The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

We Need To Understand The Vertical Relationships

Sun Myung Moon
July 25, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Unofficial notes: Michael Lamson

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

East Garden was packed with so many Japanese and European members today. There were members sitting outside. The atmosphere was really happy and electric as many members meet for the first time or were reunited after many years. Father was very happy, he was focused and he was inspired by members' attendance. Mother was also happy and beautiful. They cut a victory cake and Kook Jin Nim cut a birthday cake with his family, since he turned 40 years old.

The highlight for me was when Father asked Antonio Betancourt to sing a song. He sang "You Fill up My Senses" whit so much heart and love. Father asked Mother to dance with Antonio while he was singing and the two of them fit so well together, so much love was flowing at that moment.

Father's sharing:

If you want to live in a world with absolute values say Aju!

In the Unification Church we have many educational materials. How did we come up with them?

In Korea we say, "night and day." Night comes before day.

We need to understand the vertical relationships. There is always an order. There is always a center. If we have this clear understanding we will have our solutions.

There are human feelings and God's feelings, which are connected through heart.

Mongolians have blue spots as birthmarks. 74% of the world's population has the Mongolian birthmark, a blue spot on their body. The spot can turn black or red with time.

In this world there is male and female. It is like this in the world of the ocean and everywhere. Where can we be settled?

We are all born from the womb, babies go through a small path to be born. What I tell you is very logical.

What is small can grow or decrease depending on how it relates. We should always be going forward and think of the center.

We should now be able to distinguish between good and evil. There are people above and people below but there is only one Rev. Moon. For me the most important thing is unity. Korea is divided, man and woman are divided and mind/body are disunited.

In humanity there are 5 colors and I should bring them all together.

Man and woman, bride and bridegroom, come together centered on the heart. There is always a subject partner and an object partner. If there is always an up then there will always be a down. So far women have not been recognized and they are in the object position. We talk about bringing pairs together, we must be harmonizers. If there are men and women, then men should live for the sake of women. This is what we have to do.

Heaven and Earth should become one, unchanging.

You have to think about what your love is. We cannot always have what we want. The love relationships must be correct. We must have one purpose and be in harmony.

When we join the Unification church, we have a humble life, we eat humble food and we are happy. For us even simple food is delicious. Our relationships with people should be like that.

We should resemble each other because we have the same root. The root goes down deeply but the trunk and branches grow out, they all grow because the root is strong. This is how we can bring three generations together.

In Hawaii we have Kona King Coffee. Hawaii in Korean means work hard and bring results.

In the world there is East and West and they should not have been separated.

Women have a deeper heart than men and it stretches. Mothers have a big heart. What about men? When men and women are not united it is like north and south, east and west, there is no center. If men say they are higher than women there will always be a lot of struggle.

Buddhism does not talk about God. It teaches that you can perfect yourself without God. Where is the center?

Who is God? What is He trying to do? If He is absolute then we should be absolute. If we have the same root then we will be unique and eternal. If we are the same then we are not unique, so each being should be unique and eternal. Something that is unique and eternal can become absolute.

Koreans have a very strong conscience and bloodline in families.

When we die we should have things that we look forward to. When we die our bodies live in a cold place and sometimes our bodies last as long as a mummy's. In the future people will learn things from our old dead bodies.

In the future will we have an ideology centered on ourselves?

Convex is for giving, we have both convex and concave. Which did God create first, convex or concave?

After the Fall heaven and earth divided. Humanity represents earth. Women can embrace everything, the earth can embrace everything.

Small one can be in the elders position.

There is a world where there is no gravity. Have you heard of a Black Hole before? Everything disappears in a black hole. There is nothing on earth that will be here for eternity. Our physical body separates from our spiritual body and lives for eternity. We only live 70 to 80 years so we will have to have give and take with the spirit world. The thought of an eternal should be a natural conclusion. I will soon be 92 in Korean age.

Do you like odd or even numbers? Even numbers are better. That is why I ask you to raise both hands in response to questions I ask.

You might think you are great people but don't have too high of an opinion of yourselves.

When man and women become husband and wife something good comes out -- a baby!

In Las Vegas I do not sleep so much. Mimi (a lady from Las Vegas that became connected to True Parents through one of the Korean leaders' witnessing efforts) knows.

A man after making love can go out and work hard and explore the world and take care of the babies.

Father wants to take care of all the sins on the earth.

Father shared about the boats he designed that will not sink.

When the helicopter accident happened I was hanging upside down. The three musketeers (three grandchildren) were crying out, "King Mommy!" "King Daddy!" They did not want us to die. I heard them cry for us and that woke me up. I determined to save them before I died. I was lucky that I always exercised when I was young.

There were a lot of things that my mother and father did. My father was a very strong man. I was a famous wrestler in my neighborhood. I would catch fish with nets and feed all the people around me. To catch eels you have to make them feel safe and then pick them up by their heads.

Father asked everyone to sing the grandmother flower (pulsatilla koreana) song with him. Father stood up and showed everyone what the old grandmother looked like and explained that that is the way the flower grows. Father then started dancing.

My grandmother really loved me. One week after my grandmother died her grave was covered in green grass and the grandmother flowers. When I saw this I could feel her love for me. I know a lot of stories.

I used to dance in the forests and in bamboo forests. I used to play so many games when I was young. I used to heal the sick people by talking with them. There was a male shaman that used to say I was a special person -- a king of kings.

God is such a sad God because His children could not live the life He wanted them to live. There are many women here. You have to sacrifice for God and True Parents.

Father asked Hyung Jin Nim to sing, a Korean couple to sing (Rev. Jeong Eog Eu and his wife Myeong Ok Jo) and True Mother to sing. Mother and Father danced and walked around in the room with members while everyone sang.

When Father was leaving he said, "With a grateful heart you should go out and give birth to many children." 

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