The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Original Mind Starts With The Right Hand

Sun Myung Moon
November 7, 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hoon Dok Hae
Unofficial notes: Michael Lamson

Leaders from Japan, Korea, America and Europe were invited to Hoon Dok Hae at Cheon Hwa Gung, the new residence for True Parents in Las Vegas. Everyone started arriving around 4:30 am and greeted True Parents with a bow at 5:00 am.

Father sat down and asked everyone to say Hunsol (spelling is not right but he said it means bull). Even lions are afraid of bulls. Bulls have two horns. Do you have two horns? The person who has dominion over these two horns must have a right hand and a left hand.

The original mind starts with the right hand. Raise your right hand and make a fist. This shows strength. If you raise your hand with your hand open it looks like you want to ask a question. Father continued to talk a lot about hands and fingers and how they move. (I had a hard time following this and the translation was not clear.)

You can tell a lot about a person if you know about hands. Even simple things you don't research.

Sometimes people think I make things up but these things I talk about have been true always.

You have to understand everything. You cannot ignore order.

The American President has too short time in office to do anything, 4 years is not enough. Who made it like that?

If not for the Fall people would understand their original mind, your original mind understands everything about hands and fingers.

How can you just sit, you should be always climbing up and down.

Buddha says that you do not need God that humans are the greatest.

The Chinese character for (not translated) represents the two horns of a bull, the two hands and the two sides of the brain.

Raise your hands if you think you are ready to graduate and save the world. (no one raised their hands to this one) No one can do this without understanding the hand, the fist. God can make a fist through His children.

We can learn everything from God our parent.

How will we find an unchanging pillar, a subject?

The right hand is absolute. God is the right hand, it is centered. The right hand will allow us to find the fundamental place of happiness. Why do we need right hand and left hand? This is where you find God Himself. The right hand is farther from the heart than the left.

I am a soccer player, a wrestler and a gymnast and I can do many things with my right hand. You use the right hand to protect the heart.

Both white and black people do bad things. America tried to be above Russia and China.

There was no politics or freedom in the Garden of Eden.

People who do not have anything to eat must beg. God is not happy about this.

Father asked one member where they came from, he said from Japan.

People in Japan came from China or from the south. The first Emperor of Japan had Korean ancestors.

There is so much meaning in counting on your fingers, they represent south, north , east and west. No one knows this.

Father talked a while about the kidnapping in Japan but I could not follow this, he was speaking in Japanese.

When you make an offering you cannot offer an animal that has no horns. Who likes dung the most, cats and dogs do, they eat their dung. A cat is like a sheep that is raised in the home. If something smells bad a fly will come.

Sharks and whales live below sea level. Crocodiles and poisonous snakes live on land. Did you know that some flying fish can fly 150 miles?

You cannot just nod your head when asked a question, you have to answer. We need to understand things like our hands and fingers so that we can bring order.

You need to know that my teachings are absolute and true. I am an absolute person, an absolute owner.

Father started to speak again in Japanese. He focused a lot on the Japanese leaders attending Hoon Dok Hae.

I know that you do not understand the secret of the hands that I am talking about. In the free world people clap anyway they want but in North Korea they clap in order.

During the Fall God was kicked out of the family and Cain and Able killed the parent.

Dogs will die for their owners, a cow will do that to. You need to be willing to die for the owner if you want to go to a good place in the spiritual world.

Father does not want to become the owner of Asia or a big person, he wants to help someone stand like that.

Father continued to talk in Japanese for quite a while. He talked about a famous Japanese general and about a Japanese submarine that Japan has created that is better that America's or Russia's.

If we could embrace China and India we could win the Pacific. What do you think, Japanese members? China would like to take over the whole world. They may think of a dangerous way to this, like setting off a bomb. God is aware of this.

You need to go through the God of Night and Day to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Unification Church, centered on True Parents is being prepared to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

All kingships in the world will disappear, everything is going to change. We will attend together a substantial God and get a substantial passport to heaven.

If we do not take care of Japan it will disappear.

Father used Japanese slang meaning "you yellow.") He was not happy -- he asked Japanese leaders if they could take responsibility to protect Japan.

This is the final stage of the providence and God is aware and concerned, He is paying attention to what we are doing.

If you just go about and don't participate you will create a problem. I do not live like that even though I am over 90 years old and God may call me soon. We can do this, you can do this. Can you determine to do this? If you do not make a deep determination at this time you will fade away. In this final stage we need to be serious.

