The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Jesus Wasn't Meant To Be Just King Of Israel But King Of All Kings

Sun Myung Moon
August 2, 2010
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

Dr. Chang Shik Yang gave the opening prayer and continued speaking from the lectern. In his prayer, Dr. Yang thanked God for the three weeks True Parents could be with us and for the conditions True Parents were making fulfill God's creation through His Word, through True Parents as the center to complete His Providence, to plan the upcoming event of proclamation on August 16th in the First Israel, and to re-establish the Garden of Eden here on earth.

True Father:

How many people are gathered here today? Quite a few. About 400.

12 people came from out of state. This is good.

Dr. Yang continues:

True Parents want to complete the events proclaiming the substantial Word in the First Israel. True Parents spent 21 days in America and made the conditions to secure the 2nd Israel, America. Father has been reading very carefully all the speech books from the late 50's and 60's and has been focused on the mission of Jesus and the fact that John the Baptist could not understand who Jesus was. Jesus was the substantial being of the Word. If he had been supported by John and then Israel he could have restored a bride and a family. The mission of the Holy Spirit is to give birth to humankind and bring the children to Father and then together go back to God. There were no True Parents established at that time. Therefore, the second coming must occur. Jesus anointed True Father to inherit the responsibility.

However, Christianity could not receive True Parents. Because of that, the UN did not become the foundation for God to bring peace to the world. The ideal situation would have been that the UN Secretary General would be the spokesperson for True Parents. Were that the case, there would have been no need to create an Abel UN. That didn't happen, therefore, an Abel UN had to be established.

After World War II, if True Father had found faith among religious leaders, he would have been proclaimed as True Parent within 7 years. Jesus died at age 33. So, True Parents, because of rejection had to go through the suffering course. In 1960 True Parents could be blessed. Then they had to go through an indemnity course to realize the True Family. When True Children were born, for the first time in human history the four position foundation was established. All should study the course behind the story of True Parents from 1960 -- 1967, which was the first 7 year course. Only in 1968 God's Day could be proclaimed. In 2001 the Coronation for God's Kingship could be realized and Cheon Il Guk was established. This began the 12 year course. Then in 2003, the Coronation of True Parents was held on the family level. Then, the Coronation of the King of Peace occurred on the Global scale.

True Parents mission is:

1) To Liberate God and dissolve the pain of God.

2) To Restore humanity back to God

Through the 8 stage course Father had to reestablish the path back to God through the blessing which must be secured through Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Basically, Father has been giving the blessing as the central mission -- three couples was first, then 36, then on to 3.6 million and 36 million combined at Robert F. Kennedy stadium (RFK in Washington, D.C) and then 360 million couples. The RFK blessing was a tremendous battle -- centering on the second Israel. After that victory the blessing was much easier to give.

On this foundation the blessing could then be given in the spirit world, with Heung Jin nim guiding. When ancestors are blessed, they come under the dominion of God. This foundation allows them to become absolute good spirits. 1989 in Kodiak was the Pal Jung Shik. In that way, our True Parents laid the foundation to realize the fulfillment of the 8 stages both horizontally and vertically. On the next day Father could establish the Declaration Day for Heavenly Parentism -- resolving all Cain and Abel issues.

This spiritual condition made it possible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Just after this declaration, Communism did fall. In 1999 IIFWP was created, then in 2005 UPF was created. In the Manhattan Center 194 flags of nations were exalted in the creation of the Abel UN. In 2009, there were special events for the Coronation of God in Korea and New York. The providence centered on Las Vegas, the dungeon of hell. True Parents voluntarily took upon themselves strenuous spiritual conditions of indemnity, going without food and without sleep. Conditions were sometimes worse than for True Father than when he was at Danbury Federal Prison. Father many times had Hoon Dok Hae -- not on any schedule, 12 midnight or 2 am or anytime -- many times the Hoon Dok Hae lasted 12 hours.

