The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Going Over The Realm Of Creation

Sun Myung Moon
July 17, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden, NY
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Set Up the Hoon Dok Hae Tradition in Your Family

During today's Hoon Dok Hae, there will be a proclamation of the Word of God's Ideal Hometown and Homeland. Today we're commemorating going over the realm of Creation. The Word is being taught at Hoon Dok Hae. The world will become one and will be united with God. The speech from July 8th should not be changed. You must respect the words that are coming from the headquarters in Korea. The person who is the True Parent and who brought the authority and victory is proclaiming today.

There is the God of the Night and the God of the Day. This was not understood until this time. We should understand that the Father of Adam and Eve and the Father of Lucifer was one and the same God. God created Adam and Even and the Archangel. There was no nation of America or any other country. There was no X in existence. The O can contain everything. The eternal cause of O is God and is the owner of the entire universe. This Word is being proclaimed here today. There is no Cain and Abel UN in the ideal. This came about due to the Fall of Man. What is the first verse of the Family Pledge? "Our family, as owners of Cheon Il Guk..." There are not two owners of a family -- there is only one owner of a family. Where is God's homeland? Because the false parent brought in the false world, only the True Parent can bring in the True World.

The proper position must be found. Where was God born? Where is the Garden of Eden? God is the owner of life, and lineage is eternal. It is only the son that can receive the lineage of God. Dr. Wilson, what are the chosen people? The chosen people must be the heavenly people. But there are no heavenly people. Where is Hell? It came to exist due to the Fall. Everything is flipped around 360 degrees. Can the American President or the Pope make everything right? Even Rev. Moon can't do it. Only God can do it. I never thought of myself taking the place of God. There was never a person who could be united in mind and body -- this can only be achieved by completing the eight stages vertically and horizontally. In absolute Communism or leftism, there is no God, there is no thought, only material. In God's world there can be no Communism.

The God of Night and the God of Day

Who can fix this? The God of the Night and the God of the Day. The True Parents must restore this. There need to be True Sons and Daughters. Tell me if you feel confident that you have become citizens of the heavenly nation. These are complicated issues that I have been working to resolve. There has not been anyone to complete this.

Is there anyone here who is confident that their mind and body are united? How about homosexuality? One becomes the man and one becomes the woman. One goes on top. Can any lineage come from this? There is no son that can come from this. What should remain? Not money, knowledge or power or the UN or America, Russia or China. What should remain is God and lineage. I cannot receive directions from Mr. Kamiyama or anyone. Things are not resolved yet.

Does Christianity listen to Jesus? Jesus couldn't marry. People treat me as a monster for marrying Jesus. I had to avoid assassins. If I do not remain, this whole world will disappear. I don't live for my own stomach. I live to liberate God. Why did I go to Las Vegas? I am going there to set conditions to save America. I don't know how long America could last without this. I had to draw a line and set conditions to protect America. I am setting the conditions to make one central point of God.

Mr. Kamiyama, Mr. Furuta, Dr. Yang can you see this point? There must be a central point. In the Vatican there is no place for Jesus. True Parents should be pitied; True Mother is one that should be pitied. This is the motto for all of heaven and earth so that everything can find out as an example -- in which it becomes like a substantial body and essential world. In the age of indemnity there were eight vertical stages. I had to go that course. It was not the way I wanted to go -- it was the way I had to go. The fallen world will disappear.

Uniting Mind and Body

It is important to understand the (difference between the) God of the Night and the God of the Day. The mind and body are divided on eight levels. They must be united on every level. Tom Walsh, you came to Las Vegas and left. Why did you leave? I can see the God of the Night and the God of the Day. After I draw the horizontal and vertical absolute line, it will never be drawn again. I am the person that brings the realization of the substantial heavenly environment. Even God could not do this. Does the Jewish man here (referring to Dr. Andrew Wilson) recognize this? Even Jewish people must go through 13 denials. Las Vegas has to go through these 13 gates. You have to go above that to fulfill. You must go through these 13 gates.

