The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2010

Lucifer And Adam Have The Same Father

Sun Myung Moon
July 13, 2010
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Who knows about Lucifer? Who is Lucifer and Adam's Father? Are they the same? Lucifer's and Adam's Father are the same being -- God. There cannot be two creators -- only one. There is only one parent.

There is a lot more that you must understand. For instance, another question -- are angels men or women? Angels are masculine. There were three Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer. They all had the same Father -- God -- who was also the Father of Adam and Eve.

There is no right of ownership in the angelic world. If angels are masculine we would expect that God would create partners for angels and they could have descendants. However that is an enigma.

If Adam, Eve and Lucifer have one Father in God, what is their relationship? God is absolute. If there are two creators then there cannot be absoluteness. Christianity considers God as an absolute being that can create all things and can do anything He wants. What the absolute being needs is people who can uphold him.

What is the number nine? Is it even or odd? You can't have complete pairs of all numbers when you have an odd number. A man and woman should go together as a pair. How can God, who is One, an odd number, be the balanced center? There are 10 fingers. There is order and harmony to the hands. When you swing your hands as you walk your hands smoothly go towards the center line in a harmonious motion.

We're building a new hall in Chung Pyung. Hoon Mo Nim said getting the marble pillars is difficult. How can you support the ceiling without the pillars? There is a way, when you use the principle of arches and crosses or X's as the support in the roof.

The Wright brothers made the airplane which was revolutionary. Many things can be done that we can't imagine.

The Bible says there was evening, morning, then the first day. Three parts. Who was first, man or woman? If man is first he becomes the elder brother. Why are human beings the best of all the creation? In the beginning was God a man or woman? (both). When we compare people, we may say someone is better based on their external form, but what is more important, the visible or the invisible? Which comes first night or day? English doesn't give the clues on the fundamental principles compared to Korean. Everyone has two eyes, two ears, two nostrils and a mouth -- did you know there is a breathing hole on top of the head. Westerners are larger on the bottom and bigger on the top. Eastern people are the opposite.

People are the same when you realize they are born from God out of love. Unfortunately Eve had a relationship with the Archangel. Adam and Eve were to be partners of love. Man and woman are both important and needed by the other. Without the opposites they cannot become one. We must understand the fundamental relationship between them. When we come to men and women, there is already the concept of love behind it. There are two eyes and nose. How can they become one? When you put the two hands together finger tip to finger tip it becomes a sphere. In the center there is an invisible axis.

OK means "Open Kingdom". To many westerners it means -- "Open Kitchen". Is it better for the right hand to go up or down? First the right hand should go up. If men and women come together, what happens? The women have to stand taller and the men bend down so they can reach each other. The widow and the widower can like each other. In Korean, we have some special expression that if we have to live alone it is then better to die. There are 1000 Chinese characters. Heaven is symbolized by two persons becoming one person by Chinese characters.

Which comes first -- the vertical or the horizontal? The vertical is first. Cain and Abel should come together. Should there be two owners or creators -- there is only one creator. There are two dual characteristics. God is the harmonizer. There is always give and take. We exhale and inhale. When we exhale and inhale there is balance.

Men will say they are proud to be men and women will say they are proud to be women, but the most beautiful thing is when they harmonize as one. Did human beings come from an Amoeba? Because there is an origin in God, God is the harmonizer of dual characteristics and has male and female within. He is the harmonious union of male and female and is the center of both. God created man in his image and everything emanates from God.

The event we just held in Korea was the 7.8 (July 8th event). Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Mankind are the firmly established by the "Word". Depending on what kind of give and take action you have can determine your health. No matter how proud or dignified we are, no matter what race, we all have to go to the washroom. We must complete the process of eating and then going to the bathroom.

Do you know the meaning of Pit Jeol. It means blood lineage. Jeol is like a "line" that can connect through blood.

The son calls his Father "you" in English -- he can also say this to his brother, child, mother etc. There is no position in the language of English. Centering on this there are four directions. Up, middle and bottom have a center point. Up is grandparents, middle is parents, bottom is children. In the end there is one family of God. Without explaining this through education we may not come to this conclusion. Each person may have a slightly different situation and appearance depending on the environment. God's creation however is absolute. There should never be distortion between the up and down relationship. We have different philosophies from the orient.

