The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Historic Providential Meeting Of True Parents With His Excellency the Prime Minister of The Solomon Islands

Sun Myung Moon
November 18, 2010
Unofficial Notes: Paul Saver

On November 18th, 2010, a Solomon Islands Government delegation of seven, including the current Prime Minister, the Honorable Danny Phillips and the Minister of Rural Development, the Honorable Lional Alex joined True Parents for Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Jeong Gung, Chung Pyung, Korea. The government delegation was supported by UPF Oceania staff of seven headed by Oceania Continental Director Dr. and Mrs. Kim.

The meeting began with True Parents rearranging the seating plan placing the entire Oceania delegation of fourteen (14) in the front row of the room alongside Hyung Jin Nim and his wife. Approximately one hundred people, mainly Korean elders filled the room. True Father insisted that the positioning of people in the room was really important in front of Heaven. No doubt there was also a providential reason for the seating plan. With this in mind, True Father declared that "to liberate and save humanity, the Ocean Providence plays a very important role"

True Father directed Mrs. McDevitt to read from a section of his speech titled "Let's Find Our Original Hometown" first delivered on October 7th 1964. Peter Kim translated.

Before beginning the reading, True Father directed everyone to offer a full bow to Heavenly Father and True Parents "according to the Korean tradition." Since everyone was sitting on chairs, only the front row, could effectively complete a full bow. But that didn't matter since the front row, most importantly, included the Solomon Islands PM.

Next, True Father forewarned that what he would say would challenge those present but the door was open for anyone to leave. However he hoped everyone would stay.

Before the reading commenced, True Father said that what he spoke 46 years ago is exactly the same as what he is teaching today

Here are some of the excerpts of the reading:

We don't have a true hometown with true brothers and sisters... we gather to find our original hometown.

We all feel a guilty conscience.

Our original mind is yearning to become one with the Creation. The Creation is a special gift from God.

In our time now, we as human beings are living in a state of insecurity. Our mind is heading toward God's goal but our body is being left behind.

Our conscience demands that we give our best possessions to the poor people.

The utmost hope of our conscience is to inherit God's goal and to have God in our mind. Because of this conscience, God has been able to conduct His Providence.

In the future, truth will explode. Nothing will remain.

A life of prayer is a short cut the conscience is taking to reach the goal.

The highest level of religion is "God is parent". The best teacher is the one who teaches that God is our parent. That same teacher should promote how we can practice brotherly love.

Christianity is in the position of the highest religion. It teaches that God is our parent.

Our greatness is determined by how much we live for the sake of others.

The Unification Church is a wandering group searching to find our hometown for the sake of humanity.

True Father then got up and spoke. He appeared really strong with full color in his face. It comforted me to see him speaking with such passion and vigor. The atmosphere was charged.

True Father referred to the Prime Minister as "God's son".

Over the course of the next half hour or so, True Father gave a short summary of his Tour speeches which included his proclamation of his messiahship, exchange marriage as the only solution to world peace, the mistake of Jesus' crucifixion due to the failure of the leaders of Judaism, the providential necessity of Jesus getting married and only True Parents couple unites the physical and spiritual worlds. All the kind of stuff that would blow away any diehard fundamentalist.

When True Father was speaking about our willingness to marry our children to our enemies children, he turned to the PM and asked him "Will you offer your children to be blessed in marriage to people of other nations? What about you? "

On top of all that, True Parents got the front row including the PM, to do another two full bows at separate times during his speech, making a total of three full kyungbaes.

By this time, True Father looked very happy and beckoned the PM to step forward and stand facing him. The PM responded quickly and positively. True Father looked him in the eye and asked him "Do you understand what I have been talking about?" The PM responded by nodding his head and saying "yes" with a smile on his face.

A table was positioned between True Father and the PM. Even so, True Father leaned over and offered his right hand to shake the PM's right hand which they did. Whilst they were shaking right hands True Father offered his left hand to shake the PM's left hand which they did. All four hands were moving at the same time. Then True Father began moving left and right hands backwards and forwards in an alternate fashion. Finally True Father leaned further over and pressed his head against the head of the PM and held it there for about five seconds. Both True Father and the PM were beaming in delight.

Personally I could not stop the flow of tears. It occurred to me there and then that True Father had orchestrated the entire event all aimed at getting the PM to make the condition of offering three full bows during which he received the full force of God's Word. The PM's child like heart and humility, the kind that Jesus spoke of, shone through. The PM was making a condition, representing the nation of the Solomon Islands and indeed Oceania.

Next when the PM sat down, True Father turned to him again and asked him "If I arrange to bring leaders of 193 nations to the Solomon Islands next year, would you welcome me, receive them and create a great meeting for world peace?" He answered immediately and positively with a resounding "Yes". True Father kept smiling.

Soon afterward, True Father stopped talking. The purpose of the meeting was done.

Hyung Jin Nim was called up to say a few words. Significantly, he said that in the Korean tradition the action that signifies the greatest feeling of closeness is the act of pressing your head against that of another, something that all of us would like to experience with True Parents but cannot.

After a representative prayer offered by Hyung Jin Nim and three cheers of Monsei, the Oceania delegation together with the PM were invited to have breakfast with True Parents.

Quickly True Mother appeared with gifts that she personally presented to the PM. Also more bags of gifts were presented to the entire delegation.

After True Father arrived he announced that his tailors were ready to measure up the PM and everyone in the room so as to receive the gift of a tailor made suit from True Parents.

During the course of the breakfast, the PM indicated to True Father that he had attended an event in Washington DC in 1997 and he said to True Father that True Father "Had not changed a bit."

Later it came out that the PM was so amazed at the physical strength of True Father when they shook hands.

Clearly on this day, the 18th November, 2010 , Heaven had descended working through True Father and the current Solomon Islands Prime Minister to move the Providence a step further to realizing God's ultimate age old dream of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


Paul Saver

Brisbane, Australia
Nov. 21, 2010 

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