I'm in the 92nd year of my life (Korean counting). The ship Cheonan was sunk. The name Cheonan represents Heaven's settlement. The prefix -ham meaning "boat" represents Ham in the Bible. Because Ham, representing humankind, could not properly attend his father, Heaven could not settle. The president of Korea has not been able to resolve this issue. Father and Mother shed tears over the sinking of Cheonan-ham. God who I talked to could come to that central point. I'm someone to whom you should be grateful. Did anyone even think of buying me a lunch to welcome me?

You should invite me to a place of celebration greater than any family birthday. You have to understand and embrace Rev. Moon. Allow me to take charge of America for three years. Allow me to take charge of Las Vegas for 2 years and 8 months and see what will happen. It would not go to ruin.

You must understand. Who knows the secrets of Heaven? Mr. Kamiyama, if you cannot trust your wife and parents, it will be difficult to trust me. However, that line is the line you must cross.

I can guarantee 97 percent but I cannot yet guarantee the 3 percent. I am working on the remaining 3 percent, so that it may become 100 percent. Everyone has to follow the words that are spoken today.

Yesterday I scolded Dr. Yang and pulled Mr. Kamiyama's hair. What is your name? Tom Walsh. Your actions will affect the future of England and the Unification Church.

A Convention to Proclaim the Word

Basically, I did all that was needed. Even if America tries to kick me out it will not happen. There are many nations that are willing to attend True Parents. Pray about it and see. Do you think you can live 1,000 years or 10,000 years? Is there only one, or are there two Gods? Only one. Can Israel purify the blood lineage? All Christians opposed me, Judaism opposed me, and yet I still did not die. Can the older brother kill the younger brother? Even if he hurt him, God and I want to forgive him. That way heaven can be unified in one place.

Moses was trying to lead all the Israelites. Only he knew the direction they must go. Mother promised, no matter what, that she will continuously follow Father. We are going to have a convention to proclaim the "Word." Father and Mother must go over the hill together. If she is not totally united, we can't go over this hill together. Therefore, Eve had to be totally recreated. Therefore, Moses had to put the blood of the Lamb over the door of the Israelites to indemnify the blood that Cain shed. The blood of the sheep was representing the blood shed by Cain. The reason why sheep are being used as an offering is that they are obedient.

I went through a lot in America -- I sleep on my side curled up like a sheep. I hold my hands to my side. I can never sleep comfortably. Wherever I go, there is a Holy of Holies. Therefore, I am the King. Because I have True Love, I cannot be burned away. All other kings passed away. Because of True Love, I will never pass away.

If God tells me to walk into the sun, I will do it. I am going to Las Vegas to get rid of all the evil sins. The most important thing is not the "Word". Who brought the "Word"? The Substantial Being. Without the Substantial Being, the "Word" could not exist. Wherever I go, I can reach out to endless numbers of people -- you will see -- they will come.

It is exactly 6:00 a.m. -- I proclaim this. (Applause). Again 3 x 6 = 18 (6 a.m. on 6.6 by the Heavenly Calendar). Father then will read his own speech. Without Father and Mother -- we cannot be secured. I am still raising up Hyung Jin Nim and still raising up Kook Jin Nim. I am also raising up Hyun Jin Nim… However, he is telling people that Father is senile. That is a lie!

I'm the one who is protecting people from death. When I go over the hill of indemnity, we can fulfill.

True Adam Lays Proper Conditions

We only have 900 plus days (until Foundation Day). We need to meet all the people -- if I meet them, we have to give the report to God. They had better find out that there is no greater expert that knows about the spirit world than me. Over 2,000 volumes of my words are now established -- therefore I am someone to be feared. God is coming after me to be with me and discuss things with me. I can now give a hard time to Lucifer. Now the saints and sages can be Blessed -- only by True Parents. Even if their bodies are all different -- I can make them very much alive. God cannot do it by himself. It can only be done by the True Adam when he lays the proper conditions.

Father read his speech.

