The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Word That Can Turn The World Upside Down

Sun Myung Moon
November 23, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden, NY
Unofficial notes: Mike Lamson

These are Unofficial notes and if they are shared it should be made clear at all times that they are not official. I do my best when I am with True Parents to take notes to share with members what but I do not speak Korean and can only do my best with what I catch in the translation.

True Parents entered the room and cut the cake. Everyone was clapping and the energy level was really high. After the cake cutting members offered a full bow and greeting.

Father asked that Won Ju read page 222 from Fathers sermons. The sermon was from 1964 -- Jesus Tribulation On The Cross.

Yesterday I gave you the word that can turn the world upside down so really pay attention. The secular world will not understand.

Father asked that his speech from yesterday be read.

Jesus died as if he was an enemy. God did not die and Jesus did not die at this time. Christians should not be proud to say this.

You need to understand the vast history of human beings. Now centering on one day everything should be turned upside down. My whole life has been for this.

In a matter of a minute, a second, a union is explosive. Life comes into being explosively. The sperm, the bone of the father, the egg of the mothers flesh come together. God's sperm has been searching for the perfect egg.

Where is the jar of convex and concave? Is it limited to spirit world or is it here on earth? Who is the owner of this jar?

The corporal and substantial parent and God should come together. East is East, West is West and North is North but there is only one owner of direction. Without this one foundation people separated by the Fall cannot come together.

Women have concave and men have convex but how can they come together? You fallen people need to know about this.

You all have belly buttons, hands, feet waist and sexual organs. All of this is X. How do you use them?

Will God come down or will humanity go up. God has to come down and then everything will come together.

Convex and concave will come together and there will be an explosion. Under the belly button is the love organ.

Father started counting on his hands and explaining things through his counting.

Things have order. When the left foot goes forward the right hand goes forward, when the right foot goes forward the left hand goes forward. Opposites move together. If East and West go together can North and south be included? If they all go separately what will happen?

How can we bring about the settlement base?

You all know the belly button right? Do men and women need the belly button? Centering on the belly button men and women come together. If they go together side by side what will happen?

The universe will live or die depending on the unity of X and O, so will men and women. If things are united as one there will be no killers. You tell me.

Men are represented by convex and want to go to a higher place. Men want to go up and women want to go down. This works.

Father gets up and walks around talking and showing us how opposites work together.

Men represent East, women represent West and they should meet at the center. The center should be the home. Can men have a home by themselves? They can come together at home and be happy, have children. People cannot just go to the east. Vertical and horizontal should meet together.

Father points to his head, eyes, nose and shares how they are all connected.

The head is the home of the mind, the home of thinking.

Men and women both have breasts but their breasts are different. Women's breasts are bigger. Who will touch the big breasts? The breasts need an owner so that they can come together in an explosive relationship and have children. When the children come they will resemble both the mom and dad.

Where is the home for the baby to be born? You are a PhD. and you do not know the answer.

You need to follow the absolute law. Men and women both close their eyes but for men it is hard to cry. Women can cry. If you do not have an opposite gender you have nothing. If you do not come together humanity will become extinct. Is this right or wrong? Men who want to live with men are crazy but they cannot live forever. Sometimes American men seem more concave than convex.

You need to give not just receive or you will be blown away. We need to live for the sake of each other. East for West, front for back, all must live for the sake of each other not living for self. There cannot be peace without living for the sake of others. We need everything to be united. The 5 organs, all parts of the body, convex and concave united is called true love.

When you enter into a harmonious home you will want to stay there, you will want to stay with your parents.

Father asks the women, do you like convex or concave? Father asked a woman to come forward. He bent he took her hand and bent it just a little. He explained that if he touches her hand lightly she is happy but if he bends it a little to strong she is sad.

My hands are strong.

To survive you need to attend well. Older siblings must love their younger siblings. There can be only one ultimate subject partner and you should center on the subject partner. At this time there are false subject partners.

You all lived in the house of the womb. Who is the owner of the womb? Women are the owners of the womb. Men, no matter how proud need to remember that they came from the womb, the palace of the woman. Who is more precious, man or woman? Concave is more precious. Is concave precious for herself or for her husband? Who can help her multiply? Without sperm there can be no birth. Without a spouse you will only become a widow.

Westerners, why don't you live in Korea. It is better for you to live in Korea. Why? I need to teach you about this. Western men, many are here right now, they like Rev. Moon. Is Rev. Moon a magician? When you are with me some of you never want to go away. I am a grandpa of grandpas but still men and women want to be with me.

Am I a bad person? If I was I could have caused the Fall and many men would have tried to kill me. I did not do that.

Why did I do the event in New York first? I needed to connect with New York first then I can go to Las Vegas.

Men should be able to love Rev. Moon more than women do. It should be like this. You men, do you love Father more? (The men shouted "we do.") You women, you have a husband right? Do you want your husband's to love me more?

You should be able to move this way and in all directions.

Father showed with his hands how to move in different directions

I have been able to do all things, I am the plus but I need people in the position of minus. If there is east then there is west. If there is North then there is South. They need to come together and protect each other. When you look at the school system there is elementary school, high school and college, they fit together. I established all levels of schools, even graduate schools, I was able to do all this. Father, Mother, siblings and all things.

The event that took place yesterday is a Washington/New York event, not the other way around. Now I will go to Las Vegas. We should all go together.

What if all Japanese register in Korea, then only tombs will remain in Japan.

Who are your ancestors?

Rev. Cho says "You are my ancestor."

What kind of people are you? Rev. Moon likes oneness because it keeps balance. There should be balance, men and women, north and south, we should keep balance. The Hover Dam/Las Vegas event is next.

All nations need to be registered. Do you want to be registered? Black people register but white people just shake their heads. You want people to follow you but that is not right.

