The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

51st True Children's Day and 23rd Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

The Holy Day celebrations with True Parents were held on November 6, 2010 at Cheon Hwa Gung, a new house that was purchased for True Parents in Las Vegas, NV.

Members from around the country and abroad began to arrive at 5:30 a.m., and at 7 a.m. True Parents entered and were received with warm applause by around 400 members gathered for this historic day.

Father and Mother approached the True Children's Day offering table which beautifully displayed the fruits of creation as an offering to God. They then began lighting the Holy Day candles. True Father lit the center candle, then the far right, far left and back and forth until he reached the center.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the Continental Director for North America was the Emcee and opened the program asking everyone to join together in singing the Cheon Il Guk National Anthem, Blessing of Glory, followed by the representative bows.

True Children bowed together with the representatives of the saints in the spirit world, followed by all Blessed Families. Then bows were made by representatives of the 3 primary nations and representatives of all various realms such as the Continental representatives, the Boon Bang Wangs, the Abel and Cain Worlds and representatives of heaven and earth. Afterwards, attendees recited the Family Pledge. True Parents cut the victory celebration cake while all sang "Happy True Children's Day" to the tune of "Happy Birthday." True Father looked tan, healthy and strong, wearing a dark suit with an orange and pink tie. True Mother looked beautiful with a dark purple Chima-Chogori with a strong pink dress.

Hyung Jin Nim, our International President, offered the Report Prayer for True Children's day together with his wife, recalling the spirit of the early days at the Cheon Pa Dong Church (our first church in Seoul). The deep prayer of love and gratitude visibly moved True Parents with warmth, love, and hope.

Rev. Jeong Ok Yu read Fathers words and prayer from Children's Day 1968, and then Father began to speak. He talked for a few hours, stopping to ask different leaders to share their mission reports. Father also asked many older Korean members to come up and sing a song, often with tears in his eyes, as well as singing along.

Sun Myung Moon:

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability and the scribe to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a reasonable rendering of the "spirit" of the message.

Father asked everyone to clap for Rev. Hwang, saying we must fulfill our responsibility. At the time of Israel everything that the Tribes of Israel owned should be given to the Messiah. The Tribes of Israel were lost because they couldn't do this. Who has reestablished the Tribes of Israel? No one knows about this but True Father. No one in history has known this. The God of the Night, the God of the Day was trapped because of man's failure. Only True Parents fulfillment can liberate God and establish the relationship of the God of the night and the God of the Day.

Why am I here in Las Vegas? I'm at Hoover Dam and I'm fishing every day. I'm not here because I miss God and there is no nation where God can rest and have dominion. I didn't come here to fish or meet people or come to this house. Who in Unification Church understands this? Do the American, Korea, Japanese, Italian or European members know this?

Why are True Parents not able to do all the things that are needed [to be done]? Because there are things in the way. We are here to liberate the God of the Night and the God of the Day. I have no attachment to the casinos. It is just that God has not been there at all. I must set the conditions here to remove the barriers to God and True Parents' dominion of True Love.

Why are you here? White people, do you think you are so great that you can just allow people to disrespect God and go any way. I am here to properly establish the God of the Night and the God of the Day. Rev. Hwang -- don't think you are so great. I have gone the miserable course of a servant but you just try to live comfortable lives. You cannot find God in that life style. Even if you say you love me you cannot assume that your love is true to God. Why did we come to this house? Because it is central to Las Vegas and really positioned [close to] to Lake Mead. On October 10, I did not involve in the matching. I took responsibility for the Blessing.

Many of you walk around with your head up high -- I don't want to see that anymore. I want to see you serving. Some think they should be President and want to do that by doing only what they want. That will never work. That President will bring the nation to ruin. I'm not here to do just what we want to do. I am here to establish God's will and True Parents role before God. I have to go to Washington and New York to complete something. Abraham had to cut the offerings but he didn't cut the dove and the pigeon. We must go over the original point of the fall. Even the Presidents must go over each level. There is not anywhere where I cannot go.

The pillar must be established for God. A key point is the relationship of the Abel UN and the Cain UN. This relationship is critical. Satan is making things in that way. Who is going to take out Satan's pillars and established God's pillars in the world. Let's see if anyone on any level, any world leader or scholar can come and subjugate me in principle. I can teach them how to live for God and to bring their nations to God.

Rev. Oyamada, do you understand? How can anyone liberate God? Can any former President liberate God? Who made the textbooks? Who made the textbooks that can save the nation and the world?

During this blessing, I didn't match anyone. We must follow Father's words which are heavenly law. I cannot take care of Blessed Families living expenses. With who's power? It can only be done with the King of Kings. The God of the Night could not do that. Only the King of Kings can liberate God. God cannot liberate himself.

I have already seen this history. Why did the Korean President die -- was he killed or did he commit suicide. There is only one pillar, one Lord and one thing. If you don't have those answers you can't fulfill. Mr. Joo -- stand up. Should I trust you or should I follow you? You need to know clearly where you have to go from now. In all Father's teachings and words there is not even one lie. You don't know what God is doing. You don't know if God is alive or dead. There is a person who is in charge of millions but he didn't know how to bring them to God. He asked to meet me -- but I wouldn't meet him.

I appointed two people to be itinerant workers. Internal and external -- I have made up a plan on how to go to 16 nations. The Korean War had to happen. The American people don't understand this. To save a nation you must uproot the roots and send them somewhere else -- then the nation can be saved. Is there any blessed family that can guide my family?