Because of the Substantial Being the "Word" can be proclaimed. Do you understand? This is not something that you can just change as you want. Heaven guides me wherever I go. The political world -- the economic world should be settled in Washington D.C. and in NY. On the bridge coming into New York -- how many lanes are there? Dr. Yang -- you were born in Cheju Island right? There was a person names Ku Pu Yang with the middle name meaning father. If you look at the name Pu -- in Chinese characters -- that is night then heaven. Chang Shik Yang is the name of someone who has to go through the bottom or the sewage and has to overcome. He is a good person. He has been going through a course like going through a sewer. He went to Korea, then had to come back to America. He is coming out of a garbage can. He has to build God's Kingdom and has to work.

When I came to America -- I came as a fireman. I got so much persecution and opposition against me. I was so persecuted and belittled. I was good at studying. Hyung Jin Nim's wife, Yeon Ah (Lee) Nim went to that school (the university Yeon Ah Nim attended). She broke the record -- she went through school in 3 years. Mr. Kamiyama -- do you know what school Kook Jin Nim went to? He went to Harvard and then studied politics and economics. I was going to appoint Hyun Jin Nim as president of UTS, and Kook Jin Nim as UTS dean. A lot of money was deposited for the school -- now the money is gone. Everyone should go to UTS and study. That is a graduate school level. Did you move it to 43rd St.? I gave the order for it to be moved to 43rd St. 43rd St. is good because it represents the number 7 (4 [Heaven] + 3 [Earth]).

You are to distribute 430 books of Father's autobiography. You must go out and witness to people. You must understand why I am letting you do that. Mr. Kamiyama -- how many times did you read Father's autobiography? (Mr. Kamiyama: "Many times"). Father is the only one that knows what exactly happened. This is the age in which we must change Satan's authority. In the future, the government authorities will come together centering on God.

Substantial Being is Subject: Word is Object

What is the center? The Word or Substantial Being? The Substantial Being is in the subject position while the Word is in the object position. This is the Word of True Parents. Who said that? It is guided by the spirit world. Hoon Mo Nim and (True Parents') sons and daughters are there. You must really follow the guidance of Choong Mo Nim and Hoon Mo Nim.

(The name of the upcoming event is) Declaration of the Word of the Substantial Body for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. Everything must go over the Hill of night and day. It's just like a seashore -- very clean. When you look at the deer -- it is a beautiful creation. Everything is so beautiful. Everything is transforming the world of death into the world of life. I can create something new. We must have a clear center. We should be able to go anyplace at any time. There is night, then morning. We can think of the God of the Night. The horizontal God is the God of the Day. The invisible God is the God of the Night. Adam and Eve were defiled -- through religion God wanted to restore their descendants.

Kamiyama and Furuta -- you must take responsibility for the Ocean. Oyamada grabs Japan -- you have True Parents' authority. Father visited Noriko-san as a representative of Japan, and she attended True Parents as their daughter. She couldn't speak English or Korean. Oyamada, who was vice president of the Asia Women's Federation? At that time Noriko was vice president. You have to follow True Father's will and direction.

Father wants to see Europe and Japan connect. Japan is a feminine nation -- it's a woman's country. After WWII Father approached Mr. Nakasone to offer reparations to Korea for what was done for 40 years.

There are more Koreans and Japanese here than there are Americans. What do you think about this? Japanese came to America, an enemy country, and obeyed Father to come here and serve this nation. Japan lost WWII against America -- but they obeyed Father's words.

How many American's here? Only 1/3 of all that are gathered -- why is this?

I need to forget about many sad things -- I remember too many things. Should we go out fishing? Today -- if each boat can catch 3 fish -- that is 9 fish altogether (three boats) -- everyone (attending Hoon Dok Hae) can enjoy sashimi today.

Father read the speech. (Below are comments during the reading).

Do You Think I'm Senile?

They are saying that I am senile? Do you think I'm senile? (No). Even if I live to be 100, I will not go senile! God will not allow it. (Aju.)

I'm talking about the God of Night and the God of Day. The Vertical True Parents and the Horizontal True Parents. His rightful position as the True Parent. We have to liberate God.

Neither Mr. Kamiyama, nor my children nor True Mother could do this. Only Father can do this. I didn't like it, but I had no choice.

We must have cross-cultural marriage blessings. Can any of my children do that? I cannot go the easy path. My children can't do it. Only True Parents can bring the lineage.