Yesterday some people might have thought "how can you say something like that" I have to speak strongly because people are sick, I have to speak strongly to help sick people.

When I look at women, especially white women, they have different color eyes and hair. Father is looking at the white women and making some comments

Is this content true or not? OK means Open Korea, Open Kingdom, Open Kitchen.

Everyone must register in Korea. Americans might think that they do not need black or yellow people but that is not the right thinking. What is important is making a balanced result. Let's talk about this. Those people who cannot smell, think or explain will disappear. I want you to wake up. Are you going to follow your spouse or Rev. Moon? White people need to connect with father whether they like it or not. They do not know what I know or what I think. You were not able to teach my children and they opposed me, now they are growing up and supporting me.

How can you say someone is your wife without my permission? She is my sister first.

Father asks one brother to stand up and then asks his wife if she wants him to be one with Father.

I am getting older and I am leaving you with the needed material. These books are fearful books. You should relate to me as you attend God.

Father asked one brother to stand and sing a song and said that if he sings well he can have his wife back. Father really liked the song. It was a love song about a true Family. Father asks the brothers wife to stand and join him. Father asks her to help her husband and they sing a song together about living for each other, sharing hearts and holding hands.

I have to leave today for Las Vegas at 2:00 pm. The Colorado River has been flowing for over 3,000 years but now there is a dam. This is the only water there and if the water becomes less then the area will become like the moon, more miserable than the moon. I need to help find a way to bring more water to the Hover Dam. I will bring water from the ocean and make the ocean water into drinking water. If we can do this we can give water to millions of people. Water is the source of life.

The Jordan River is no longer a big river because much of its water is gone now. I took a bath in the Dead Sea.

Father started asking people where their hometowns were and talked with them about their hometowns.

I saw the grandmother flower growing behind my grandmother's tomb. I know from this that I had to become the grandfather flower in the front yard.

Based on the fact that Korea has become Gods homeland and hometown you will need a passport to enter. America is an important country but all of you must register.

Oyamada! Did you receive my order and register in Korea? Yes. Are your children here? If the father does not fulfill then the son will have to work on it for three generations.

Father asked Rev. Cho, the leader of Las Vegas who is also leading the Happy Health machine providence to come forward. He then asks Mimi-san to come forward as well.

All my cousins have gone to spirit world.

These two people Mother and Father can feel bad for because of their families.

Father joked with them asking if he should bless them together, Father said to Rev. Cho's wife, "Should I do that?" Father talked about how these two people, Rev. Cho and Mimi-san should unite and not fight. Father asked Rev. Cho to share something good about Mimi-san.

Rev. Cho shared that Father is making a big project in his hometown and that he and Mimi-san have the same hometown.

I don't want to say this but father is making me say this. I got good grades in school so I could attend a good middle school. My parents got a house near by but I did not like the house. I did not want to stay there. There was a house, very large, like a hotel and the owner let me stay there.

The daughter of the owner would always call me older brother. She would draw pictures and I would color them for her. We spent much time together but I never even touched her hand. Later I moved and did not see her again.

Father at one Hoon Dok Hae asked the two of us to shake hands, Mimi-san and I. We did not know why. When the Hoon Dok Hae was over we decided to talk and see how we knew each other or what Father saw in us. We found that we were from the same hometown. I shared about where I stayed when attending school and she explained that that was her house. It turned out that the girl I was coloring with was Mimi-san's older sister. Somehow Father knew that there was a connection.

Las Vegas is a place where people gamble and swindle. Father is changing this place where Satan dwells, a place deserving of judgment. Father came here to find at least 20 righteous people. True Father without sleeping would hold Hoon Dok Hae at all hours of the night until 4 am. Father is like the substantial God.

Father asked Rev. Hwang to share. Rev Hwang shared about how important it is to be registered in Korea. Father said that Americans can become Korean citizens.

Eventually we will not need elections. If people go back to their hometowns and serve they will be be asked to take public offices, become a king or queen, whoever becomes the center of their hometown does not need to be elected.

All can be completed if we attend, attendance is the key. By attending True Parents we become central to God's providence. All of you need to register in Korea.

Do you think you can claim everything just because you are Americans? I went to prison and suffered so much just so you could be registered. Now that Korea is God's homeland and hometown it will become the Korea of the world not a nation. Do you understand?

If you live your life casually just as you want you will be in big trouble. Spirit world is watching. Everyone should go to Korea. West coast, east coast does not matter everyone must go to Korea.

Father asked Rev Hwang to pray.

Remember that from the individual level all must go through the 8 stages.

True Parents of Heaven and Earth are trying to revive all those who are spiritually dead.

I fulfilled the 8 stages and completed what Jesus could not do. Without True Parents this was not possible. You need to understand this. You must give the Blessing to people then you can go to a higher place. This is your responsibility, there is no other way.

What if a bomb exploded and the earth is destroyed. I have made all the preparations to save you but you need to do your responsibility. Please live right as a Tribal Messiah on the foundation that I have laid. You just need to follow my directions. If you do not then your ancestors will come and take you away.

It is good to have guts. Everyone here must listen to me; all the leaders from the Washington Times must listen to me. I already decided on the new board, black and white, I decided.

You can never be more or do more important things than being a Tribal Messiah. I laid all the foundations for you.

I am now going to Las Vegas

Father talked about all the hotels and what their names meant.

Unification Church is not a religion; it is an association, HSA-UWC. Soon all religions will be abolished.

Do I have to clear up all the mess before I go to spirit world? I do. I have been working as your servant. You all need to be registered and stop complaining about this and that.

There is a possibility now that many volcanoes can erupt. You just wait and see what will happen.

I have to leave now. If you want you can follow me.

Father started leaving and members stood and offered a farewell bow. 

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