The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2011

Embodying the Word

Sun Myung Moon
September 3, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Peace Palace

The Proclamation of the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind! That was the proclamation of the substantial word. On this day, True Parents were placed in the position of the master of heaven because they are the substantial embodiments of the Pledge. The Assembly for the Proclamation of the Substantial word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind was held this year on 5.27 by the heavenly calendar,'- on the foundation of the proclamation of the substantial word by True Parents, the king of kings, by the true God of all things in this world, who is both the invisible God and the visible God, and on the foundation of the proclamation of the word based on the firm establishment and complete settlement of True Parents. This day is of such great significance.

What is the situation in the era of restoration through indemnity, in which everything is to be liberated, when the body and mind are in constant conflict as are the God of Night with the God of Day? Your body and mind are in a constant struggle. But now, in this era, the deep pit filled with the bitter pain of this conflict can be emptied out. The only thing that can bring this about is the Family Pledge.

From this day, the proclamation of the settlement of the first Israel, the second Israel and the third Israel has been completed, and the invisible God and the visible God have become substantial. They have become the kings of kings in the religious realm of the satanic world. Furthermore, on the foundation of religion, True Parents have become one on the basis of a religious path, centered on the realm of heart stemming from the innermost world of the mind. Therefore, though there have been so many different kings in the satanic world, the king of kings will, at one stroke, change the bloodlines of those kings' descendants.

In the course of their lives, the True Parents, who are the visible God, have lived with God in a realm unknown to anyone else.... They have climbed from the bottommost pits of hell to earth and have endured unheard-of persecution on the way. They had no place to stay even in the world of the most pitiful beggars and therefore have had to stand in a corner and act like beggars. Even so, they have continued to walk toward God. They have marched forward, driven by their longing for the world before the Fall, a heaven and earth filled with light, the liberated realm where the Pledge is manifest.

Absolute sexual ethics based on the realm of the cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth and based on the realm of liberation.... The path the absolute male seed must travel could not be firmly established. The God of Night and the God of Day couldn't become one and settle down on all levels from the bottom of this earthly world up to the heavenly world. What numerous situations must be overcome in order to escape from this dark and evil world? Adam and Eve weren't able to maintain absolute sexual ethics, which left Cod in grief for thousands of millennia. We are responsible to liberate Him from this sorrow. If you think about that, you'll realize people cannot do this by themselves.

If there are the God of Night and the God of Day, making two, and the God of the Creation is the parent of Adam and Eve, who is the parent of Lucifer, the Archangel? Who is his master? I came to understand that his master is the God of Adam and Eve, for the two cannot be separated. Heaven and hell were meant to be one place but were divided instead. The boundary that divides them is not somewhere else; it is not out in space but deep down in the most fundamental part of your heart. We have not known this.

What obstacle stood in the way of the mind and stopped it from doing what it wanted to do? The God of Night lost the actual authority of love, the substance of the Principle, by which He could govern the God of Day. In other words, He lost the temple of God. What is the temple of God? It is the house of love. Where, then, is the house of love? Where is the house wherein God can dwell? Is God supposed to live somewhere in the solar system out in space, invisible to human beings?

God has not been able to see the achievement of the standard at which original love would blossom and give off fragrance -- love that would be able to penetrate the Sun and not burn, nor give off the smell of burning even in a temperature of millions of degrees.

By fulfilling the Family Pledge we are able to achieve this standard. What are the eight sections of the Family Pledge about? They start with words "Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk." Have your families become owners of Cheon Il Guk?...

Today is Ahn Shi Il and that means "the day of peaceful attendance." The Chinese character for Ahn Shi Il means to attend. That means that we don't just ask things from God, we attend Him. Attendance is something carried out by a family. The person who is to be the father of that family attends heaven and earth; the substantial Mother should attend the incorporeal God that is attended by the Father and unite with the substantial God. Then what will happen to the walls that have obstructed the ages in history?

Through love, Satan perverted the source of life and stole God's position from Him. God cannot deal with this situation just based on how He feels. God cannot go up and the world of creation cannot go up. Wherever I go on earth I have to represent Heaven. I have a liberated mind and body enabling me to champion Heaven wherever I am, to honor Heaven on earth and to become the master of heaven, earth and humankind. Having achieved this, I instituted the Family Pledge. So, through the Assembly for the Proclamation of the Substantial word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Fm saying I have achieved all of this.

You aren't the ones who did this. The invisible God, the true parent, has found the True Parents, king of kings and master of love. Because of this, the universe is going back to its original position. When did that happen? This year on 5.27.

What does this mean to humankind? It signifies absolute sexual ethics in the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Sexual ethics have been utterly destroyed. People don't maintain absolute sexual ethics; that is why their minds and bodies are in conflict.

Sexual organs are the palace of absolute sexual ethics, but people do all kinds of things with them, acting on their own ideas. Women, in the way that women do, and men, in the way that men do, create families God is not pleased with. The heavenly palace and earthly palace should coexist; the invisible God and the substantial God should have become one. Instead, people have created an eternal boundary here; they have raised a wall no one can surmount.