You are in front of me but you have no fortune. I already created a plan in the able realm.

Father talked about a famous fighter, Sayo Takamori, he said this person was guided by heaven. He likes this person. He also talked about a great Japanese teacher Ashi Ashori (spelling may be wrong).

Japan invaded Korea and when father was in Japan he was tortured. How do you think about this?

I have trained my body so that I could survive. I have always marched towards my vision even through difficulties.

Through soccer teams Father wants to embrace North Korea. That is why we created both men's and women's teams. Father was in the bathroom when the Korean team won and he could hear the shouts from everywhere.

Yosu is so beautiful. Father decided to start developing things there before people realized how beautiful it was. God was the one who decided to build there and father just followed.

More important than economies and economic systems is being registered as a citizen of Cheon Gil Guk.

Most countries just imitate America. We need to rethink if this is the correct direction. God shows father the correct way for the world to go.

If Japanese, Korean and American members can unite and support Fathers direction then everything will work. Those who do not will just fade away.

Do you know how to get a certificate to be a citizen of Cheon Gil Guk? Over the last 120 years there has been so much conflict then True Parents came. If you develop a parent child relationship with true Parents you can become a citizen and God can become King of Kings.

This is a time for the realm of peace. We should all shout mansei. This eternal peace, this holy generation will be a time when the relationship between men and women is centered on God.

If Japan does not attend True Parents it is very dangerous, like in the Garden of Eden. Japan cannot understand Fathers vision. If Japan attends, loves and respects True Parents then Japan will be lifted up. Father is not stupid, he knows how to raise up nations. Japan cannot make money now but through donating to Gods will doors can be opened up, doors to victory.

You need to know what you believe and God will give you many blessings. Following God and True Parents and uniting is the key. If members do this a nation can change.

The invisible God and people unite to create Gods providence. People who are not aware of this will fade away.

Father talked some more about historical Japanese leaders but I could not follow the names.

Father talked about President Kaboki and told President Oyamada that people need to understand what Japan did to Korea.

The Bush family, three generations were supposed to be president. Jeb should have become president. If he did then North and South America would have been united.

Hawaii and Madagascar are in the position of Cain and Able at this time.

Father shared for a while about the importance of the ocean providence. Father talked about the Hover Dam and said that we should catch 160 fish, different kinds of fish, in Lake Mead . We also had to do this in South America, it is a condition.

Did Furuta and Kamiyama do this? You should catch 160 different kinds fish before you can return to your countries.

January 13, 2013 is 838 days away.

If Japan cannot follow then all blessing will go to Taiwan and other countries. People who oppose the Unification Church or True Parents will need to give compensation in the future. Japanese members need to decide to rise up or die. Father shouts "rise up and do it"

How about Koreans, can I trust you?

You can put many Xs into even a small O but you cannot put and Os in an X.

Some parts of the providence only Father knows. Even God depends on Father to fulfill. The July speech has all the important things in it.

If Japan cannot fulfill, Father will move the providence to China. As a nation, Japan will disappear without unity with Father. Russia and China might rise up and take Japan's position.

Hover Dam is Americas largest dam. The techniques exist to complete the Bering Strait project.

Father wants to liberate China and North Korea. These two countries are always trying to discover Father's plan. They cannot understand because the plan is to high.

True Mothers back is hurting today.

Father asked that the Hoon Dok Hae reading start. A speech from 1964 #14 was shared.

You should hold Fathers words close to protect your heart.

Some of the fish in the Hover dam can be used for medicine. The world is full of many animals on both land and sea.

For over 50 years I have been researching the Kingdom of Heaven. When I was 7 or 8 years old people would listen to me and tell me their secrets.

Father talked for a while about his childhood but I could not follow any details.

In order to make the Heavenly Nation I have saved up money.

Father asked all the Japanese leaders to stand up. 35 leaders stood up.

Oyamada, are these leaders qualified to be leaders?

Father talked to the leaders and was upset that some leaders had made had made a mess of things. He said he would change some leaders soon.

I will make a Peace Army. Little Angles and Universal Ballet have gone around the world. In the past I have not been so involved but now I will be.

This will be a time when many people will move to Korea. Blessed Families and Unification Church members will start moving to Korea.