Now the solar calendar system should fade away. (Instead it should be the lunar calendar.) In Las Vegas we see so much drinking and immoral sexual relationships. All this must be overcome.

You may think that I was born with a fallen lineage -- that is not true -- at three years old I could hear God's orders. He was teaching me the way to go. The right way, heart and sound with which to teach people -- that is what I learned from God.

(Father received his speech book, "The Completion, Perfection and Conclusion of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.")

The purpose of the coming Messiah is to correct the lineage of the fallen world. There is only one Messiah that comes to correct the lineage back to God. Japan had some concept of Messiah, but not the one of the lineage. The son cannot go up to a higher place without the blessing of the Father and Mother and Grandparents. Korean history goes back 7000 years. America only has 234 years -- it cannot be the owner of the world.

I set up people as representatives and now they think they can take my place. This will not work. I had to raise women as daughters and men as sons in the Unification Church. Because I knew these things I went out and set indemnity conditions on the water for great periods of time.

At UTS I taught young people how to fish with nets. We made the nets so the fish could not escape. Father was catching fish every day in Korea.

These kind of people who are undeveloped cannot take my place. The older brother killed the younger brother. Cain killed his younger brother and billions of Cains descended from that. Abel's lineage can only start from True Parents.

If you think you are going to rise above Rev. Moon then you will find that your hands become stiff and you won't be able to move. Without understanding these numerical principles they will become blocked.

(The microphone got feedback because of the book Father was holding on his chest. Then Father took it away and joked that it was causing trouble and he tapped himself on the head with it. Everyone laughed. Father said: "Ah this book likes me".)

Where is the person who learned Chinese and got a PhD? (Dr. Selover -- you know about these things.) We can get an important Chinese medicine from a certain tree. You should learn about these things.

The convention that we will hold will be called the Convention for the proclamation of the Word firmly establishing the True Parents of heaven, earth and humanity. This proclaims that True Parents are the substantiation of the Word not that the word substantiates True Parents.

I know the species of fish and the spirit world can tell me which fish we can't eat because they are poisonous. Because I'm connected with the spirit world I can know all things.

You must have Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience; perfection can only come on this foundation. Did you know that Stalin's daughter is here in America. You would think she would be killed -- because this is a democratic country she can survive. Now people are studying the Original Divine Principle.

Are there heavenly judges and prosecutors in Washington? There should not be black smoke or white smoke. What is the hottest thing in the world? Have you had your chest on fire? Sometimes we say we can't breathe and your chest is on fire. Most people in Korea die from lung disease and bleeding from the intestine and hemorrhoids. Israelites have hemophilia many times. If you many too much into your clan, your health breaks down. If you marry cross culturally you can have much greater health and fortitude.

When I talk about the Tsunami -- it starts from a Volcano a natural phenomenon with the lava and underwater earth quakes.

England is a proud country, yet much of its wealth came from piracy. They took many treasures from others.

When I was in Danbury prison, some young people thought that I was trying to conquer America. They came to make trouble but I educated them. It took a long time, but they tried to really give me a hard time and harm me. But I knew what they were trying to do. I won them over and got the nickname the "saint of the prison". During the Reagan administration I was in prison. The conditions I made helped him to become President and yet in his administration I went to prison. I went through different levels of trials and appeals. There were 12 jurors -- sometimes they can convict innocent people. I am the one who worked to protect this nation more than anything else. One of the Presidents was Roosevelt. He had to use a wheel chair -- he is the one who actually completed the Hoover Dam. He really did something enormous there.

I went to South America to buy land. While I was walking there, all kinds of things happened. I was covered with all kinds of dirt. I am interested in all the trees that grow in South America. The coconut tree grows well in the tropical zones. When those fruits fall, they usually fall to the water area. In Hawaii we have King Garden. There Kona coffee is famous. People from Japan, France and other nations wanted to buy our coffee farm there. I came up with the money to buy that land. When I need to do something for God, then there is spiritual phenomenon and people will offer for the providence.

