The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Everything That I'm Telling You Is A Proclamation

Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden, NY USA
Unofficial Notes: Michael Jenkins

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Everything that I'm telling you is a proclamation. Everything I do and say will not change for a million or billion years. Yesterday, we set the goal and we caught 20 fish. Each day has been more fish. Each day changes are taking place. I need to go back to Korea.

There is a major providence going on in Las Vegas. You must be focused on the Word but even more important is the Person who substantiated the Word. By doing this you should remove all the impurities. If you look at the flow of the current of the world -- to really understand -- the most important thing is the flow of the current of God's providence. Mother caught 10 fish the other day -- from that we can feed 300 people. It is difficult to catch the fluke we are fishing for. When we fish we have to consider what line to use and what bait.

Mr. Furuta -- you felt good when you caught the 24-inch fish right? You should have said to me that you would research more on how to solve the difficulties of America.

Are you ready to receive the Proclamation of the Word that is realized in True Parents on Saturday? I can't rely on your way of thinking. The textbooks are very important. You have to understand that your actions will greatly affect your descendants. White people think that they should have white supremacy, black people want black supremacy and yellow people want yellow supremacy. We have to lift up the supremacy of God.

In this world we have to pack up the darkness of death and chase it away. Let's make a world in which we can go across this entire world. America must change the way of its thinking. Ask God if what I'm saying is correct. That is why I'm telling you to make the textbooks. Only I thought these were precious, no Americans or westerners felt these texts are precious. This morning I apologized to Mother for things I've been unable to do. If there is a window, we need to open up a way for our members to become champions of Hoon Dok Hae and allow the grace of True Parents through the window of Hoon Dok Hae. I am totally committed to educate people until the day I die.

If we can't fix the problems in America, I will take the textbooks of True Parents to Africa. I may give you the direction to go to Africa.

Who is the Father of the Archangel Lucifer and the Father of Adam and Eve? The Father of them is the same. Before the fall Adam and Eve and Lucifer were like brothers and sisters in the positions of Cain and Abel.

We have to understand that God is the Father of Adam,Eve and Lucifer. We transferred the victory of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel to Korea on July 8th.

Do you understand me? I see people bowing with the wrong attitude in their hearts. I don't want to receive that kind of bow. I feel like I need to pack my bags now, move to Korea and educate my children even 10 times more than I ever did the world. I need to teach them everything so they can get along together.

Without being the King in Las Vegas you cannot save America. I have to go to Korea now.

Mr. Kamiyama -- you got seasick yesterday. You have to give education to the Japanese members.

There should be a heavenly competition between Koreans, Japanese, and Americans. There should be three ships. Who is older, Mr. Nada or Mr. Oyamada? Mr. Oyamada is three days older. He looks like he is 50 years old. Nada means, "I am." He is very courageous. Nada can be the leader of the Ocean providence in Korea and Japan.

I can make boats in America with Mr. Nada.

Less than three years remain. If you cannot make it, there is no day in which you can be proud. There is no other Rev. Moon in the world. True Mother follows True Father 100 percent. Everyday True Mother attends Hoon Dok Hae with Father. Father and Mother's relationship is very deep. This is the original way of God's tradition. No one thinks to have a heavenly tradition.

We gather thousands of people and educate them. You Korean leaders, why couldn't you catch even one fish? You should have been an example to the Japanese leaders. You didn't even catch your quota. I caught ten fish. Why couldn't you catch fish yesterday? Yang Chang Shik, I gave you a decisive order regarding Sok Cho. Do you think about Mr. Furuta and the other person I told you about who is always with Father? You didn't think about them. I can't always work things out for you. Mr. (Jong No) Yoon, don't think about yourself. Mr. Yoon, you read the report from Mr. Pak to Mother but not to Father. You should have read it to me first. The same goes to Rev. Cho -- I wasn't able to talk to Reiko Kawasaki and her husband, Mr. Kawasaki, what I wanted to (before she passed away). What will you do if I die tomorrow?

Japan has been opposing the church. Japan messed things up. If this is not connected, it will be a terrible price for Japan to pay. Mr. Furuta and Mr. Kamiyama were with Father for many years. I cannot forget the past.