Then this special event for the Proclamation of the Word on July 8th as the third Israel, July 24th as the 2nd Israel, and August 24th as the first Israel -- all proclaiming that the substantial being and embodiment of the Word will be established. The holy ground of where God will reside must be moved from Israel. Even now in Jerusalem the three Abrahamic Faiths are there, but in Jerusalem, less than 5 percent of the people are Christian; there, the weakest foundation is Christianity. Even today, Jesus has no place to stay there.

To indemnify this course the 120 Churches took down the cross -- this was not easy. Then they went to Israel and reconciled with the Rabbis. Archbishop George A Stallings is here. Archbishop Stallings' church is on Capitol Hill -- he was the first to take down the cross. The ACLC Clergy went forward with absolute faith during this time and joined together with Jewish leaders in the historic Jerusalem declaration. Taj Hamad and Rev. Kwak did a good job at educating the Muslim world.

All faiths have been embraced. In our work in America -- Minister Farrakhan and our movement joined for the Million Family March with True Parents blessing and it was great victory and Minister Farrakhan became a close ally and friend to True Parents. He showed to our True Parents the utmost respect. Through involvement with True Parent the philosophy of the Nation of Islam has changed. He has expanded his leadership of the Nation of Islam to embrace all people. Taking down the cross was such a difficult direction. I asked Bishop Stallings to take down the cross, and he said if it is Father's direction then I will absolutely follow. He did, and that became the foundation for our work in the first Israel.

True Father:

Col. [Bo Hi] Pak's family made a very serious mistake. There was supposed to be a Palace that was to be built. He sold the property without letting me know. Then France, Italy and Germany were in trouble because of this. The Grand Mufti of Syria then came forward and supported True Father. There was a promise made to me that was broken. Did you know about that?

Who is the Father of Lucifer and Adam and Eve? God. Father had to overcome Lucifer from Adam's position. America does not know this. I am making things known about Lucifer. The most difficult problem here has been between the Pak family and the Moon family. My original name was Yong Sung Moon. Bo Hi Pak's name means that he came in to True Parents as an ordinary person. At the time of the Second World War there was a religious foundation of Christianity but Christians didn't receive True Parents. That began a problem that several American presidents couldn't resolve. The American President cannot resolve these things. Nixon, Carter, Ford and Reagan. You have no way of knowing how God and Satan were at war during the years of their administrations. These were stages of different enemies. Without True Parents they could not have been standing. I am an expert and no one knows the spiritual battles that were going on at this time.

One sister here is married to Dr. Pak's son. Father said they misused some of the lands and holy grounds -- that is why Dr. Pak had to go to prison. Sun Hee Pak is here -- she is married to Daniel who came from a Christian missionary family. Hee Jin's mother was there with me. My grandfather and my siblings warned me about the situation. The Osan school was very important.

Our family established the Osan School, My grandfather was very well known and respected. If I had wanted to, [after WWII] I could have returned to be the head of that school. Osan raised all kinds of Korean leaders, including patriots for the independence movement of Korea.

Mr. Joo's name is Dong Moon, His names mean blood and that he should be sacrificed between east and west. Some people are saying that Rev. Moon is the John the Baptist for them. There are some people trying to put me in the closet -- and doing things on their own -- go ahead -- they know nothing about the providence. Let's see what will happen. I came to America with Dr. Bo Hi Pak -- he is not the substantial being. John the Baptist must be united with the Messiah, not the other way around. I'm the only one who knows the providential conditions. Say Hoon Ming Chong Un -- King Sajeong is of the Lee dynasty -- There were 72 figures. Jacob had 72 followers. And Jesus had to have 72. If Jesus had 72 from his own family, everything would have turned out differently.

Jesus wasn't meant to be just King of Israel but King of all Kings and to bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

Here in America there is incest and so many evil things. There is so much free sex going on. In the University, they think that free sex is something cool. They do all kinds of things and even when there is pregnancy they abandon the baby and try to do everything on their own. Such people want to get rid of me. The song sung by Rev. Im Do Soon is a song with lyrics that could only be written by true patriots that gave up their lives completely to liberate Korea.

