The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Notes from True Parents' Message on August 16

Sun Myung Moon
August 16, 2010
Unofficial notes Dr. Otsuka

This memo is from our Regional President's personal notes. Below are the most emphasized and significant points that he heard during the Holy Day celebration in Korea, including some instructions from the International headquarters. He has more to share with us, as soon as the opportunity comes. Please read carefully with all your heart, and let us work harder to win the goal of 2010. May God bless you!

1. Educate tribal messiahs through 8 textbooks; a new organization to be called Tribal Messiah Federation will be established 7 days after the August 16 event (August 23 in Seoul). In each continent this organization will have to be created.

True Father emphasized the education of all tribal messiahs and their relatives and friends. Without the stable foundation of the Tribal Messiah organization, Cheon Il Guk cannot be realized.

2. God of nighttime and God of daytime

The God of nighttime means the invisible God and the God of daytime means the visible God. These two must to be united, and the day when we can see the invisible God has come. This idea was first spoken in Las Vegas.

3. Unity of language: True Parents' language

Study Korean more to understand True Parents. We must give more chance for our members to study Korean.

4. Those who think that we do not need True Parents anymore will fade away naturally.

We must focus on the direction from God. Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience are very important.

5. You must work harder than me. Make a bigger foundation than I made. You must witness more and have more new members who can change the world.

6. Complete the education of tribal messiahs within 3 years. (This is especially important in Korea)

7. Work together with your ancestors! You must make them descend to this physical world and make them work together with you.

8. For the unity of Cain and Abel of the world, Russia and America must have an international Blessing.

9. To recite the Family Pledge is the minimum requirement, the "border line" for a member of the movement.

10. The MEPI program in Israel (August 20-24) is important. According to True Parents' direction, our International President will visit Israel on the occasion of the Rally (August 23) in Jerusalem. The first rally was held in Korea (3rd Israel), the next one was held in New York (2nd Israel), and all this foundation has to be connected to the 1st Israel.

11. Then, after the event in Israel, our International President is going to visit Europe. This visit to Europe is part of his world tour. His schedule from September is not fixed yet.

12. The national leader of Nepal and his wife presented the flowers to True Parents on the occasion of the ceremony.

13. True Parents left for Las Vegas today. They will return to Korea by August 23.

14. Blessing Goal and Wongu Peace Cup:

The overall Blessing goal is 15,000 couples. The NER Blessing goal is as follows:

430 couples must participate throughout our Region.

21 first generation individuals, 5 second generation individuals and 30 previously married couples should go to Korea.

For the Wongu Peace Cup we need to bring to Korea:

A Soccer team from Russia (can include some players from other nations)

A Harmony and Unity Game team; a Dodge Ball team; if possible, a qualified Volley Ball and Basket Ball teams

Tennis Table and Badminton teams

Track and Field athletes; Martial Arts performers; if possible, golf players

We should mobilize good athletes among Chinese students from Sun Moon University.

15. Chung Pyung ancestor liberation in NER.

The last ancestor Blessing ceremony available this year will be on December 18. Therefore, the liberation ceremony has to be completed by September 9 (donations for the ceremony must arrive at Chung Pyung by that day.). In order for members to benefit from this grace, we plan to invite a staff from Chung Pyung to our Region to conduct liberation ceremonies before September 9. 

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