The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Grandmother Flower Song

Sun Myung Moon
August 2, 2010

When I was three or four years old, I learned the grandmother flower song from my grandmother. Now I want you to learn the Grandmother Flower Song -- Halmi-Kot. This song is about a flower that is bent over like a grandmother. When I went out, my grandmother would teach me. You should be so sensitive to know your path ahead. You should know when there is someone ahead who wants to harm you. You should know how many hills you have to go over, how many things must be done, etc. If you become that sensitive, then thousands of years of restoration can occur so quickly in a short time on earth. How do I know these things? I know them because I know the spirit world. I also know the God of the Night and the God of the Day.

Grandmother Flower Song

Tuit-dong-san-eh hal-mi-kot ka-shi-toh-deun hal-mi-kot
Grandmother flower on the back hill, grandmother flower with thorns,

Sak-nal-tae-eh neul-got-na ho-ho-paek-bal hal-mi-kot
were you old from when you sprouted, grandmother flower with hoary hair?

Cheon-man-ga-ji kot-jung-eh mu-seun ko-chi mot-dwe-oh
You could have chosen from tens of millions of different flowers,

Ka-shi-tot-go deung-go-beun hal-mi-ko-chi dwe-ot-na
why choose to be a thorny and stooped grandmother flower?

Hahahaha u-seup-ta ko-bu-ra-jin hal-mi-kot
Hahahaha, you are funny, you stooped grandmother flower!

Jeol-mo-so-do hal-mi-kot neul-go-so-do hal-mi-kot
A grandmother flower when you're young, and a grandmother flower when you're old! 

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