Kook Jin Nim's son's name is Shin Gook. Kook Jin Nim divorced, but in our movement divorce is not allowed. Kwon Jin Nim also is in a difficult place now. Satan is really trying to destroy True Family so that I cannot be free of those things. My ancestors made an enormous contribution to lay the foundation for the Kingdom. All these records of my ancestors sacrifices are not publicly known -- they were burned by the Japanese. There is even a history in the North province of Korea. There was an insurgency in Manchuria, and around Bae Ju Mountain and even in Cholla Province in the South of Korea. -- they were involved with sports with fierce competition.

Korea is divided between the West Sea and the East Sea. I started the Marine business and built the first boat called "Heaven's Victory". About 450 years ago a Korean wrote the Cham Gan Nok -- in which the prophesy of True Father's coming was clearly predicted. The Moon clan is not just an ordinary clan. In the prophecy there is a big table figuratively that supports God. The altar is huge and it should symbolize the time of peace and prosperity -- representing the four directions of North, East, South, West. At that time the world was thought to be flat.

Confucianism taught that the husbands and wives should be pure. It teaches part of the principle. Adam and Eve are like the division of God. God is an absolute being -- he is to be the absolute owner of the Universe. The teachings of some religions about God is not completely right.

Adam and Eve came as a pair. Adam and Eve's creation took millions of years. If you think God just created human beings instantly you are totally wrong.

In the villages of Korea -- there were traditions of family that are beautiful. They would have a festival and grandma and grandpa would go out and be part of the festival. Shin Jun Nim as my grandson really knows naturally how to attend his grandfather. He is a very smart boy and he knows when his grandfather is not feeling well. He shows such respect. It is so beautiful and he has become my teacher. As a little boy I was well known as the boy with very small eyes who would appear in the village, and I would attend my Grandfather in the same way. 7 years before I was born my grandfather, Chi-Guk Moon, knew that I would be born as his son.

The family is so important. We should not divorce in Unification Church. Pak Bo Hi studied hard and became top in the army. The students of his school were immediately appointed to the front line of the battle when the Korean war broke out. Many Americans died there in that War. Korea was then occupied and was so persecuted before the war and after the Korean war.

At Heaven Lake at Pek Tu mountain there are large rivers. The So Han river (Chinese mainland). I wanted to catch a special fish in the Pacific Ocean. It is understood that the Korean language was given by Heaven. Several Kings received revelation about it -- especially King Sejong.

When I was three or four years old, I learned from my grandmother the grandmother song. My great grandmother was able to give me the books from the Ol San [Osan] school -- should I could to study those things... [In my notes I have written this: My great grandmother took the books from the Osan school because my father was not able to graduate, so he could study at home. DB]

Some of the family (Christian) wanted to send me to America or Russia as a missionary. Many things in my home were historical documents. Out of 5 sons -- 3 died. I was the youngest son. Some of my brothers went to China. My grandfather said not to boast about our family. My Grandfather studied many Confucian texts and studied at the school. I learned a lot from my grandfather. I studied Christianity, and all religions. (I understood many things from Confucianism that I did not put into the Divine Principle.) There were many things I didn't include in the Divine Principle. There are many good points in Confucianism that really clarify the difference between good and evil. Confucianism teaches that father-and-son relationship is pivotal. They thought this was only a vertical relationship and husband and wife was a horizontal relationship. The earth is amazing -- because of gravity we don't fall off the earth. The earth rotates and we are upside down! However God made it so that from all angles the earth holds us.

My grandfather wouldn't teach me anything that would make me a traitor to the nation. He said I was too young to understand many things. He knew many secrets that he didn't tell me. I went to the Osan school at 15. I graduated in 3 years. I had to learn English and Japanese there. My grandfather said Japan is our enemy so don't use the Japanese language. My grandfather was a patriotic fighter. He had to go to prison for 2 years and 8 months. He worked so hard to bring Korean independence.

