The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

People Who Center On The Secular World Will Have A Hard Time

Sun Myung Moon
November 22, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Unofficial notes: Mike Lamson
East Garden, New York

These are unofficial notes and if they are shared it should be made clear at all times that they are not official. I do my best when I am with True Parents to take notes to share with members what but I do not speak Korean and can only do my best with what I catch in the translation.

True Parents entered and all members present offered a full bow. Today was the 300th Ahn Shi Il so all members recited the Family Pledge in Korean.

People who center on the secular world, the earth, will have a hard time going over 50. 56 is like a mountain. Only after 56 and completing the 8 stages can you go to God. Everything goes stage by stage.

All was lost because of the Fall, this is when the false parents came.

I had to work so hard before the age of 48 to lay the needed foundations.

In Korea now Rev. Kwak has been replaced and is no longer the Boon Bong Wang or National Messiah to Mongolia.

Japan invaded Korea like thieves, you should not forget this.

There has not been a world of peace so because humanity did not attend God. For peace to happen we must come back to God. Body and mind should be united as one. The God of Day and the God of Night wanted to have children.

There is only one God but because of the false parents humanity lost the one God and peace.

What kind of person are you? What kind of child are you? The God of Night and the God of Day want children. Who do you think Rev. Moon is? Who else knows what I know?

You really need to know the love of God. Who is your ancestor, who is your parent?

You need to have mind and body unity. We all should go through different stages. We go through different stages of teachers, elementary, high school, college and graduate school.

What comes first the number 1 or the number 2? 1 comes first but 1 needs an object partner. They should come together and not fight. Cain and Able must unite. No matter what level teacher you are you must not fight.

God is also growing.

People from all backgrounds are here, even PhDs, but I know more. I graduated on a higher level than you.

Have you ever been slapped by me? You need to learn to take care of yourselves.

The 38th Parallel was created by people that do not think they need God. The God of Day and the God of Night need to be united as one. Adam and Eve need to be united as one. All beings at the time of Adam and Eve should have grown up with one mind and one heart.

If you love you want to see more and more.

If things go wrong people cannot keep their position.

Able was killed by his brother.

Ehwa University did not fulfill its responsibility and gave our members a hard time. You need to understand that our church history is filled with much suffering.

When you reach 89 it is hard, not like being 70. You should keep your posture straight and you will be stronger. I need to give you even this kind of education.

So much restoration through indemnity.

Who is Rev. Moon? Who resembles who? People say Rev. Moon is King of Kings so do all kings resemble Rev. Moon or does Rev. Moon resemble all the past kings?

For the parents of heaven, earth and humankind to have a Sabbath what should be done?

If you do not attend you will become extinct.

Father talking with one leader:

What happened to Reiko (sister from Las Vegas)? Did she die while in a tragic condition? Did you let her die? I asked you to bring her to me but you decided not to do that, you should feel responsible for her death.

Jesus died before he married. You all have a husband or a wife. You all have belly buttons. Who can be in the position of the belly button? True Parents! Guard your belly button well.

If someone cannot marry by 48 years of age it is hard for them to have children. This is why you need to learn from Rev. Moon. If you are children you should learn from your parents.

Father played with the Korean word for mocking bird.

If you say the word this way it means, nothing bird, if you say it this way it means beautiful bird. Where ever I go I become the teacher, like the ancestors.

I gave some people the Seunghwa ceremony but it should not be a ceremony only when you die.

Adam, Eve and the archangel were created by God.

I am the one that is teaching the ancestors and I am the one teaching you. You should be willing to listen and learn. There are many things that you do not know. I don't like to hear that I am a religious founder. I do not want this title and want to run away from it but I need to educate people about God.

I am the only one teaching about the God of Night and the God of Day and that the archangel violated Eve. They became the false parents and they were not with the right partners. I teach things that others do not know. You need to listen to me even if I am putting you down. You need to know what you should do. I am the Teacher of Heaven. Everything that I tell and teach is true. I love the word, it makes me very strong.

Father is walking now through the members talking with them.

Not many people can win me over in wrestling.

I was tortured and shed many tears so that I could bring God to His homeland. Because I wanted to do this I could survive many difficulties. I taught people with the truth and lived a very dedicated principled life. Many times people spat on me. If people are going to fight me they need to do it with true things not false things. You should be willing to go through mistreatment, not running away. Going through it is the way to the throne of God.

Everything I have and do is to liberate God. If you are Blessed then you should be children that are ready to serve parents. Parents want to give and give and forget that they have given. I am that kind of parent. You should know how much struggling I went through to fight Satan. You need to know the Principle and the three stages, three ages. Old, New and Completed testament.