The best ship in Europe was made by Korea. Mr. Furuta, you thought that Korea could not beat Japan. But Korea is surpassing Japan in many industrial areas. Now Korea is the number-one shipbuilder in the world.

In the ice age it has to heat up. If Father doesn't help Japan, it will disappear. Japan has to pay money to the victors of WWII. Japan couldn't fulfill its responsibility. I know Japanese history clearly.

Who is the owner of America? She has no true owner. The one who loves America the most is Rev. Moon. Therefore Father is the true owner of America.

I have to go forward for God even if America, Japan, Russia and China can't come. You have to determine to bring the true original tradition centering on God. Yoon Jeong No! Choi Jung Chan (whose daughter died)! Father is so serious, I have to make a conclusion. From America I moved to Korea with the conclusion. Think about the government. It is corrupt and spread out. Everyone will disappear and a new foundation will emerge that was educated by True Father. If you are against Father's direction, you will lose your way in the future. This is not a joke.

Father decided about the (upcoming July 24) event suddenly. Mother asks when will we go back to Korea. I can only decide after I finish this event. Father is talking about the constitution based on the peace messages and messages from the spirit world (Father has said that the Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong, which includes the Peace Messages and select messages from the spirit world, will become the heavenly constitution). Cheong Seong Gyeong is the heavenly Bible. If you cannot center on Father's direction and word, nothing can remain.

(Father talked about China.)

Mr. Kamiyama -- what are you going to do? Are you going to follow Father? Why aren't you building boats in America?

We are wasting time. In Korea, I have done a special workshop to train ocean leaders.

People are saying bad things about Father. Washington Times -- what will happen? Father sees Washington as the World Level. People need to know that we are entering such an age. There is a place for the democratic thought from Washington, however it must be guided by God's thought and tradition. The Washington Times has been recognized as the top paper in the world on many occasions. It shouldn't be lost.

The New York Times and Washington Post will fade.

European nations also tried to destroy Father's family. Many of my children graduated from Harvard University. Why is America not inheriting the tradition of blood lineage? Even the white race will go down if it does not inherit the right tradition. Black people will rise if the whites do not inherit Father's tradition.

Oyamada -- are you the son of a Buddhist? Do you have Christian background? Tong Il industry in rising in Korea. Mr. Furuta caught a 24-inch fish yesterday, while Father caught only a 20-inch, so Mr. Furuta feels so proud. Mr. Furuta -- you can't quit the fishing business because of your health -- if you do you will die. Where is Mr. Jong Tae Lee? Mr. Nada?

This is an historic event -- and most precious chance to educate the people. This is the most important time and most precious chance. Americans what are you doing?

Kamiyama, Furata and Nada. Nada will become like a textbook on my behalf. You must really attend God and True Parents. Mr. Kamiyama looked dead to me. He would not have lasted long the way he was going. I want to take him to Korea with me to take care of him. Chang Shik Yang -- you should train Mr. Furuta and Mr. Kamiyama. In the next three years you must learn Korean. There will be an incredible revolution between heaven and earth. As human beings, we have the same eyes, nose and mouth.

We must be able to say OK which means the Opening of the Kingdom. You can go to the right and to the left and straight to the mountain. All these things are instructions from God. I get them even when I am sleeping. We should go to the realm that is going beyond all those things. If you ask a question to me, I can answer. I studied electrical engineering.

If I were to leave here what would happen to America? Everything I'm doing here is based on True Love. You should not have casual love affairs. There are always temptations. I can sense if there are bad things going on around them. I can hear the sounds they make and whether they are good or bad. Despite that kind of situation we are trying to save them. America is over 300 million and half are women. Without Father there cannot be a world of peace. Doesn't matter whether you have a Ph.D. or not -- Father will not listen to you based on knowledge.

Sometimes when I was in prison I was handcuffed and tortured. In North Korea I was made to stay awake for 7 days -- day and night. You should not be boastful for me. The original being is different from the shadow. Satan really tried to keep me in a closet as an old man and the Japanese tried to do the same. We cannot go over the number three.

A shadow looks like the substance but is not the same. Don't be a shadow -- you must become the substantial being yourself. I am not only speaking words but showing my action through my body and in every way. I'm the one who brought it. There are many creations. To make this restoration process, I went through this course many times in Las Vegas. We need to really govern our mind. I'm over 90 years old now.