Even when I was a young boy, people realized that they needed to listen to me. I taught people a lot about exercise, and I was very good at Judo. I taught my friends the three balance points. When someone was sick or hurting -- they might have pain in a certain part of the body -- I knew that if I push certain parts of the body then I would be able to heal them.

Father began talking to Sun Hae Moon:

Sun Hae Moon, your sister is to become a professor at Sun Moon University -- did you hear about that? You are to be Vice President of the Pure Love department there. You should educate the Pak family and you need to teach the Pak children. Is your sister smarter than you? Does your husband listen to you ? (Yes) Don't lie. I thought he had to listen to you to keep his faith. Your Father didn't raise you so well -- if he allowed me to raise you, it would have been better.

I was the boy with small eyes at the Osan school. When I married you, Sun Hee and Sun Hae -- You have children right?

Sun Hae Moon:

"I have two sons and one daughter."

True Father:

Your two sons are in Cain and Abels position -- you must raise them well. So far you have been shedding many tears and have been rejected. But your being rejected is nothing compared to what I have experienced as rejection.

Dr. Yang ("Yea") I appoint her -- Sun Hae -- as a professor at Sun Moon University for the Pure Love department. She got her Doctor degree this year at UTS.

My grandfather suffered a lot. Moon and Han clan members and Choi clan members. Sung Jin's mother was Choi. I had to be divorced. My life would have been 100 times easier if I had not been divorced. You became divorced -- that was wrong. You became a medical doctor. It is so amazing that so much can be done through medicine and that your organs can be taken out and healed. People that caused problems in the past must be restored. Your aunt also -- the Moon family members are coming from a good family. They were very much persecuted by Christians -- they made so much effort to convert us.

I am very critical and I can make a right judgment. Sun Hae do you understand? Both of you can work as sisters at Sun Moon University -- and you can teach people because of that. That is such a good thing to do. I went to Osan school and caused problems there because I challenged the leaders there. I asked difficult questions. I became a patriot there. People knew from my early age that I was not an ordinary person. There is the invisible God that has been raising me.

Mother and I had to be totally united. On May 8th at 2:20 am and May 15th at 3:25 am -- I made these two proclamations. There must be the visible God and the invisible God. It doesn't matter how many people died. I had to educate all of their ancestors. Even the invisible God couldn't do this -- only Adam can do it. That is why the invisible God will totally support me. I'm trying to liberate God as a True God. Who can liberate God from his prison and allow him to be the original God of creation and mankind? Myself, I studied a lot. I majored in electrical engineering and some professors could not answer my questions.

Today there are only 935 days left until January 13, 2013;. Today is June 22nd by the Heavenly calendar but August 2nd by the solar calendar. Adam and Eve were restored through indemnity. All kinds of ancestors now can be mobilized -- even spirits of gangsters and Yakuza.

There is a God -- an invisible and visible. There are two different roles to play. I know things that many people do not know about. You must absolutely follow and obey. You must go back to the original state. This world can be governed by the heavenly heart. Not just the human heart and material. Even material and humans all have a heart. All are made in pairs.

Dr. Hendricks, former UTS President, what are you doing? (He is supporting Unification Church development.) There were basic funds prepared for UTS but they are all gone now.

Dr. Yang are you a success or a failure? Kim Ki Hoon are you a success or a failure? I didn't appoint you to go to Washington from Chicago. They thought only Washington was problem. Chicago and Las Vegas are also a problem, and they must be attended to. If all these things cannot be put in order when I am around, it will be a huge problem. When Adam and Eve made a mistake of the convex and concave organs it made the entire world a mess. They misuse sex in America. They drink and misuse their organs. They drink coffee and even have casual sex under the table -- all because Adam and Eve fell!

Sun Hae -- please educate the students well -- your husband cheated on you. Is there a man you would like to marry? I've see many get remarried -- I don't want to go that way. I want to make this blessing eternal. There is Bo Hi Pak, No Hi Pak and Lan Young Moon. The people of this age, and the world are in a mess right now. If someone opposes me they may go to prison in the future and never come out. I have 14 children but only know 13. After divorce I had to bear an incredible cross of love. Although I'm 90 years old -- I can still shed tears.