There should be an equal number of men and women following me. Will you follow me? You need to use my teachings as textbooks. You need to do things the right way. God is the owner and you need to listen to the words I am giving in today's Hoon Dok Hae.

Tonight I am going to give a speech.

Father talks with Dr. Yang.

I have so many things to say so but what I will say keeps being revised, we did this all night.

All of you can be my friends now. You should know that I am speaking the truth and you should proclaim this. If you don't follow there will be problems.

Who was the 41st President? Kennedy. He was Catholic. I tried to save that family but they would not listen.

Father asked Won Ju to start the Hoon Dok reading. He asked her to read his new speech. In Fathers special fashion he talked off and on through the speech reading. Much of what he shares now is from what is being read:

If you do not know Gods will, Gods lessons , you will be in trouble. As Koreans you should know what it means to have a loyal heart. Rev. Cho and Mimi from Las Vegas -- you should be united!!!! Will you follow my directions? You need to believe what I am telling you.

I was recognized by the God of Day and the God of Night. You need to be connected to the lineage of True Parents.

If America does not follow this way America will become extinct. No free sex.

You need to attend True Parents for a certain period. What is going to happen to those who do not know this?

Some people say that Jesus came to die. How can they say this? Jesus was alone when he prayed. Satan, the enemy, has caused all this. People don't know.

We are supposed to find the right place to die. God is such a pitiful being.

Understand the life I have lived. Many of my teeth were pulled out as part of the torture I went through.

How many days are remaining until Foundation Day? 823.

If you have a right life you will not go rotten. We should become the kind of people that can communicate with heaven and earth, with mind and body united.

Based on repentance we are asked to restore everything. Some people say it is all lies, but I am the one that has married all the past saints and sages. They did not know the relationship between God and people. Even Christianity does not know basic things.

What came first, Las Vegas or Hover Dam? Las Vegas. If you do not know this then you cannot come to the Las Vegas event.

Father talks with Rev. Cho again and asks him why he did not take care of Reiko.

Father asked some of the leaders what was going on with the Japanese kidnappings.

Rev. Moon has been going through many things but people don't know about it. The question is can and will you follow.

Wherever you need to go you need to take care of things. If there is no bathroom where you go then take a can with you.

Father talking with one Korean member:

When I tell you to do something why don't you do it?

Father was talking about something that was not done with the Soviet Union.

I know things that others do not know so the best thing to do is to just follow my direction.

Father spent time talking with some Korean members and giving them guidance and advice.

Many women wanted to be close to me from Ehwa University so some professors came to investigate. The president of the university caused a lot of problems for me and the members and they need to repent for this.

In the spiritual world all kind of things are happening now. If America has the marriage blessing with enemy nations things can be restored quickly.

Father asked everyone to put their hands together and showed them how to do it. Father asked everyone to look at their hands and the way the thumbs were placed. He said that if a husband and wife's thumbs are placed opposite (right thumb on top or left thumb on top) then they are good for each other.

These days many children in our church are doing well right now. People cannot compete with Unification Church members. Members can fast for three or even seven days, no problem. We should be willing to go through challenging situations.

I can catch any kind of fish and have fished all over the world. I have established many different kinds of schools. The Chung Pyung High School is now a very famous school with many famous teachers.

Once you are Blessed you should never get divorced. You should work things out.

I can still do many things but you need to and should do your mission. I do not even sleep at night. Do you want to do something that I ask you to do? Will you do it? Will you listen to me or not? If so say it out loud!

Have the heart and the mind of a child, a son. If you do this you can be liberated. If you are liberated you can have anything. We should all work hard to liberate heaven and earth.

You should know the God of Day and the God of Night. There have been many false parents but now we need peace on earth that can last forever and forever.

Who is the owner? Rev. Sung Myung Moon.

O.K. -- Open Kitchen, Open Korea, Open Kingdom, everything will be OK.

What I am saying is not a dream it is a reality. If you cannot believe then you can ask questions. You need to study all the textbooks so that you can bring the final victory. You need to complete this. Only through True Parents can you get the textbooks. They are from God.

Try to find even one saint that is not blessed by me. I am bringing them all back to earth to help make unity and peace.

You should have absolute faith, love and obedience. All the stars can be yours and you can travel freely through the spiritual world so why believe in earthly things. You must be resolved to follow this path.

There should be oneness and unity between religion and nations for the Bering Strait and Japan/Korea tunnel. The Marriage Blessing can bring everything together and the final victory. The coming world, will be Gods world.