People used their hands in the last blessing to choose their spouse. 80% of these couples will stay together.

All of you need to become representatives of the Lord of the Second Advent.

Elections will soon go away. There will be no more elections, are you ready for that to happen?

Father said that all Japanese Blessed Central Families should have already moved to Korea. If your children are not ready to move to Korea then the parents should move. (Father was talking to the Japanese members)

I will make the Bank of the Heavenly Nation and also a women's bank.

I always put the first fish I catch each day back in the water as an offering. You need to learn how to catch the most precious people. In Lake Mead it is hard to catch trout but easy to catch carp.

Many fish, animals, and plants can be made into medicine. I am receiving this knowledge.

Father asked True Mother to come and explained that she is having a hard time sitting because her back hurts.

Japanese members should become the ambassadors to Korea in the embassies.

The Mother Nation and Gods Nation must be united, Japan and Korea must be united. Those that are from other nations that have registered and given out 430 books will become the ancestors.

According to Fathers order there is no question about the homeland, Korea is God's hometown and homeland and things will start to happen now. Fathers orders need to be followed. Move to Korea and we will create the heavenly realm. (Father is talking to the Japanese members.)

Father continued to talk more about medicines that can be found in the nature. Father asked if there were any questions -- no one raised their hand

Father asked all the Japanese women to come to the front and sing a song.

Father shared about his life in prison.

I often got sick, I had a lung disease, malaria and many illnesses from drinking dirty water but I did not die.

Mother shared that over 1 billion people on the earth live in poverty. She has helped create a program called "Food is Love" to send tons of rice to countries where people are going hungry. True Father already gave 500 tons of rice to this program.

There are 838 days left until January 13, 2013.

Father to the Japanese leaders:

You pledged to become part of Korea. God has many expectations that cannot be fulfilled without you moving to Korea. You have to move quickly to Korea. The Chinese character for heaven looks like two people shouting mansei.

If you do not understand Cain and Able you will not understand other concepts. Everything is being adjusted so that the cosmos can be settled. You need to have two separate unite into one to have unity.

Father talked about Jesus and shared that people at that time did bad things to keep their position.

Japanese people are still kidnapping our members. We must stop this.

Father shared more about hands and counting on your fingers.

He shared that he has given everything and explained everything but still there seems to be so much I know that I have not shared.

We will be making a new flag soon. The Foundation for a Unified World includes God's Kingship and a New Heaven and Earth.

Father shared about how Korean people were used in the war against Mongolia.

If things do not change in Japan then Japan will disappear or maybe become a subordinate nation to Korea. I am looking for the secrets to a heavenly nation. This is serious.

Korean people understand that if they do not succeed on the first try that they will succeed on the third try.

If Las Vegas cannot change then it will disappear. Centered on the family everything can be changed.

I have created the Tribal Messiah Federation for World Peace.

This is a new age when you can be a representative of God. The substantial God is helping me and to Him the nations of the world are meaningless.

Father had to make the conditions to be accepted by the world in the right way.

Japanese, Korean and American members, are you going to make bigger things happen than happened in Jesus time.

I don't like gambling but God told me to learn it. I came to bring about celebrations not fight as the Lord of the Second Advent. Even now some of you here doubt me. If you do you will fade away. In the next 2 years and 3 months you must offer everything to God.

Only God is the seed of the lineage and He has asked True Parents to lead.

I am thinking to go to New York and Washington DC. The Bushs and Obamas should come together Cain and Able. During this time all false kings will be subjected.

There can only be one owner in Gods realm.

Black and white people are still fighting. Black people represent the black bear and white people represent the white polar bear. Black and white people should marry each other then they will have children that represent the Kodiak brown bear.

If someone goes against Father at this time it is dangerous for them.

Father shared about Young Jin Nim who died in Reno after falling form a hotel balcony. He was really sad as he was reflecting and sharing. He said he knew it was not a suicide.

Mothers mother [Dae Mo Nim] attended her father as if he were God, True Mother was trained this way. True Mother only had a few days before we were married. I did not know what love was and had to be alone for 14 years.

There are some blessed members that have gone to prostitutes. I have not said anything about this but I can never forget. Adam and Eve should have been of one heart and one mind and had children that were princes and princesses. When you are blessed you should never divorce.