The ideology of Rev. Moon is like a fearful pillar. You must recognize this teaching and discard other teachings that are not true. When I went to Danbury -- inmates respected and followed me.

When I played ping pong at the prison -- no one could return my serve most of the time. On Sunday when people would come, people would want to hear my sermon. I would teach about Jesus' suffering and ask, "Was Jesus a man or a woman?" If I ask you Sun Hae -- to marry again -- would you do that?

The order of creation is so important. God never had his own family in human history. Have you heard about the Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and what about the Heavenly Son and Daughter -- only Rev. Moon knows about it. All religious leaders found that around the age of 38 to 40 all things had to be resolved and unified. All spirits and ancestors must be resurrected -- its not just your ancestors -- or just white people or black people -- it is all must be resurrected. That is why white and black must marry together. I overcame and survived everything and every attack. God wanted to do it -- but he had to allow man to fulfill his portion of responsibility. Rev. Moon did this and fulfilled.

Sun Hae -- if you do a good job you can be promoted. You cannot just change your position by yourself. God can't leave me alone because I fulfilled man's responsibility. Who is going to win between me and all 6.5 billion people? Rev. Moon is going to win. For the establishment of goodness. There is the right hand and the left hand. There is order.

Hyo Jin Nim's sons and Heung Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim's sons have to be united. Shin Jun Nim calls True Father King Daddy and Mother Queen Mommy. He calls his own parents Bok Daddy and Bok Mommy. At the age of two when he sees all second generation children he could discern very profound things. He actually is like a teacher to me.

I have no problem -- I can live anywhere -- I lived in prison and still maintained weight. I am very quick at walking -- you may be slow but I'm fast. I only lift my feet three inches and short steps. Though I take short steps, I am very quick. Everything here comes together. There are pillars on the door here that were designed by True Parents and then all spaces for wires and so many things here were considered. Mr. Aum designed East Garden and did well. He also designed the capitol in Korea. He made mistakes, and I corrected him and he was skeptical but as he checked it out -- he found I was correct.

Dr. Yang -- come here -- (Father took off Dr. Yang's his tie). I designed this watch. What happened to the jewelry company? It was sold. This was not good. The Washington Times should know -- if you don't listen to me -- even though people have high degrees -- they will perish. I just gave and gave and gave and didn't complain. As long as you are in the position of giving you will never perish. Those people who receive will eventually bow down. Those people who knew me cannot forget me. When I was coming to America they would not want me to leave. All the way to the end they cannot say that I didn't fulfill my responsibility. I went to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monaco -- I made conditions there. Dr. Lee is one of the top professors of math in the world is at the University of Maryland -- if she had received the right teaching of Divine Principle she could be fulfilling a much greater role.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon cannot be excluded from the core of Korea's history. People have gone into mountains and prayed sincerely. They are ready to offer their fortune to me. They should treat beggars well. I can take care of the Bering Strait tunnel and Japan tunnel -- myself -- If I ask you to raise the money, we could make it -- I could make it through Korea and Japan alone. Through the tunnels we can promote the exchange marriage program between Russia and America. We should promote this. People that have the Mongolian birth mark can be united as one.

Oyamada, Kamiyama? (They went to Korea) I developed the boat providence. Those who live well in America and should go to the Ocean leaders training workshop. We are now holding the 50th workshop for this.

I have made a lot of money in my life. I could have easily been the number one finance person -- it is most difficult to become the number one religious person. I prepared questions and could guess the questions which would be on the test -- I could tell what questions were being emphasized for the test. They would have no problem to pass the test. I could see the text of 5 or more pages. Some thought I was trying to destroy things and they were afraid of me -- but I have come to restore everything. I always move fast -- a normal 1 hour and 30 minute drive takes me 1 hour. I was always on time for school as a boy. We would walk to school.