You cannot go back and forth. I'm not just wandering around. I digested everything -- I digested communism and democracy. So you must understand this. For this purpose I have preserved and triumphed in countless tribulations -- only to liberate God. People didn't know about the night and the day. We need to save human beings who are struggling in the darkness. I have preserved and triumphed alone! Mother is in incredible anguish and suffering as we go forward.

(Father was speaking while standing at the podium and Mother was sitting on a chair next to him. True Parents were in those positions from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m., when Hoon Dok Hae ended).

Once I'm done with my responsibility, I can go to the spirit world. That kind of proclamation is being made. Why have I been doing this? For the sake of the Will. I have asked Mother to stay here with me (stay in the Hoon Dok Hae room while Father speaks standing from the podium). Mr. Kamiyama, do you understand what I'm saying? Do you truly understand what I have been doing? Do you understand, Mr. Kamiyama?

As children of God and True Parents, you must fulfill your responsibility. You must go to the higher spirit world --according to the time of True Parents.

God and True Parents have become one. If you read this by yourself, you may not understand. True Parents who guide all life, day and night have completed this.

Your Ancestors Will Help You.

People try to tell me, "We have to do things this way." I was so surprised to hear such a thing. Only I know the secrets of heaven. In the spirit world all the ancestors and humanity will accuse you for such an idea, and in the spirit world you will have to go through an open trial.

Your ancestors who are in the spirit world will help you. The Original Divine Principle education must be done as the last stage. Where is Rev. (Jeong Eog) Eu?

Jewish people and other religious people must understand -- they all have to go through the same way.

Yang Chang Shik -- there is no way to go as you please -- you must go through a principled course.

(Speaking to everyone) You didn't know the spirit world, did you? There is nothing false. This is not a lie. Through the Fall, Satan has been controlling humanity -- night and day.

Michael Jenkins -- please connect with the person from Las Vegas.

Reiko Kawasaki was a descendant of the last Shogun in Japanese history.

We must educate people with Father's autobiography.

We need to bring every one from history into the (realm of the) Seunghwa Blessing. The Seunghwa Ceremonies can be held for thousands of years, but the Seunghwa Festival can only be held once.

If you don't understand this after hearing this today -- you will not understand the meaning of the Seunghwa Festival. I am only explaining this once. I am going through more difficulties than True Mother is (referring to his leg pain, in comparison to Mother's back pain. True Parents were both going through physical pain on this day).

There is no one in Christianity or Islam or Judaism (who can bring about the Heavenly Kingdom). Eventually, all religions and nations will become part of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. (In the Heavenly Kingdom,) there will be the King Father, King Mother and the King Children.

Even I have to offer my applause to God. I would be false if I didn't do this.

You might go to hell, but your ancestors are trying to make sure that you do not fail. All the good spirits in the spirit are mobilized.

God's "Words" will put everything in order. (If you do not align with God's "Words,") You will go through suffering that will make you feel 10 times worse than the pain of dying. I am very strict with my body and I scold my legs when they say they are painful.

Mr. Kamiyama, there is no other ideal realm other than God's ideology for eternity. Only original things will stand -- the conclusion is very simple -- do you understand ? Who is Jin Man? Who is Chung Hwan Kwak -- he now has the flag as the King of Traitors. There is no space for them any more at the Won Jon. The God that existed before the creation (referring to the God of the Night) is guiding me. God gave me True Mother who was 23 years younger than me. I had to raise her up. I will keep going to Las Vegas until I complete 40 times. If I don't set that condition, it will cause huge problems.

There are a lot of Jewish people in America. They are important. God raised and prepared the Korean people.

Jesus suffered a miserable fate. The birds had nests, but the son of man had no place to lay his head. Who made that happen? The leaders of the Jewish people that didn't accept Jesus caused this. So much indemnity and bloodshed came because of that. They should never have allowed the crucifixion to take place. Even the three disciples failed and didn't protect Jesus. They allowed their father to be taken away. I have been offering prayers and devotion to protect and save the Jewish people.

Korea will be making high-tech aircraft carriers. Hyundai and Daewoo make aircraft carriers. I found secrets in different companies and factories that I worked in while living in Japan.