Satan told True Parents, "No matter how high the ideal of creation may be, the essence of Satan's lineage dominates everything from Heaven's throne to hell. And you can't extract that." To me, he would say "Do you think you can accomplish something you cannot even imagine? Try it if you think you can!" So, unless you find the path that would enable me to feel sympathy and pity for you when you die hundreds and thousands of time, you will never find your place of liberation. That's a firm reality.

The firm establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind... Because they have been firmly established as the substantial embodiments, the proclamation of the word took place. They have proclaimed the substantial word. The word cannot come before God is made substantial. What has been overturned needs to be righted again. That is why I am proclaiming the word.

The word goes above, and the proclamation is below. They have been turned upside down. Because they have been turned around centering on the word, the word now rests on top. And now the time has come in which we can bring the word down to earth. Today, we have ushered in the first day from which we can begin to recite the Family Pledge and to build this liberated realm of the completion of the word through the true Pledge....

True Parents cannot, through the bloodline, just by themselves, untangle the lineage that was all mixed up over the course of millennia. They do it through the word. A proclamation of just one word turns everything around and permits a return to the original world. We are crossing into the victorious era of eternal peace and tranquility.

Tribal messiahs are supposed to guide their tribes to the kingdom of heaven, which is the ideal that existed before the Fall. The realm of the tribe was lost, so how does the Unification Church deal with this on the basis of the absolute authority of tribal messiahs? True Parents have achieved everything on levels higher than the tribe -- that is, on the levels of race, nation, world and cosmos. Since the Parents have already built the bridges, you have nothing to worry about; you can all be connected up and enter the heavenly kingdom.

Therefore your duty in relation to tribal messiahship is to reach the point before you die where you can say, I'm the master over all problems on earth and in heaven. People who can't to do that will fail. They will disappear.

I have endured all kinds of scorn throughout my life, but I don't have the strength to wait until 2013. There is no way I am going to go down. I can't reverse my ways and go in the opposite direction, so I am making the proclamation that I cannot avoid leaving the road I'm walking on, and then I must do so....

Even now Hyung-jin sticks to me. Even though I tell him not to hold my hand, he just grabs it, "Oh, Dad! Don't tell me to let your hand go. If I let it go, I'll die," and that's right. I'm holding his hand tightly. I'm saying, "Stick to me along this road!" He has to overcome fifty mountain ridges. So, he's humble. Wherever he goes he doesn't assert himself.

He's got fifty mountains to overcome in front of him, so he has to manage his life and have the clean cut hairstyle of a soldier. Earlier, I said he wouldn't be able to do it before then. [To Hyung-jin nim] You too have to inherit Father's tradition and walk this way....

What are the texts True Families-Gateways to the Kingdom of Heaven and Owner of Pence, Owner of Lineage about? Aren't they about family? Whose family is that? Things start to happen under the declaration of being obedient, on the foundation of that final realm of unity -- where mother and I are completely one. I am now proclaiming that you cannot become a part of a royal clan in the heavenly kingdom, unless you establish yourselves as self-reliant victorious champions.

That's why I regard this time as precious and teach you everything you should know. I promised that I'd fulfill my responsibility as a teacher and I never forgot my determination, even for a second. You should also live with the concept of investing your effort into education. You have to raise your children.

I devoted my sincere best to making my enemy's children into God's and True Parents' children. I invested effort into making your sons and daughters a hundred times greater people than the citizens of the heavenly kingdom, so you have to value the hours I spent teaching you. You won't enter a royal clan in the heavenly kingdom without first becoming such a person.

It is said that 144,000 will remain; 144,000 is twelve thousand multiplied by twelve. It's said that only people participating in the first resurrection will remain. This time is coming close. If you are sitting, you have to hold on to me and stand up. That's true even for Mother. I'm supporting her. She has to hold on to me. I won't fall down. If you hold on to me and believe until the end, we can go together. Destiny is determined the moment that's decided. Even God has been waiting for this proclamation, and I have made it this morning.

The Korean people's traditional philosophy states that there is only one supreme being, only one master in the universe. Koreans are the people who attended this one being. Then this "one" (han-nim) became God (Hananim). To create the great universe according to numerical laws and principles takes God, not just "the one." Only when there is one can two exist. Our people don't understand Heaven.

Nevertheless, they have been attending him. Koreans have been attending the one from the time before the Koguryo Dynasty. They believed there is one master in the universe, but they didn't use the word "God." No nation other than Korea attended one master day and night. God created all things and He appears in a certain substantial form. He appears as a Lord of the substantial world where things are finite....

If He is two beings, He would be a God of Night and God of Day, the king of kings; but there is no race that can attend the king of kings, the True Parent. Because there is no seed of God, the one master, there is no royal clan. That's why the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who can become recipients of that seed, came along. Only when they make this proclamation, can the earth enter the era of everlasting peace!

On the fundamental level, the substance and the object are not the same, for it is the subject that becomes the substance. Only when this happens can we claim, "Everything has been fulfilled." That is why today is when we can proclaim the final conclusion that calls out the content the Family Pledge. 

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