I went hunting and no one could beat me. I went hunting with Bo Hi Pak and he killed 7 animals and I got 17 -- who won? I knew how the birds were flying and how to lead them in the gun sights. When I see someone -- I can see if they are having a bad thought -- a signal comes right out of their face. I trained 2500 people at a time in Cheju. We began with a 800 person training. I trained 170.000 women there.

I received so many secrets from heaven and earth. I received special tapes from Russia -- I could have made millions of dollars from them -- I gave them to Col. Han. But I didn't want to use them for money -- I don't even know where they are now. Col. Han may not have understood. There were many that were hired to assassinate me. What is the paper of Russia? Pravda -- the editor there really respected me.

America is such a vast nation -- through the Washington Times I could have met anyone -- however I didn't seek to meet him. He respects me for that. If I'm doing the background check of all of those world leaders, they could be in trouble.

There was an election in Korea -- and we got a good result from our Ambassadors for Peace. 281 people were elected who are connected with us. I have many buses going around to educate people -- in Korea. They cost about $150,000 each. It is costly. What if we do this in America. Many want to be part of that tour team. Now Christians cannot oppose Rev. Moon. There are so many things that they cannot oppose they are supporting us now.

Daniel -- what are you doing -- (I was the professor of Sun Moon University.) One day I thought to use you as the President of the University. Sun Hae -- you are related to Mr. Kamiyama's daughter. Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Furuta. They are not just individuals. They represent Japan.

When I go back, I will make sure that the boats are being built. We have to help the fishermen so that they can make money. Three of the four major fishing grounds of the world are in America. Many Americans don't want to be fishermen because their wives will run away. People who have been trained from the three providential nations should unite to support this -- their relatives will not be able to oppose any more. Many people should bring the victory through the unity of three generations.

We are not in an area where we can just claim our land and oceans. We must take down the borders. Also -- all doctors should expand to make the best facilities for health for the world.

You Americans didn't do such a great job but from today you should do better. I have nothing to be ashamed in front of black people. I would eat at McDonald's -- and I would travel by car and wouldn't sleep -- and waste time at a nice restaurant. Investigators were always amazed at my lifestyle.

I am constantly doing God's Will. I am the one trying to build houses and schools and so forth -- we should do that for others -- that is how we should live. If I can help people gain houses cheaply that is so good. So many assassins tried to catch me but I know how to get around. Some people wondered what I am doing -- I'm living for all people -- in the North, South, East and West. In China there is a great wall. How did you build it? I can whistle -- lets whistle -- (everyone whistled). If you do that in the mountains the spirit world can come. Everyone in the spirit world must be restored. When I see different races and nations -- I can see how important it is that we all unite and work together.

If you do not listen to me and follow me -- the ancestors will take you to the spirit world. (To one sister) you have brown hair, blue eyes and small hands -- you cannot give birth ? (Yes) You must learn how to become a mother.

Now I want you to learn the Grandma Song -- Halmi-Kot -- Grandma Song -- there is a flower that is bent over like a grandmother. When I go out my grandmother would teach me. You should be so sensitive to know your path ahead -- when there is someone ahead who wants to harm you, how many hills you go over, how many things must be done. If you become that sensitive that thousands of years of restoration can occur so quickly in a short time on earth. How do I know these things? -- Because I know the spirit world. I also know the God of the Night and the God of the Day. The very best son is to love and respect.

Sun Hee are you having a good time listening ?

Kook Jin Nim, Hyung Jin Nim and many sons and daughters went to Harvard -- but they do not know what I know. If you sing this song -- then a pretty grandmother will show up. If you are really praying and taking time I will constantly teach you and guide you. (Father called Su Kyung Chapman to sing the grandmother song). Don't forget this song.

Thousands of generations have been waiting for this day. If you go the right path then you will not perish and your nation will not perish -- even if you go down -- you will rise up again. Don't waste your time for something unnecessary.

(The three grandchildren came out and sang the grandmother song with True Father and other songs.) 

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