Anyone who has secrets that have not been confessed to me cannot be registered in the Kingdom of heaven. You have to become the substantiation of the word. These words are very serious and even can be seen as threatening or dangerous words.

The salt from Rev. Eu's hometown can be used for medicine and is very expensive. It can be good for all kinds of sickness. Dr. Yang you also had a feast with the people of your hometown. When did you join the church? (At the age of 18.)

Father Moon is quite famous throughout the world. (Father asked Japanese members if they knew Saigo Takemuri. The last true Samurai. They all had to stand up. Father then described where he lived in Japan (near the Kawasaki factory).

(Graeme Carmichael came up to take a photo -- Father asked him where he was from -- England he said.)

You are from England. There were many things England did wrong. All of Europe are really brothers and sisters and relatives. I educated the Germans to teach and lead others in a heavenly way. The blood that Europe shed cannot be easily forgiven. After making the Eiffel tower, the French believe they are the greatest country. People don't understand Cain and Abel. Countries are in positions of Cain and Abel.

Did you know that Jesus didn't go to heaven but only to paradise? This is because he couldn't marry. Christians have seriously tried to kill Rev. Moon. I had to avoid that course -- it was like hanging on until my fingernails fell off. As long as my pole would hold up in fishing I would keep going. The record for Halibut in Alaska is held by one of our members.

(Hyo Jin Nim's children came in.)

I feel sympathy for Yeon Ah (Choi) Nim, because she had 5 children in 8 years of marriage but her husband died. A filial son should take responsibility for his own problems. I took Hyo Jin Nim when he was 5 years old. I saw such a scary snake. He was able to catch even poisonous snakes.

Japanese brothers and sisters, don't be deceived by Americans. There were 130,000 Koreans here when I came. Now there are 2 million. A nation could rise from that. I married and English man and a German woman; I could see it would be good for both of them.

Look at my health -- I had a scratch but in two weeks it went away. My metabolism is excellent. My teeth are like that of a 40 year old. I had 8 sons, now only 5 remain. My poem, Crown of Glory, which I wrote at 16, was recognized by the poet association.

Through sadness and grief we can actually accomplish something great. This is the history of Korea. Even in the animal world they are very protective. In Japan I could speak Japanese with good pronunciation. I can speak the highest level of language -- that is why I could speak to many levels of society. I would do well in my studies. I could win anyone I met.

Now in China and India we have so many that support us. Hindus will eat pork but not beef. If you eat too much beef you can thicken your blood and harden your arteries. Actually pork is a good counter to this.

In South America we have many properties. If we used them to make a profit there could be great jealousy. Instead, we have to educate the people and help them. We need money to help others and feed people. Myself, I can eat any kind of food. I'm totally flexible.

(The Japanese sisters have been standing for a long time now.)

We are talking about Saigo Takemuri. In Olsan I could finish high school in a short time. My Father was a teacher and he made the Olsan school. Who was An Jun Gun? He was a leader of the independence movement. Sygman Rhee was the other. Saigo Takemuri was someone who truly cared about his nations.

England and America connected to the woman's nation. England is the mother. Japan is feminine. Lucifer and Eve had the same Father -- God. In the last days, in the time of the restored lineage, historically the younger brother to be king would be killed by the older brother. We must restore that. Many tried to kill me. Many organizations and religions and parties in the world sought my death. Still I overcame and was protected. I had to overcome.

Saigo Takemuri was buried in the Pacific Ocean. Should I tell you a secret? The very highest plain and statue there is of a very handsome man. Mr. Kuboki had a secret meeting with Chung Choi Sung's envoy.

I was given the strict order not to kiss or even shake hands with the opposite sex. I had a friend that was very well to do and excellent in martial arts and could even become part of the royal family. They wanted to help me -- they offered money -- but Father couldn't accept it.

What about Mr. Furuta and Mr. Kamiyama? I told Mr. Kamiyama to go to UTS. I gave Mr. Kamiyama money to make boats but now he is not making boats.

In America, we went to the UN centering on General Haig. Then to Washington, NY, Las Vegas then Hawaii. I gave Rev. Kwak the responsibility for soccer in Spain but he tried to do it without me.

