The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

You Must Be Able To Remain To The End

Sun Myung Moon
July 16, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden, Irvington, NY
Unofficial notes: Michael Jenkins

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

You must be able to protect Father and Mother and remain to the end. You must understand that the foundation we have is not our personal foundation but rather God's foundation. We have to turn everything around and lift God up.

Mr. Furuta, are you here? (yes). How about Mr. Kamiyama? (He is coming later today). The issue is not about making the boats, but who gives the order about whether or not to make the boats.

We have to attend God and True Parents in the front so that our roles can be unchanging. America must attend God at this time through True Parents. The issue is to understand God's point of view. The issue is not Jesus or True Parents but God's point of view.

The way True Parents have walked is to attend God at this time. All difficulties must be overcome. The number 13 must be overcome. When we get questions from the world, we must be able to answer those questions. The number 10 is an even number; it is a number of heaven and earth and up and down, united as one. There is the God of the night, the invisible God, and the God of the Day, the horizontal God. To go to the next level we must go through a period of absolutely attending God for three years.

Everything we do and wherever we are we should be connected to the center. We are reflecting the light. When you rub your hands together up and down, you can generate heat. No matter how much I explain certain things you can only understand through experience.

Dr. Yang, did you close your office in NY and move to East Garden? (Yes) You should have no attachments. If God blows the wind a certain direction, the prophet should easily go with it. If we are not able to follow the wind, we must be able to cut all attachments to go that way. There are even greater things in this world, but you will not experience them if you are attached to things in this world. You must forget everything in this world to go to the next world. We exist and in our hearts we must never forget our partner.

We have to become people who can have a relationship with God. We must go to the place where there is no self. If we want to go up then we have to go down. If we go down without realizing it, we can suddenly change directions and go up very rapidly.

(Won Ju Mc Devitt read the last chapter of book number 9)

Please read the 1st speech in the 10th book.

We must understand what Jesus went through and what Father went through. We must go over the number 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. We will find after this course that there is no more Satan and no more hell.

Please read book 10. Jesus was not able to create a family therefore the Second Coming had to occur. We must go over the satanic world and over this level. We must go on to the age of the cosmos to God -- the 8 stage course.

When Jacob went to Haran he went to find a wife, family and all of Laban's possessions. This was symbolic of the first stage of restoration. Because it's from the past you may not think it is necessary at this time, however you don't understand. You must be able to connect to this foundation of God's past providence. You must go over the formation stage and the growth stage leading up to the number 120.

America is not a nation that some people can just protect. Who understands how to accomplish the protection of America? Only True Parents. You must be able to find and possess a nation. Without a nation you cannot go to the United Nations. Rev. Moon was not welcomed in the Cain UN so we had to make the Abel UN.

I am not a citizen of America, there are other Christians who are not citizens here and they came together with Christians from this country to oppose me. The way I am treated in this nation will affect the future of this nation. Why am I here in this nation of America, why do I embrace this nation? The Parents of heaven and earth are also the parents of humanity. If gravity pulls things to the earth then it can be destroyed at impact. To go off of the ground beyond the pull of gravity there must be something powering our take off. We must have the power to overcome this gravity. The same is true spiritually.

You cannot just go your own way. When I asked you if you love me, it is serious. However there is no power that can totally take us away from the gravitational pull of God. Who was the one that discovered the reality of the "spirit self"? Before True Parents there was never a concept of "Spirit Self". Therefore the mind and body are fighting. Why are the mind and body not able to become one? This came from our birth. People don't realize this; this is the fundamental issue. Without understanding the fall, we cannot understand this.

Mr. Furuta, I told you to prepare for fishing. Is Mr. Kamiyama coming? If he can't come to me I might go to him.

At the core of the earth the water is boiling. There are all different conditions going on with the earth. The ranges of temperatures that are possible with earth are broad. The temperature of man is 98.6. How high can it go before there is danger?

There cannot be two different centers of a sphere.

(The grandchildren came in.)

Three of these grandchildren were in the Helicopter Accident. The "three musketeers" (the three grandchildren) were not hurt. Shin Jun Nim cried out for King Daddy, King Daddy. Because I exercised I could make it. I was hanging upside down. I couldn't pull myself up or otherwise the seat belt couldn't be unfastened. It was a miracle that it didn't catch fire. After we got out then it caught fire. We had to go down the hill to the hospital. We had to move quickly. Even though my legs were heavy I pushed myself as hard as I could to get to the hospital. The children ran ahead and got down to the bottom and were crying. True Mother could have easily died. The trees all could have caught on fire. The pine branch that pierced the cabin had come close to True Mother's leg. We all survived. Inspectors came from around the world because it was amazing that the Sikorsky survived. One special safety feature of this helicopter was that the gas tank did not explode. That was good.

Mr. Furuta, let's go out fishing in one hour. I will take you and Mr. Kamiyama to Korea and we will make a special boat.

We need to connect the 9th and 10th books of Father's speeches. Everything must be in pairs. This sermon was given on June 20, 1960. The Vatican should understand this teaching. It's all about Jesus. Won Ju read.

Even in America, I am not here for myself. I am here to benefit America and the world. 

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