What are cross-cultural blessings? What are exchange blessings? 6,517 Japanese / Korean couples (were Blessed in 1987). Exchange blessing -- we are now in the age in which representatives of Israel and Germany (for example) can marry, and there will be no more wars (between nations that have completed the exchange blessings).

Engrave These Teachings Onto Your Bones

You must engrave these teachings onto your bones -- not your minds -- your bones. These (teachings) are above laws. If you do not prepare well, you will be left behind. After this, Mr. Kamiyama you may be left behind (if you do not prepare well) -- I will not be able to hold onto you. I gave you enough money to ride a boat for one day because you are in charge of the Ocean providence. In Korea we are holding a special workshop for the Japanese Women to become Ocean leaders. You daughter is married and cannot do whatever she wants.

The 49th workshop (for Japanese Women Ocean Leaders and their families in Yeosu) will conclude when I return to Korea.

When did (the tradition) Hoon Dok Hae start? -- October, 1997. If you are missing someone -- do Hoon Dok Hae for them for 7 years and see what happens. I want you to read this speech very carefully without subtracting or adding (any content).

I just said everything -- this is the articulation of True Love. That's the kind of diploma I want to get.

This "Word" and teaching was discovered and offered to God by True Parents. That's why we can proclaim the Substantial Being as the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Korea was not easily selected to be the final Fatherland. Now it is decided. By proclaiming that Korea is the Homeland, True Parents could proclaim the Substantial Being of the Word. Did I proclaim (that Korea is to become God's Homeland) because I'm Korean? (No.)

I will subjugate Las Vegas to get rid of the sin and immorality there -- Las Vegas is like a key Gateway to heaven. We have to resolve Las Vegas first to complete the Kingdom. If we bring victory in Las Vegas, we can bring victory anywhere.

In America we have Bridgeport, New York, Chicago and Washington DC. -- All these areas can become holy areas for God to visit. Korea, Japan and America could become holy mansions.

What about Taj -- he is a friend to Rev. Kwak. There will be God's Kingdom in the South facing the East where the sun rises. You cannot succeed without knowing Rev. Moon. The only words that will be known throughout history are the words of Rev. Moon. You need to continue my tradition.

Even when I am sleeping, God is guiding me. All kinds of organizations and individuals tried to harm me but it did not work. It's time now to transform all (weapons) into (things) that are useful for our life.

We need to have unity between Korea and Japan. The Allied Nations (England, France, USA) will have to help together. Otherwise God's people cannot come.

God Needs the Support of True Parents

My determination is absolute, I am willing to go into the sun and not be burned away. God needs the support of True Parents. God and True Parents have become totally one.

Four Points in Summary:

1) You must attend God as the center and set up the Hoon Dok Hae tradition in your families. Even if you don't eat or even if you feel like dying, you must set up the Hoon Dok Hae tradition. You must do this until parents and children become united. If you can't do it, you will be unable to go to heaven. You must thoroughly teach the Divine Principle and the (other) textbooks. The Hoon Dok education is so important -- first Divine Principle. And absolute marital fidelity of the Original Divine Principle.

Mr. Kamiyama -- if you don't want to do it -- you don't have to. Are you going to follow or not? (Yes.)

2.) The authority of Seunghwa is so important. It must be celebrated as a festival. There must be a complete oneness between parents and the children. You must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children and an absolute family. It should be the authority of the True Parents who sweat blood to accomplish God's will.

Dr. Andy Wilson -- Andy sounds like "end" -- What about President Woodrow Wilson? I have said that less than three years remain (until Foundation Day). We must educate your ancestors in the Original Divine Principle. In the secular world you need to pay tuition. I want you to educate all people of the Jewish faith in Original Divine Principle.

3.) We have to finish everything during my physical life on this earth.

Your ancestors will return -- and receive the Original Divine Principle education.

President Obama became President as a representative of all black people. This calls for the time of reconciliation between black and white. This is the time of the authority of God's direct dominion.

4.) We must learn to live together with God.

Notes taken by Rev. Michael Jenkins, national chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference 

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