(The grandchildren came to say goodbye to True Parents)

Shin Jun Nim was in the helicopter accident. It was the best helicopter and protected us.

What have you been doing in America? You haven't done so much yet, but now we must really solve all the difficulties and digest them. With God's ideology we shall overcome. We should not be like fallen children from the Archangels lineage. I have been living for the day to restore Las Vegas. I have been there to offer everything to God from all generations and all backgrounds. From all angles, we have to embrace, love and overcome everything in the secular fallen world. We need to declare such substantial words.

Yesterday at Sok Cho I wanted to give some advice to Hoon Mo Nim there. We were supposed to leave at 8:30 pm and I stayed there until late. We barely made it to the airport. True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind need to be settled. When we are flying there was a lot of turbulence. There was one hour of severe turbulence. Perhaps some plane could have been in an accident. But we were protected.

America will not fall because of the conditions made in Las Vegas. We are going to have an event on the 24th of July as you know. Many will come representing all backgrounds. Those who don't make a condition to support this could be invaded by Satan. When I gave this speech on July 8th, I talked about 2013. There are less than 1000 days are left to Cheon Il Guk.

If the right people really stood up the Washington Times would not have been lost. We have a hotel in Washington D.C. Tom McDevitt, you cannot really do the things you want with the Washington Times yet. I am the one who should be using the Times.

Rev. Kwak was also responsible for the Washington Times going the wrong way. Whatever property we have must be used for God's purpose. You go ahead and do something wrong, then you will see what will happen to you. Your own ancestors will be very unhappy and will do something about it. True Parents should be the parents of heaven and earth.

True Parents are the substantiation of God. Many people are trying to harm me. You must understand the importance of blood lineage. You must understand the true meaning of love. If we are not making proper conditions then we are not standing as children of filial piety.

You must prepare yourself to become mature owners of many generations of people of God. To do this I got many wrinkles in my face. If you really do this, Father will appear in your dreams and really put everything together for you.

Restoration is very difficult. It is not something easy. If you do something wrong you may feel that you are suffocating. Then anything can happen and it can be very smelly.

There are people in the past and even now who want to eliminate me. You have no idea about what painful situations I have had to endure. Many came to me in my life to tempt me, mislead me, or hurt me. You must keep yourself pure and clean.

You must not be tempted by Satan's world. If you are then you can be taken away. Individual perfection and blessing is so difficult.

Satan has tried to invade my family in every way possible. Based upon the foundation that I laid, eventually heaven and earth will be unified. Dr. Yang, this morning we should do 12 hours of Hoon Dok Hae. Dr. Yang, are you confident in doing that?

Do we have to establish the UN or not? We must continue on to the time in which the world is restored. We should keep on loving it. No matter what. During my 33 years in America I gave thousands of blessings to you. The current president should work together with the former 2 presidents.

Father called Rev. Kwak and he said, "Father you go your own way and I will go my way." So Father said "OK, let's see how we end up." How many times westerners didn't understand what they should be doing. You should not become fake ones, but real ones.

Hyung Jin Nim wanted to do a 21 day fast but I told him that you shouldn't do fasting without my blessing.

(Kook Jin Nim's children came in and greeted Father. Father said the one son is so big and heavy, he asked Rev. Lamson to pick him up and confirm it.)

In South America we have 6 times the amount of land of Cheju Island. When I was a prisoner I stopped them from taking my teachings and misusing them. I burned them.

(Father talked about the grandfather that did the Moksa treatment. If another had kept doing the treatment he would still be alive today.)

(Father holds his book, "The Convention to proclaim the "Word" firmly establishing the Parents of heaven, earth and humankind".)

The place where there is the highest tide in Inchon -- 9 to 13 meters swing in tide. There is no higher tide. The peninsula of Korea represents the male organ and the ocean represents the woman.

In the victory of WWII the five victor nations got permission from the five nations of the Security Council to get damages from Japan.

Dr. Yang, are you sick? Do you have a disease? Sleeping sickness is a big sickness. Father can pray for three hours without raising my arms.

