The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

51st True Children's Day and 23rd Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

Sun Myung Moon
November 6, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Simultaneous Translation: Tossa Cromwell
Unofficial Notes: Michael Lamson

The Holy Day celebrations were held at Cheon Hwa Gung, a new house that was purchased for True Parents in Las Vegas. Members started arriving at 5:30 am and everyone was greeted by the most beautiful sunrise. At 7 am around 400 members welcomed True Parents, True Children and members of the True Family.

Father entered with Mother and started lighting the Holy Day candles.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the Continental Director for North America was the Emcee and opened the days program asking everyone to join together in singing the Cheon Il Guk National Anthem, Blessing of Glory followed by the representative bows.

Hyung Jin Nim, our International President offered with his wife the Report Prayer. This was followed by the cake cutting and the Holy Meal.

Father looked so strong but Mother had to help him often while he was lighting the candles and cutting the cake to keep his balance. I think it is not so easy for Father to walk around a lot even though he still does it.

Rev. Jeong Ok Yu read Fathers words and prayer from Children's Day 1968 and then Father started talking. He talked for a few hours stopping to ask different leaders to share their mission reports. Father also asked many older Korean members to come up and sing a song. Father was often with tears in his eyes during the singing and often singing along.

Fathers Talk on November 6, 2010

Father asked members to give an applause for the words that were shared (the 1968 speech and prayer).

The Israelites waited for the Messiah but that foundation was lost. All the foundations had to be restored.

We have to restore everything that was lost to Satan.

Only True Parents can liberate the God of the day and the God of the night. Peace can only come when this is a reality. Can the UN bring peace?

I am in Las Vegas not because I like it here or because I want to be here. I am here because I miss God and want to be with God.

We must find what the people of heaven should be like. Who in the Unification Church has been able to do this? There can be no perfection in ignorance so you must know.

True Parents have difficulties because many things are still in the way.

God the creator cannot be in gambling places so I must restore this through my trail of tears and blood. I must be the representative of God, that is why I am here.

I have been humiliated and put down in so many ways. Humanity wanted to get rid of me but because I have lived as a True Son of God and focused on the God of night and the God of day I am still here.

I have always gone the course of a servant but many of you just live a comfortable life.

When you say bad things about God or True Parents you stand in the position of Satan's. children.

This new house stands in a central position to all important places here.

I do not want to see people walk around with their heads held high. People only want to think about themselves and their own success. That is why we need a messiah.

We must have the heart to restore all people, even the people in prison, no matter what they have done.

People need to know that there is a God. If they know this there can be peace.

I will start working in DC and New York to restore things and make America a place where God can dwell.

Blood has been shed. Abraham cut the animals but failed to cut the doves.

We must go above the original point of the Fall.

I can go anywhere now.

True Parents must deny all the things that Satan has made. There is no pillar on the earth at this time. Adam and Eve should have established this pillar.

We can teach even the most famous and political people how to find God now.

Please don't think so much about yourself and your own needs at this time. How can people who only think about themselves liberate God? How can people liberate God? Who can do this? You now have the textbooks so you can know how. I wrote the textbooks.

If the world can learn to attend the Father and Mother of the Unification Church then no one will need religions.

I talk always about liberating God.

I have given so much money so that some Blessed Families could take care of themselves. I cannot do this anymore.

Without these teachings you cannot meet God. There is a meeting soon where the presidents will talk about the economic problems, I would like to be there.

There is only one pillar, one God and one True Parents. You cannot dream without True Parents.

Mr. [Dong Moo] Joo, can I trust you? I do not need the Times, I am beyond this. The Times told me that they need 40 million dollars a year for 7 years. I don't like people that stand in front of me with too much confidence. We are all tribal Messiahs first, we must understand this clearly.

In all Fathers textbooks and teachings there is not even one lie.

God is so precious; you do not really know God. A leader of 10 million Catholics in South America told me that he did not know God.

God's homeland and hometown are in Korea where True Parents were born.

If I tell you to sell the Times or I decide to give it away are you OK with that?

I have invested everything and will leave many debts to my children.

The Korean War had to happen to bring America out of a bad situation. You need to know that this was God's war.

My children must lead you to the goal. They must guide the providence in the future. This is the core content.

All of you should witness now and tell people about your experiences in the Unification Church.

I am over 90 years old but because I was a wrestler, a soccer player and a gymnast I am still strong.

Please do not make rumors. This time we are in is very important and rumors create barriers.

I have already taught you everything so we can now make the world a peaceful place.

Americans can soon start going to other nations.

Mr. Shim, I asked you to come to Las Vegas and take care of Las Vegas, can you? I can't trust white people or black people. The president can just push a button and bombs will start going off. I will survive even this as I have prepared.

I could match all the billions of people in the world at this time in 30 minutes with this system -- hands closed with right or left thumbs on top. You can find your match this way.

The international blessing is the secret way to find peace in the world.

I will not order you to do anything, you are free to do what you want. If the son runs away with the Fathers money the father will die first. When I am in Las Vegas I think of the large number of beggars. There are thousands of beggars.

People cannot hide anything anymore.

With so much modern technology we can solve many things quickly.

I talk so much and I talk so fast that it is not easy for people to follow what I am saying.

It is my job to restore everything. You need to have absolute love, obedience and faith in Father.

I tried to do many things and many times they did not work out.

Following True Parents is the most important thing at this time. You should not follow anyone but Father at this time. Be obedient to Fathers words.

We should all be ready to attend and serve father even from the lowest position. If you can do this I can trust you.

We have a responsibility to put the world in order. Night comes before day, we need to say things in the right order. I can show you and America the right way to go, if you don't do that well we will see…

I am the only one that does not lose money in Las Vegas. I gave money to each representative from each nation and most of the lost the money quickly.

Centering on the Bong Bon Wongs you should make peace.

You need to understand the Korean language. You need to put up a sign that Rev. Moon is a victorious person then you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a citizen of the heavenly nation.

You must follow me internally not just externally.

You can find the answers to everything if you study Fathers words.

False laughter is dead laughter.

I have out lived almost all my relatives so I am lonely.

Young people here should study the word and understand the word, understand God. You can educate your descendents through these words.

After Father talked he asked people to stand up and sing a song. This was a difficult experience for me as Father looked sad and often had tears in his eyes. The songs he asked members to sing seemed to have special memories for Father.

Please remember that when sharing these notes that they are not official notes but that they are my personal notes. 

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