Father asked Dae Mo Nim to set 7 conditions, one of these conditions was to prepare 700 million dollars. Much of this money from Japan was used up. He looked at Dae Mo Nim and asked her how much she had prepared. I want to create a place in the Solomon Islands. You cannot just move however you want.

Japan is a country that tried to get rid of America. That seed still remains in Japan. They still want to take over the pacific.

Father talked about each part of Japan and gave the leaders advice and guidance.

The Unification Church cannot be destroyed.

I sent missionaries from Japan out into the world so that Japan could be saved by the missionaries serving the world. Japanese members, are you going to do this or not. This is not a game.

Father shared about his life. He shared that he trusted Young Jin Nim's wife when she said she was pure before the blessing but she did not tell the truth.

I kept my fidelity to Sung-il Choi [Father's first wife] the whole time we were married. I got married to mother after the divorce.

Father shared a lot about this time in his life but I was thrown off balanced by what he said about Young Jin Nim's wife and fascinated watching him that I missed a lot of the notes.

Father said we should love the word more than our spouses.

My son [Hyun Jin Nim] opposes me and tells people not to follow me anymore. Children make mistakes because they think it is OK just to touch, things always go too far.

I do not need Japanese members that do not want to follow me. Do you understand? (The Japanese members all said. "Yes.") Are you really going to do this? Stand up again! (Talking to the Japanese members.) Are you going to do this? Have you done this in your mind? I am telling you to become the people of the heavenly nation. Are you going to stay Japanese? You need to make your children go to Korea, Japan is no longer your nation. Korea is your nation, it is God's homeland. I am inviting you. Do you want to come? When you go to spirit world you will see that I am right and you will not be happy. If your decedents do the right thing you will become the central ancestors.

All of you need to come to Korea, move to Korea, all generations. If only the father and mother can come now that is OK. To restore Gods homeland Japanese members should move to Korea. The Japanese members pledged to do that.

Men in the Japanese army raped many Korean women, this has to be restored. You need to do this.

Americans and Europeans listen to me now. I am proclaiming the age of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

True Parents want to take their grand children with them to heaven. You have to do this also. Husband, wife and children have been fulfilled and you can become a part of this. A life of noon time is a life with no shadows.

I will make it so that no one will die from hunger through this new organization. This is True Parents offering. I am going to attend the God of Night and Day.

I have held the Seunghwa ceremonies and now Korea can be Gods homeland. July 8, 2010 and two other levels completed by Blessed families. Through this proclamation all borders and boundaries between nations have been dissolved in Gods mind and for True Parents. Soon this will become a physical reality in the world. Centered on God and with the help of True Parents there will only be one nation, the kingdom of heaven.

In the world where God goes True parents will also go, they will be VIPs. A cosmic change needs to happen in our lives. If you hesitate now it is better that you pack your bags and go. A new system will come now and those who stand in the way will end up in hell. People like myself will dissipate into the air in hundreds of thousands of pieces.

All blessed families must have God at the center of their families and attend Him. You must unite with the God of Night and Day. Do Hoon Dok Hae everyday as a family. This will allow air to come in and things will become unfrozen. Without Hoon Dok Hae division will come. You should teach the Divine Principle everyday and share the textbooks and the absolute sexual fidelity from the Original Divine Principle material.

Follow these secrets and you will find success.

We need to educate through Fathers autobiography. If you follow this you will be blessed and this blessing will also pass to your ancestors.

If someone in your family makes a mistake they need to be punished then reblessed.

People who hate black people cannot resolve this without me. You have to marry your enemy. Why are you not doing this? If you do all the resentments from six thousand years will disappear and there will be no shadows.

Think about your family and relatives that have passed. If you go to bars and prostitutes you will disappoint them.

Centering on the Tribal Messiahs things will be completed. I have done all I can do. You should not think that you have worked hard and can rest. The age of restoration and indemnity is ending and the new age coming will be eternal. If you do not follow you will disappear. You cannot just relax and do things in your own way at this time.

In the reign of tranquility we will not need religion or politics, we will not even need mansei. We are entering the age of Gods direct dominion where True Parents will be the king of kings. January 13, 2013 is Gods D-Day. I don't want you to be dragged into heaven, I want you to walk in with me.

True Parents have so much hope for you.

Members should have no property in Japan or America at this time. This is a time when we should be giving back to Father. I have no enemies. I want to embrace everyone. Through the exchange marriages and textbooks the Kingdom of Heaven can be realized. 

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