though, we can only pass through the three stages of the era of the individual, family and tribe. Then who will deal with what comes after that and make it possible to go beyond all eight stages?

How can someone who doesn't know about the individual achieve perfection on the individual level? How can someone who doesn't know about the family achieve perfection on the family level? How can someone who doesn't know about the tribe achieve perfection on the tribal level? There are eight stages: era of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos, and God. How could we fulfill all the eight stages if we can't even pass through the third stage?

Jesus was not welcomed by his people when he came to earth, so he could not succeed at the level of a people. He was not welcomed by the nation, the world or heaven and earth. Though he was sent by Heaven, when was he welcomed by heaven and earth? If he was welcomed, why was he driven off the earth? Did Jesus come to die? Did he come for the purpose of being killed? This is not something you can speak about casually.

If there is a God, you need to negotiate with Him. Who can know if someone has spoken with Him or not? Who can know whether this someone is telling the truth or is lying? You will see in the course of history how many people have followed in His footsteps. Even after a hundred years, a thousand years, ten thousand years, or a million years -- from the beginning of history until billions of years later, do you think the world will still require a savior?...

The Unification Church teaches that mind and body are in constant conflict, but who is it that would know if this is true or not? You can know by yourselves! There is no need to even ask about it. The body and the mind fight each other day after day. And in this constant struggle, where can we find the origin of peace? This is also unclear to people. That is why if I was to reach a conclusion in front of God, I would say that He must be a person with that quality.

Why did God create Adam and Eve? Who is the Archangel Lucifer? I found out that the Archangel Lucifer was nothing more than God's servant.

Why? He is the God of boundless love and He wished to build the Kingdom of Heaven even in hell. Hell was created in the first place because of the wrongdoings of human beings. Then, in the original world before the Fall, how closely related was Lucifer to Adam and Eve?...

Jesus was driven out of the eras of the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. In the era of the individual, Jesus was unable to have a wife or children, or a tribe, and he died at the level of the tribe....

So, why have you all come here? I have reached a conclusion, and that makes everything simple, doesn't it? How closely related are Adam and Eve to Lucifer? Is he their uncle? Is he their second cousin?

Then has God ever had a wife to love, or cousins to love, and has He ever had a chance to embrace them and love them as much as He would like? Has God ever had sons and daughters or grandchildren to love and embrace? No, He hasn't!

Since that is the truth, God has plenty of love to give, and there should be a vessel into which He can pour His love, but until now there hasn't been any such vessel, has there?

If I start talking about these things I could go on for hours, and then I would get a reputation for speaking too long at the podium. So, should I talk for three hours or one hour? When I pray, I pray only for thirty seconds.

Why, then, do I speak for such a long time? It is because people who don't know anything, people of all races have come here, and I am trying to feed each and every one of them with at least a word each. When you hold a grand feast, you share out food even to beggars. It is only when you have given them dishes of pork, or pancakes at least, that they will compliment you and say they've been well fed.

Similarly, it would be nice if I could dish out words that would feed everyone at once, but gourmets who know about real taste do not like to share in such food. It is only the ignorant who eat anything they are given. Gentlemen choose carefully....

One thing I can tell you frankly is that Adam and Eve and Lucifer were not enemies; rather, they were cousins. I know that to be the case.

People say that God sends good people to the kingdom of heaven and evil people to hell. The question is, does the Absolute Being just hold these two in His right and left hand and juggle them around? That could not be the Absolute Being.

What is the root on which is based the concept of absoluteness? You have heard of the words, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. You have to be unique! If something is absolute does it have to be unique, unchanging and eternal?...

A shadow reflects the original form. That being the case, if God is the light, Lucifer is the shadow. Since we said the shadow resembles the original form, whom would Lucifer resemble? If we denied that this was so, we could not speak about goodness or establishing God's substance.

I know about the God of Night and the God of Day. I am aware that the king of kings and the True Parents exist and are meant to be the masters. The king of kings is different from the True Parents. The God of Night is different from the God of Day. Why has God been divided into these four entities? Why is it that, instead of the one that is needed, there are now eight entities that are all vying with one another? That is the result of the Fall.

Korean people know about the soul.... Rev. Moon of the Unification Church acknowledges the existence of the soul. I am the only one who speaks of the spirit self. I discovered its reality.

What's the difference between the soul and the spirit self? The soul refers only to the shell, whereas the spirit self refers to the inner and the outer aspects of a person. Therefore, the soul can be deceived and used by evil spirits. People who have lived in evil can just take this empty shell and fool others into believing that it is the real thing. In short, they are imposters.

They pretend in front of God that they are the spiritual bodies who are fit to become citizens of the kingdom of God, and that they are God's sons and daughters who are the perfected beings of God's family and can be loved as such. In reality, however, when such beings come to God and try to deceive Him, they are caught and punished....

The God of truth cannot create falsehood. He cannot create what is false. Therefore, Lucifer was given the title of the servant after the Fall, and he had to find the means to continue existing....

Well, in one way or another there still remains much work to be done. Everything needs to be resolved. For human beings, life is difficult. It is not easy to become God's sons and daughters....

When you see the title of the speech, you can see the phrase "the establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." It talks about "heaven, earth and humankind" and "the establishment of the True Parents." The question is, when the True Parents are established, can't heaven, earth and humankind be established as well? [Father laughs] Until the relationships between subject and object partners, Cain and Abel, front and back, up and down and left and right create the form of a sphere, the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind cannot be firmly established. Otherwise, chaos would reign.

There is the God of Night and the God of Day, and the king of kings and the True Parents. The king of kings could come from any nation in the world, for all the kings who have millions of subjects who love them could claim to be the king of kings. On the other hand, there can only be one pair of True Parents. They are the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

If heaven, earth and humankind cannot come to a settlement, could True Parents come to a settlement? They need to be in accord. This is the Cosmic Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God. The substance is different from the word. So, could we not hold the Cosmic Assembly with only the substance, or with only the word? Why? Are we proclaiming the substantial word? The Cosmic Assembly comes after the substantial word is proclaimed. Only when you can distinguish between the two can you understand what I am saying today.

You didn't know about the God of Night and the God of Day, did you? They are words like thunder! This dogmatic man from Pyong-an Province appeared out of nowhere and started talking about the God of Night and the God of Day. Do you think he knows about them or not? He is talking about them because he knows. I have been severely opposed because I was so disbelieved....

Now, then, let us move on to today's speech. In "the establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind," unless heaven, earth and humankind become one with the True Parents, nothing can be established. And this Cosmic Assembly cannot be held unless it can be proclaimed that the substance and the word of God have been united. Otherwise, God could not appear to us and be lord over us. 

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