Father asked one sister to come up and sing a song. He was smiling and then shared that this sister was so serious when she prayed that once her skirt fell down while she was praying and she did not even notice.

In the future all those with all eyes open can join. I taught you all the details so now you can know things.

Soon all your ancestors will come down. If you really understood this you would quickly bless your ancestors. All the saints are following me now.

Father to Dr. Yang:

All the nations representing Cain and Able need to be at the speech tonight. Everyone should be reached so they can go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

One family Under God. Blessed families must take responsibility to liberate God. There is only one God. God is giving birth to children that stand in the position of love. Do you understand what I am saying?

I don't need material things or material gifts. The invisible gift is more important than the visible gift. We need to seek for the True God.

You must make an eternal commitment then you can kiss.

I can live without eating or sleeping now. This is a time when we can be happy. Do women have convex or concave? Concave. The concave should go to the convex. One is deep and one is high. The convex can only rest in the concave.

There is a womb and the concave is connected. The lineage is here. This is the base to connect lineage and how one family can come into being and continue.

All 12 tribes should be connected. Those who are meant to die will die but they should be connected to the true lineage.

You must do things with true Parents permission or you are a thief.

You must raise your children with the word so God can live with you and your lineage. You can be my younger brother, my younger sister, my tribe and you can have grandchildren. You can shout ok mansei with this kind of lineage. You should protect this.

Father talks to Dr. Yang:

You need to do things on your own and not use public money for yourself. I never use public money for myself.

Father asked everyone to lift their hands and feet and dance with God. If you do this everything will be well.

The water of life comes out of the concave. It is not dirty water it is the water of life. This is a very special thing and can even heal people that are sick.

You need to understand where you are in terms of your position. Up. Down, East or West you need to know your position so you can know where the sun rises and where you should go. What direction is the sun when it rises? You should know that the sun always rises in the East and that behind you is the West. You can know.

Father started counting on his fingers and told people that they needed to know to find 7 and how to find the center. Father asked all the members to put their hands together and explained about how you can know things by the way your hands connect.

You can know how to get a good partner. You should check this out before you marry your children off. You can do this also with your in-laws -- this can be a safe way. Depending on the position of the left thumb or the right thumb you can have a good match. If you cannot marry well then some people suffer much. Maybe this is one way to prevent this from happening to your children. What is important is to find the person you are destined to be with as a spouse.

Father asked the people whose left thumb was over their right one when they put their hands together. Not so many people stood up so Father scolded a little and said people should listen, more people stood up. Father then asked the people whose right thumbs were over the left to stand up and told them that they were very independent people.

I do not want you to be separated in the spirit world so always know how to find where you are.

You must always be ready to greet God in the right way. Those whose right thumb is over the left thumb like to wander around and maybe take people's money and maybe bury them alive. Do you understand?

When you marry your children off you should get rid of your fallen nature.

Father continued to talk more about how to tell things from your hands but I could not follow. He said marriage is important so pay attention to this.

We need to have parents with us and we should be able to control ourselves whether we are happy or sad.

I can knit, sew and cook and I know that the food I cook is good. I am good at selling things, I can help people sell things, big or small things it does not matter.

I like to make things and give them to people. Giving things I make to people, makes me happy.

Father asks another sister to sing. She forgot the words to the song she was singing and Father laughed and asked her just to make up her own words. Father laughed some more and showed her how to make up words.

Father asked the East Garden staff to offer everyone some McCol but there was not enough so he asked them to pass out some candy. People started to throw candy around and this made Father happy.

Father asked another couple to sing a song and Father sang along with them. Father asked the wife to sing another song about making a promise. Father sang along with her in his True Father way making many noises and he looked so happy.

Father asked an elder brother to come up and sing a song about hometown.

When I was young the animals used to follow me around. They knew the right person to feed them. I like songs about hometown. I wish all people could live in hometown.

Father asked another couple to sing a song about love, true feelings, true heart.

Father asked one sister to share some stories. He said that she made many friends that will protect our movement:

Two of my children were able to attend a very good private high school thanks to True Father. Many famous people had their children in this school. My children are really good children so many parents liked them. The parents always wanted to take care of my children so we got to know the children and parents at the school well. We were always open about who we were and what church we belonged to. One mother asked me why True Father always went to Yosu and why my husband always went with him. I stated that Rev. Moon had a vision about Yosu and that even though it was not developed yet that Rev. Moon saw beauty there and was developing it for the future.

Later the government made Yosu a special project and this mother started telling all her friends about True Fathers vision. Parents started calling me asking me how Rev. Moon can see into the future. After this I started meeting with the parents often and they could learn about the church.

