The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

The Twentieth Chil Il Jeol and Fourteenth Chil Pal Jeol

Sun Myung Moon
August 16, 2010

Translation of a Korean article by Chang Woo Choi from Translation by Tossa Cromwell.

On 7.7 in the first year of the Heavenly Calendar (Monday, August 16, 2010), 1731 people (according to an official count by the staff at the front gate of Cheon Jeong Gung), including the family of International President Hyung Jin Moon, the family of Tongil Group Chairman Kook Jin Moon, Women's Federation for World Peace Korea Vice President Yeon Ah Choi (wife of the late Hyo Jin Moon), faithful members of the Unification Church, Universal Peace Federation leaders and others attended True Parents in the Main Hall of the Cheon Jeong Gung to celebrate the 20th Chil Il Jeol and the 14th Chil Pal Jeol holy days.

With True Parents' entrance at 8 a.m., Master of Ceremonies Dr. Jun Ho Seuk guided the proceedings of the ceremony. After a singing of the Cheon Il Guk national anthem (Blessing of Glory), bows were offered to God and True Parents by representatives of the following groups, in the order given:

1. The True Children and Their Families

2. Second Generation Blessed Families

3. All Blessed Families in the Spirit and Physical Worlds

4. The Three Major Providential Nations (Korea, Japan, USA)

5. The Six Continents

6. Central Religions in God's Providence

7. All Boonbongwangs (Peace Viceroys) and National Messiahs Worldwide

8. True Parents' Relatives

9. The Abel-type World

10. The Cain-type World

11. The Entire Spirit World

Everyone joined together to recite the Family Pledge, after which International President Hyung Jin Moon offered the Report Prayer, True Parents cut the commemoratory cake and partook of the offering table food. After a congratulatory song by the Japanese West Tokyo Parish Choir, Rev. Peter Kim read one of True Father's historical speeches.

During Rev. Peter Kim's reading, True Father started speaking all of a sudden,

"Please say, 'Land!' What kinds of sounds do we hear on the land? The sounds of guns. This must stop. Military force has been beating throughout the world and destroying the land. Where must the beings who would exist on this land go? They have lost the position of the ancestor of the sperm and ovum within the world of the womb of True Parents. Thus, they must seek and enter the position of the ancestor. It's a big problem if their minds and bodies are not united. Young people may say, 'We received the Blessing and are now united as husband and wife,' but before husband and wife become united, both husband and wife must united their minds and bodies."

True Parents, who received flowers after having spoken, asked that chairs could be put in front of the participants, so that they may speak from right in front of the audience. After speaking from the new position, True Father sang the Grandmother Flower Song. Then he asked Rev. Yong Cheol Song (continental director of Europe) and Rev. Yeong Seok Song (chairman of Japan movement) to sing.

True Father said that he initially intended to hold the 'Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind' in Las Vegas but it was held in Korea first, then again in America and finally it will be held in Israel, in the reverse order of the First, Second and Third Israels. True Father asked North America Continental Director Dr. Chang Shik Yang to explain about this.

Dr. Yang explained,

"As you know, the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, which Father just spoke about, was held on July 8th here in the Cheon Jeong Gung. Over 13,000 people jam-packed the large plaza of Cheon Jeong Gung, bringing a great success in attendance of True Parents. Later, the same event was held on July 24th in the Manhattan Center in New York, where 5,000 gathered locally and the event was broadcast throughout America and the entire world simultaneously through the Internet. After the American event, True Father immediately ordered that the event must also be held in Jerusalem, which is the First Israel. Originally, Jerusalem is the capital of the First Israel and Washington is the capital of the Second Israel. The capital of the Third Israel is Seoul. Providentially, Father has always started from the Foundation Stage and worked through the three stages of foundation, growth and completion. However, in the case of this event, Father first determined to hold the event in the Korean peninsula, which is the final Holy Ground, the homeland of the providence and of our faith, and is restoring the Second and First Israels in the reverse order. The greatest highlight of this event is the Substantial Word. The title of the event is the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word of God and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, right? Father decided on the title of this event in Las Vegas. Before announcing this event, Father went to Las Vegas and offered an incredible amount of devotion before adding these keywords to the title of the event."

After Dr. Yang's report was complete, True Father said,

"What I will speak about today is simple, so please listen well. Who was there in the Garden of Eden other than God? Adam, Eve and who else? The Archangel. That was it. There was Adam, Eve and the Archangel -- three. Including God, there were four. How many men live in this age? Centering on Adam and Eve, the four people, including God, were lost. In the course of seeking for these four, how many hundreds of millions of people have become part of humankind? Many hundreds of billions of people. The mistakes in one family, what went wrong in one family, has expanded to hundreds of billions of people. That means each person must take the place of the life of this one family. At the level of individuals, individuals must be found who can be recognized by God, by heaven and earth and by Adam and Eve, recognized by Lucifer. There must be one man and one woman who can be recognized in this way. And what must those people do? They must not fight."

Father asked each of the following people to sing: Rev. Seung Ryong Moon and his daughter Seon Ae Moon, Rev. Yang Heo, and the wives of the Five Great Saints (Hyeon Sil Kang, Jeong Soon Jang, Jeong Og Lee). Next, he asked Rev. Jeong Soon Jo to report about his activities in Las Vegas and offer a song. Next, Father asked Missionary Thomas Hwang and the wife of the former regional leader of Seattle to sing, and finally for Missionary Thomas Hwang to report on his activities in China.

After the songs, True Father said, "Father can complete work in ten years that would take others a thousand years." He said that we must work with a strong providential consciousness. Also, he ordered Rev. Sun Jo Hwang and Dr. Chang Shik Yang to quickly make a book about the many proclamation assemblies that have been held so far, putting similar content together.

Rev. Tae Geun Yoon sang the Boat Song while Father added words for emphasis during the song while sauntering in the center of the hall. After he finished the song, Rev. Yoon reported about a fishing tournament. Rev. Yong Cheol Song reported about taking European leaders to Japan to protest to politicians about the illegal kidnapping of Unification Church members there. Next, Rev. Yeong Seok Song reported about the process of resolving the issue of illegal kidnapping of Unification Church members in Japan.

True Father said that we must hold an assembly of Tribal Messiahs and gave Rev. Sun Jo Hwang the responsibility of preparing the event. He ordered Rev. Peter Kim to pay for event costs. He said that the fight with existing churches is already over and that we must work centering on the Autobiography.

Next, Father asked each of the following people to sing: Rev. and Mrs. Jeong Og Eu, Vice President Jeong No Yoon, Rev. Do Soon Lim. Next, Father asked Rev. Sun Jo Hwang to give a report. Rev. Hwang:

"True Father writes calligraphy when beginning a new year or making a providential mark at an important event. Recently, at Hoon Dok Hae, Father wrote the calligraphy, 'Victory in the Proclamation of the Substantial Body and the Word through the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.'"

Rev. Hwang explained that the words 'True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind' best express the identity of True Parents. He said that we must all become Tribal Messiahs, restore our tribes, and become Boonbongwangs (Peace Viceroys). If we can do so, then the restoration of the Abel-type tribes will be completed in 2013 and from then, we will work to restore the Cain-type tribes. He explained that True Father's words seem to be coincidental but there are providential truths in them that are truly profound and mysterious.

When Rev. Hwang completed his report, True Father said that he should go out to the world, and explain and convey this content over and over again.

After Rev. Hwang's prayer, Rev. Yeong Seok Song led everyone in three cheers of Eog Mansei to close the event. 

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