(Father then read the speech from July 8th from page 8 -- the section about the proclamations in Las Vegas.)

Ladies and gentlemen, in Las Vegas a special proclamation was given centered on God by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).

The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying "Success comes at the third attempt." It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number 25, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of (God's) full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.

Furthermore, with the Seunghwa Ceremony for former United States secretary of state General Alexander Haig, I proclaimed that the ceremony for the victory of the first, second, and third Israels, which completed the ceremony for rebirth, resurrection and Seunghwa during my lifetime, was transferred to Korea.

You have to understand that I'm setting the condition to save America through the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. America, Japan and Korea were all unable to fulfill their responsibility. You should all be ashamed in front of True Parents. This is why I had to make this proclamation. I'm clinging to God to save this nation. You should be repenting before God and True Parents.

I have left you the textbooks that will guide you. You have to understand that you are indebted but have forgotten your debt so your shadow doesn't even deserve to stand on the earth. Dr. Yang, your attitude has to change. You must go to the lowest places like Las Vegas and win the victory there. You must be able to go into a position of 300 million degrees (temperature) and survive. Jesus had to go to paradise. (He could not go to Heaven because he was single). Oyamada -- is this something to be concerned about? Everyone in the world must be educated, but I don't have enough time.

Sisters must come in the position of my wife and mother and fulfill. You have to know what it means to be a citizen of heaven, and you must live this way. You have not been able to attend me properly. If you had, then there would be the right foundation to receive me. You have to really understand what kind of life I have to live. I have to go to Las Vegas to set the conditions. We will build a large convention center in Las Vegas for education. The Korean immigrants are here -- they followed me but didn't fulfill. Did you think about True Parents' situation? Have you been able to stand in a position where the mice and flies can recognize you?

In Las Vegas, I'm making a key. Satan has always been active at night. Las Vegas is the place where we must subjugate Satan. If we don't have the key to the Kingdom of Heaven, then we are bound to perish. We should open the key. OK is like Open the Key. So far America and Russia do not have this key. This key must be used by the God of the Night and the God of the Day -- and through these education materials we can overcome everything. This is the key that can be opened. What Father is talking about -- is it true or not? Everything we are doing should be true.

Once you are clear what I am saying to you, then once you understand then you must live that way. Do you understand what the atmosphere is around you? When you go to the spirit world, you will still have to study Father's Words. I'm the only person who married the four great saints, including Jesus. None of the leaders of this world did this.

These are the textbooks of the heavenly nation. Don't deceive people. You should set up the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae in your family. Mr. Kamiyama will you do this? (Yes) You did not know the contents of my teaching until now. No matter which nation I go to, I can meet the president of that nation within three weeks and tell him what he needs to fix his country.

The New Yorker is in a very special location. It should have the biggest hotel sign in America. I haven't seen that yet, and it should be set up before I'm gone.

If our families are aligned with God where no shadow is cast, then they could be deserving of all the blessing.

The only authority of heaven is in True Parents. Hyung Jin Nim's and Kook Jin Nim's testimony is that Jesus' bride is attending their father as the Messiah. All of you need to know this. Schisms and all things will not last, because True Parents have authority. It is difficult to lead the children. God could not even take care of Adam and Eve because they, as children, had portions of responsibility. The same is true for True Parents' children. God couldn't take care of them fully -- they have their responsibility so their course is incredibly difficult. Father is so happy to have found Mr. Nada. Mr. Kamiyama was about to disappear. I know some people are saying that they don't need to talk with the grandfather or grandmother. They can just go their own way.

See what will happen to those people who don't listen to my words. In three years there will be no translation. You will have to speak Korean. The only leaders will be Father's disciples. Spirit world will unite using Father's Korean words.

That's why you have to study the Korean language.

Kamiyama means offering table. Do you understand? This is the last warning. If your family name is lost, Japan will be damaged. Yuko and your daughter married to Jun Ho Moon will be lost. This is the last warning. Hold up your hands and say you understand Father clearly and will follow Father.

This song is about the grandmother flower in the back of the garden -- if you sing this song with me you will go to the world where there is heaven.

Notes taken by Rev. Michael Jenkins, national chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference 

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