After True Fathers autobiography was published, these parents who were high level people called me and said that they saw the book in the store and wanted to know if I would like them to buy me one to. All of them liked the book and were excited about the content. They bought many copies to send to their relatives and friends and shared with me what they read. One person's father was so inspired. He was the president of a bank and the leader of a catholic group. He gave many copies to his group and when he went to confession he had to tell the priest about it also. I was asked to come and share about the book with this group. In the end they offered to support me if I wanted to run for a any office. They organized a special catholic conference and asked me to come and speak. I was surprised as all the people there are beautiful but I am just plain. They respected me so much and when they watched to video the women said if they new rev. moon when he was younger, well you know they said he was handsome and a sexy man.(Father really laughed when she said this) They all liked Fathers words.

Many people are waiting for true Parents so we just need to reach out.

Father asked another sister named Mimi to share her story. He said that she has read his book over 10 times and cries each time.

I left Korea over 30 years ago so America is my home. Father always calls me Mimi-san but I am not Japanese I am Korean. I work 10 to 12 hours each day 6 days a week but I could not stop reading Fathers book and shedding tears. I could not believe that I spent my whole life only thinking about myself yet here is a man that sacrificed everything. I am not even a church member yet but I love Fathers life.

I asked my husband to read fathers book but he did not read it yet. He says he will. My parents died over 25 years ago and when I do not see True Parents for a while I worry. I have nothing and I am nothing but True Parents always treat me like a VIP.

Father said:

You should never say that you are nothing.

Father asked another person to sing a song, he said that this person loves his wife so much that he has become her slave. After the song finished father expressed that he was surprised that he had not heard the song before and did not know the song, he was happy about that.

Father asked this member to share his story:

I joined in 1956 as a married couple. This was so difficult. The only meal was one potato a day and I had to sleep outside. One day there was nothing to eat and we had no money so my wife tried to sell a basket of fruit. It was so heavy that she wanted to throw it away but one man came up and bought everything. God always helped us.

Father gave us a mission to Germany and asked us to bless 120 couples but we blessed 1200. My wife was crazy to do this. It was not easy to do the blessing in Germany so I asked my wife to come. She only knew how to greet, say the phone number and the church address but she pushed and pushed. To move people's heart you have to give everything seriously when you obey Fathers directions. When you do this, God works.

One lady came up to my wife and when she saw the picture of True Parents she shared that she had a dream that this couple gave her a blessing. She went to get her husband and came back with many flowers for True Parents picture and received the blessing.

If we really obey then spirit world will be mobilized. When giving the blessing with candy some people complained that it was not a real blessing. One elderly man was given the candy and asked for another, suddenly he just disappeared and then he came back a completely new person. Unity with Fathers words and direction make spiritual experiences possible.

While we were pioneering we often had to sleep outside, we could not even display the Unification Church sign.

Now we can live a comfortable life and we should all be grateful and happy. We should always have Divine Principle workshops and many people can become a part of the True Family. I want to always do my best. We are still doing many things following our True Parents.

Father asked the Korean leader for Canada and his wife to sing a song. He told Father that he was nervous and asked Father what song he should sing. Father told him to share how he became one of Fathers in-laws.

When I joined the Unification Church I drastically changed. In Christianity they always talk about speaking in tongues and spiritual things. My family was already 3rd generation Christians but when I graduated from seminary I no longer believed in God.

One day I met Col. Han and he just said follow me to somewhere. He would not say where but we went to see Father. I asked Father why I could not connect to spiritual things. Father explained that there were two kinds of people, heart and intellect. He said that I should work on understanding the principle intellectually. I was liberated by this.

I still longed however to have spiritual experiences. Once when I was traveling and teaching I went to sleep and saw a beautiful lady in a white robe, she came very close and I was young and healthy so I did not know what to do, should I hug her? I shouted in my sleep and that woke me up. I was sad because she was gone. My shout woke Elder Hong up and when I shared my dream he said that he was dreaming the same dream and that he also wanted to hug the lady but my scream stopped him.

This was my first spiritual experience, I was 28 years old. I was happy.

He continued to share a few more spiritual experiences but I got too tired to keep writing.

In 1963 we were so poor that we could not bury our children when they died. One baby died and the parents continued to sleep with the baby. At the same time two other babies died, all girls. These three daughters appeared together at Chung Pyung.

One of the daughters was his and I believe that he shared that his daughter that died was then matched with one of the True Children that had died as a child and that that was how he became an in-law to True Parents.

After this Father concluded Hoon Dok Hae and everyone offered a bow and said bye bye to Father. 

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