You guys that are hanging around me -- why can't you meet Kim Jong Il in North Korea? Why can't you go and talk to him? You must move the Holy Ground and the Palace. But I'm over 90 years old. How old is Kim Jong Il? (He is in his 70s). I'm good at every sport. I've done gymnastics and mastered every sport. You should bring the key people to me now. Don't just sit around.

This year is very important because it is the year in which relations are normalized between North and South Korea. I am confident that I can dance to many different kinds of music. Many people offered many things that I could take over -- I told them that won't work. I have taught everything. What is the island around Africa -- Madagascar. Mr. Tokuno or Rev. Oyamada have you been to Madagascar? (No). If you serve people you can go anywhere and be lifted up by the people. Rev. Cho -- what are you doing now -- Reiko is dead. I had to come here because Reiko couldn't go to the spirit world.

American President's past and present should become brothers. I can't trust anyone. They must come together or it is dangerous for the world. I can match all the world in a few minutes.

Russia and America could come together so quickly if they both accepted the international interracial blessing. You must make a decision from today. I'm not ordering you and threatening you but I am asking you to make a decision today -- will you follow Father or not? Noriko Oyamada -- will stupid people live or die? Rev. Tokuno -- where are you going? I heard a rumor that you are going to Russia and Otsuka will go to China. No one can threaten you in Las Vegas. What is a cell phone? In America they call it a cell phone -- in Korea a hand phone. It means your hands are moving.

We must make a decision today. I get inspired by speaking to you because I am amazed at the detail of God's providence. Now is the time when you can resolve all the sins of your ancestors and families. There is Caesar's Palace here. Where is the most famous place to play -- Bellagio and Venetian. MGM. These people own more than two-thirds of the land of Las Vegas. There are many secrets that people don't know about. Should they be allowed to do whatever they want?

I gave everyone money last night -- what will you do when you run out of that money? There were Koreans that were killed for not pronouncing Japanese correctly. The only way to succeed is to have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Love is in the center. I am the only person so I am speaking out loudly. There are not many different things there is just one pair. Do you understand?

Father had us stand up turn around and asked us to pledge absolute faith. Love and obedience to God – voluntarily.

Your property must all be used for heaven because you are still representing fallen people.

There has been a proper order of up and down. If you have been attending an event and you have a conversation with a person you should tell the people that Rev. Moon must show America the right way to go. You reported to me Mr. Joo -- will you make a mistake or not? If you don't stand in the front, you will fail. A lot of members of your family have been sacrificed as patriots. I found everything that needed to be done. I'm the only one who didn't lose money in Las Vegas. I gave $5000 to each of the people who came. Let me do addition and multiplication. If we do minus 11 then what will we do?

I had to come to Las Vegas -- centering on Gen. Haig. We had to resolve the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel's situation at this time. You made a promise with me now. Centering on the Boon Bong Wangs you must make peace between the upper and lower parliaments. You must make peace -- it's not left and right -- it's right and left. Unification Church history has gone this way -- according to the restoration of the Garden of Eden.

In Korea, if at first you don't succeed you try and try again. If you understand that Korea is your homeland then you must understand Korean teachings and sayings. Yesterday I told Rev. Hwang to hold the program -- not Dr. Yang! Rev. Hwang you must be the MC for the afternoon. People should not sell off their nation. Those who do that -- it is not good. You will have to put up a sign that Rev. Moon is a victorious person and must get a birth and marriage certificate signed by Father to enter the Kingdom. We must put all things in proper order.

If you do not follow me internally, you will fall away eternally. Those who look up to people just to use them will fall away. Cain and Abel had to become one. People that have been around me for many decades -- I was able to become a King in East Garden without saying anything. East Garden is built so strong -- it is bomb proof. We did renovations and now it is a very safe.

If you want Rev. Eu to conclude, raise your hands.

Everyone raised their hands -- after a few minutes many lowered their hands.

I didn't tell you to put down you hands! (Laughter) Now clap. Clapping like this -- palm to palm is the heavenly way.

Father then mentioned the philosophers

Who Mi Jang Mu -- Who means if you cannot teach the members of your family -- they will all go to a bad place in the spirit world.

Father took a napkin and folded it three times and then opened it.

It makes a plane with a center. A center emerges. There is a pillar in the middle. 7 years on the top, 7 years on the bottom then one in the center -- makes 15 years.

Father demonstrated the different spherical properties created by folding the cloth.

There is no higher or lower -- there are pairs -- the right had needs the left hand and the left needs the right. They are equal. There is no higher or lower. Which is first -- the Father of a nation or the people of the nation? The Father first. The Mona Lisa is considered a great peace -- is she beautiful. Mrs. Oyamada -- did you know where your husband came from? Was he the second son or the third son? Oyamada -- what does it mean? -- It sounds like baking something. When Father came to Japan -- I was sleeping at night -- someone knocked at the door -- it was a person named Noriko -- Noriko -- means you can ride on the right or the left.

You didn't' think I would go fishing at the Hoover Dam did you? There is only one correct way to go. I always follow the absolute

I am not going to follow decisions just made by Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim. [Father looking toward Hyung Jin Nim] You have a lot of sad older brothers and sisters; you must educate them.

I am thinking of making a new cornerstone upon which America can be re-founded. 

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