Mother is very smart -- she knows what Father is going to do and how to support him. Many times I could not eat and I was not hungry. For 1/3 of the people here, their husbands are opposing. If you aren't getting opposed it's not fun to live. No matter what I'm eating, barley soup, rice, or corn, I can enjoy it.

(Next was the reading of Father's Speech. The following are the comments on the July 8th Speech.)

Five children have gone to Harvard. Now In Jin Nim's children and many of our grandchildren are going there. The school wants the children to come there.

Because he had no family, Jesus went to Paradise. We never know when we have to go to the spirit world. We should never live a life where we can lose ourselves and who we are, we must be God's people. So you Japanese sisters you came to America and you should love America more than you love Japan.

You should be trained for that. What is your purpose for being here? To eat three meals? Where are you going, what are you doing? We need to know what we are doing or we can be in trouble. You never know what is going to happen. This year's motto is "Mansei for oneness with True Parents' pure heart and with all their victories under the authority of the Cosmic Sabbath centered on true love."

This has to do with Absolute Sexual Morality. Christians in America must repent quickly or who knows what will happen to them for generations. Satan is really using some religious people to oppose the Unification Church. I have been praying for God to forgive and extend their time.

Dr. Yang, I push you so hard in order to train you. If I kick you while you are sleeping it will be embarrassing to you. Is your sister coming? (Yes). Is she your sister or my daughter? (Your daughter). That's good. Yes. She is my daughter.

The text books that I am giving should go into and be used in every home. This is to create the ideal Kingdom of Heaven that I have wanted since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone of fulfill this hope of God.

Within three years you will have to return all of your possessions. There will be a period of separation for the period of the right of ownership. That must be done during that time. Therefore it is a time for people to be humbly obedient to Heaven's decree. All the good spirits in the spirit world are already mobilized.

Dr. Shimyo, please sing for us. You were the President of UTS. Would you like to be the leader of Japan?

President Nakasone should be building a bridge to China. Much could happen.

One time when I was a boy my mother spanked me for a long time. The rumor even went out that I had died. I never forget that time.

Father asked Rev. Eu to sing "Holo Arirang". We have been lonely and persecuted and battered. Many times we couldn't express anything to our children and even to God. In America centering on the national leadership we are trying to save this nation.

America really didn't want me to return to America and the judge knew that I was being persecuted. The court case was to try to keep me out of America, but in fact the religious leaders supported me and I returned.

I am investing a lot of money for marine business throughout the world. Where are Kamiyama and Furuta? (They are in Washington). They should be here now to welcome True Parents.

Many millions of dollars are invested for this. Japan should be leading this providence. There is a lot of money I am investing for God's providence right now.

Soon I have to come up with more money to invest in the marine business in America.

Do you know that if we use the Panama Canal it will be short? If there is a blockage of that Canal it can really be a serious problem and even lead to a war. What if something goes wrong with the cooperation of the world? Father is trying to prevent war behind the scenes. Some other countries might think like this.

What's going to happen here in America? I am leading the providence now. We must build a business foundation that is able to succeed for the sake of the world.

There is the book of prophesy called Chong Gam Nok which predicts the coming of True Parents.

(Father went into great detail about the process of the male and female organs function and purpose in creation and in man.)

Four points from Father's Message which was read:

1. Center your family on God and everyday carry out Hoon Dok education. You have to perfect yourself through Hoon Dok Hae -- then Divine principle, all teaching materials, Autobiography and the Absolute Sexual Morality centering on the Original Divine Principle.

2. Rebirth and resurrection can occur on the family unit. The blessing should be given on the family unit. You must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children as an absolute family. We must learn the parents' language to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

3. Era of Restoration is concluded through grace of True Parents. We must go through the 8 stages.

4. Fourth, we are now entering the era of God's direct dominion. Ladies and gentlemen, I have said that less than three years remain until the D-day proclaimed by Heaven. I beg that you inscribe in your hearts the fact that we have entered the era of the realm of the cosmic Sabbath in which your family members in the spirit world shall return to the earth to receive Original Divine Principle education, and where eight generations will live together and share this together in a single family. 

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