The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Everyone Will Go To Ruin Unless They Do The Right Things

Sun Myung Moon
August 1, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

[Father asked that the second speech in the eleventh volume of the Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon be read at Hoon Dok Hae this morning. Dr. Yang explained that during the last 7 days when Father made conditions for America and the world, this speech book was read continually.]

Manghaeyo in Korean means, "to go to ruin." Everyone without exception will go to ruin unless they do the right things. Who will help you? It is God -- he is the one that transforms night into day. It should start with the night as it does in the Bible. There should be up first and then down. No matter how great Father seems to be -- ultimately we have to know that it is God that is leading us. No matter how high you are in the world, if you are not correctly living according to God's law and principle you will become extinct. Even Jesus, because of rejection, couldn't leave a lineage.

You need the Word to become the Substantial Being yourself. Before the Word becomes real -- the Substantial Being must appear. The Substantial Being must be found. All the leaders of this nation, such as the former presidents, will pass into the spirit world eventually. The important thing is that the Substantial Being, God must be permanently established in America. God lost heaven and earth, then Jesus came but the lineage was not established on earth . This is such a sad part of history for God. No matter how much persecution he may receive, Rev. Moon has a path to follow. What good is secular success if you lose the nation? None of it would matter.

Everything that I am doing is for your sake and for the sake of America and the world. Front is front and rear is rear. There cannot be fighting between the two. We should be able to build God's land and nation. During the Civil War, Lincoln said that this nation for the people, by the people and of the people shall endure. This did not really root into God. When I speak, I'm not giving you sweet words. We are talking about the Substantial Being.

You should not live to accumulate material possessions. There is incest in America -- there is so much crime. There must be clear vertical alignment. You are very proud of yourself. Even God will recognize True Parents because True Father is taking responsibility for God. Are the second generation thinking of replacing me or True Mother? No one can replace True Mother. I was the one guiding and raising her and she had to follow. We go together as True Parents. There is one root. That is True Parents. Satan would like to subjugate all Unification Church members. As the True Parent -- I will never surrender under any circumstances. I can survive anywhere.

I am not attached to money -- I am doing this for the nation and the world. For humanity and especially for you. I am doing all this for God. That is why I can survive.

There are thousands of volumes of Father's speeches. How can we solve all the problems? Wherever I am, God is there. Las Vegas has so much immoral activity. All kinds of sins are going on there. Why do I come here and suffer? I could just stay in Korea. Why did I come to America? Because I had to make sure that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel have a permanent place to stand. The branches cannot become the root. God is present even in the darkest night.

White people who have blue eyes have a black pupil at the center just as do people of other races. People have tried, but they will never be able, to get rid of my teachings. My teachings are absolute. Some men cheat on their spouses -- there is a law in heaven that requires men to not cheat on their spouses. There are many things that heaven is revealing -- there is much more to be revealed -- but the time has not come yet.

I am looking for the way that all 6.5 billion people on the earth can be saved. I created Boon Bong Wangs and Ambassadors For Peace. Boon Bong Wangs' and Ambassadors For Peace are not united, also the heads of state and citizens of nations are not united. Its difficult to live in other nations for Americans to live in China or Russia. It is difficult for Chinese to live in Russia or America. It is also difficult for Russians to live in China or America. However, the people of all these three nations can all live together under the umbrella of my teachings. North and South America are not united yet. Black and white are not united yet. Only True Parents can solve this.

Who is the Father of Lucifer? Was Lucifer created by God? If God is his creator, then what is the relationship between Adam and Eve, and Lucifer? They are like brothers and sisters or cousins. We have to understand the Substantial Being. The Substantial Being is more important than the Word. Religious leaders may be able to proclaim the Word but they cannot proclaim the Substantial Being of the Word. I came to America after having done a lot of research and having developed sufficient understanding.

Only Father can teach us about Lucifer. God has been suffering due to Satan. I have met Lincoln and all the American Presidents.

From this day if the nation of America can be completely united with me, in three years It can be totally changed to God's. However America put me in prison and tried to hold me down. In Korea we don't say day and night -- we say night and day. Right is before left -- but that order has been reversed in the world.

Adam's family didn't set up the right tradition. Cain and Abel should have restored this but they didn't. If you understood you would be able to restore this. Why do Americans wear eye shadow?

You need two pillars for a family, yet you haven't been able to establish even one. American women often try to use their husbands as servants. Men make money but women spend the money. If you use your money for the sake of your ancestors and descendants, God will support you.

Actors often don't marry -- and they become thieves in the world of love. This is not the heavenly way.

How many second generation here? (They raised their hands.) Will you follow Hyun Jin Nim? You shouldn't follow Hyun Jin Nim, you must follow True Parents.

There are many stories behind the East Garden building. It was built with Korean stone and marble.

Washington Times -- I'm the one who created it and developed it and sustained it. I have to take care of this situation. My eyes are very accurate -- I don't say things casually -- I don't say things lightly and they always are in consideration of many things around. Don't be caught by my words.

In Jin Nim was really a top student at Harvard -- they didn't report it in the newspaper. That wasn't right. There is so much bias.

Japanese women, would you attend the 40-day workshop [in Yeosu, Korea] if I asked you to? (Yes!) If you follow Father's directions, you will be blessed. I was in Atlantic City to set conditions to uproot that culture. That culture can ruin America.

[Father asked everyone to join him as he sang the grandmother flower song.]

The Lily and the Rose are the national flowers of Cheon Il Guk. They are so beautiful, no matter whether you look at them at night or during the day.

Free sex , drinking and fornication are destroying the family and the people. Both men and women are drinking.

If the Washington Times is lost, people will be sad. Many former political leaders in Washington appreciated the Times. Things will be cleared up. Everything will be made clear. We must not violate heavenly law. I am responsible to forgive them before they die. Hyun Jin Nim and all -- I must find a way to forgive them all.

Lucifer didn't create God, God created Lucifer. Father is the one who is protecting you all. If I ask you to marry, will you marry as I ask? Jesus has so much lamentation and sorrow. I know Jesus' heart and suffering. I found a bride for Jesus. You should not fully trust anyone except those who are doing God's will.

Now is the time of the proclamation of the Word of the Substantial being. No one should put a nail in Father's heart -- you should be taking the nails out of True Parents' heart. The God of the Night protected me and made True Parents as the God of the Day. God doesn't want anyone to stay in the fallen state. We need to establish a new tradition. The only way to become the True Parents, Savior, Messiah and Returning Lord is to be recognized as such by God. Centering on the Word, you should follow. Three generations should not be divided. No one can deviate from this. Bride and bridegroom should be united together.

The heart of the parents cannot be blocked. God wants us to be so determined that even if we go to hell we will work to save the people there so that they can be resurrected and live. We should want to save our brothers and sisters. We must go the same path as parents and children. In the position of children, we want to do 1000 times more than our parents. We should have that kind of heart. You must always be able to give birth -- you must have the seed and the egg. Don't be a person who is not fertile (In terms of multiplying). You should be willing to make more efforts than anyone else. Then your descendants will prosper. If someone does something wrong, the time may come when I can't forgive any more. However I can also be the most fun person of all. People can dance with me. Is there that kind of leader in the world? The second generation should be listening to me carefully.

Notes taken by Rev. Michael Jenkins, national chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference 

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