The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Back from Las Vegas World Assembly 2010

Sun Myung Moon
November 27, 2010
Unofficial Notes: Rhia Clemente Nkulu

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you so much for all your prayers and good wishes, We made it there and back home safe!

It was truly so much Blessings to be there with our True Parents and In Jin Nim's family and meeting bros and sisters.

The World Assembly 2010 in Las Vegas was packed and there are many who couldn't sit, The overflow room for the kids and parents is also full. I was moved by the messages of Ms. Nina Alexander (Chair, Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee, USA), Ambassador Sam H. Zakhem (Former Ambassador of USA to Bahrain) and a Minister from North Carolina, they testified so well about True Parents and made True Father so happy.

True Father was so serious in his talk, that he continued to talk and ignored people clapping. Then close to the end of his speech made those animated gestures, which really you can see he is having fun. (At first he blew all the candles, then later on he walked to the stage and pushed the candles down, it was so cute that Only True Father can do it!).

In Jin Nim said that True Father was so happy yet so exhausted that he was flat in bed when he gets to his suite. In Jin Nim treated us so well with turkey dinner and all its trimmings, then had a gala and dancing with the LLM band music. After LLM Sunday Service, there are gifts filled with candies and coffee and hot tea for all to share. In Jin Nim really cares like True Parents care for his children, we are truly blessed to be have them lead us all.

In Jin Nim re-iterated in her Sunday sermon how truly lucky we are having our True Parents with us. We are the ones who hit the biggest jackpot of all and how much we need to support and proclaim them to all.

Just as Ate Edna said I represent you so I have to tell you what I received to share this blessings.

Again Thank you! Because of your prayers, We got home safe. There was a file of car crashes on the way home which was probably about a dozen car before our van and Kuya Gerry's van, that the road was blocked for over 1 hour. We really felt Heaven's protection along the way, Especially with my back pain and exhaustion. This is the first time I drove long distance from Las Vegas by myself, and with help from my guest Mrs. Smith. (Now I realized and appreciated more my husband for driving us there by himself.) Kuya Gerry and his family were happy and grateful to attend our invitation too. Truly I felt Heaven's protection was with us that day.

Here are few words I have heard as I was listening from the translation, This is not official message of True Parents. Any misinformation is my own responsibility.

It's a problem if you criticize me without understanding what I teach.

You are able to cross horizontal bridges but I can cross vertical ladder, There are lots of you going to hell, not many of you are going to Heaven.

I am worried what will happen to you if you don't do what I asked you.

If people will listen to me for this 3 years the world will change.

I never misuse public money, why I am hated?

Spring Breeze cannot be Autumn Breeze, I am Spring Breeze, after me summer is to come.

It is not my intention to speak tough words but It's time for me to leave soon. I am giving out my Autobiography so people can understand Rev. Moon. My autobiography will not fail. Your ancestors want you to follow Rev. Moon and help you.

You will see many Unification Church members will be elected officials in America.

Some people think of me as a False Parent but all I tell you is right.

Make a life or death situation to follow my teaching, I am not a liar, you will see in time. My words will not disappear.

Be like the people of Nineveh when you received this warning.

Jesus didn't come to die, You are mistaken if you think that way.

Even if I am not around if you work as I told you, Heaven will protect you. This is the time of opening up, there is no national barriers, Heavenly feeling means no national barriers.

Opening up the Kingdom of Heaven, return to the heart of one True God. Please guard this point in your heart. I request this to you on earth and even in spirit world, i will do it again. How can someone kill his cousin, Murder will disappear when we feel we are all part of one family under God.

Association of feelings is connected to spirit world, grow your spirit properly or you will not meet God in spirit world.

You have to know the truth and follow me.

International Exchange Blessings ceremony is needed to connect to heaven's lineage.

The Korea-Japan tunnel and the Bering Straight project should be endorsed by Religious people.

I have already proclaimed that Jan 13, 2013 will be the "Foundation Day. That day will be the actual beginning of God's Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be the origin, yet less than 3 years remain until then. The temperature is increasing, air is getting thinner, People should be humble and obedient to God.


Rhia Clemente Nkulu 

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